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Different Forms of Ichigo: Human, Hollow, Final Form and More

Vince is a fan of the popular anime series Bleach and its characters.

What are all the forms of Ichigo?

What are all the forms of Ichigo?

Ichigo: Hero of Bleach

The popular anime series Bleach started its run in 2004 and went off the air in 2012. But despite being gone for more than a decade, it's still a wildly popular series, thanks to its main protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki.

With the announcement that new episodes (based on the "Thousand Year Blood War" story arc) will be released in October 2022, it's time for a look back at Ichigo and the different forms he's taken throughout the history of Bleach.

The many forms of Ichigo Kurosaki

The many forms of Ichigo Kurosaki

The Different Forms of Ichigo

  • Human
  • Shinigami
  • Bankai
  • Hollow
  • Final Getsuga Tensho
  • Fullbring
  • Soul-Forged Shinigami
  • Fully Awakened Shinigami Rebuild
  • Final Pure Ichigo
Even in his human form, Ichigo is still powerful.

Even in his human form, Ichigo is still powerful.

Human Form

Even though this is the most basic form of Ichigo Kurosaki, he still possesses physical, mental and paranormal powers beyond a normal human being.

In addition to a sharp mind, Ichigo has been trained in martial arts since he was a small child, making him an expert in hand-to-hand combat. He is also known to have exceptional strength, speed, endurance and agility.

Even before taking on supernatural powers, he was already gifted with spiritual awareness, sensing the presence of otherworldly beings, as well as seeing and communicating with them.

Shinigami Ichigo

Shinigami Ichigo

Shinigami Form

Ichigo's Shinigami form is the second to be seen in the anime.

Shinigami are soul guardians, powerful "balancers" invisible to those in the World of the Living.

In his role as a Shinigami, Ichigo's powers become even more potent—his spiritual awareness and sensing abilities go to a deeper level, and his physical power and combat skills are even more enhanced.

At this time, his powers are assumed to be temporarily borrowed from Rukia's sword, but later he is able to unlock his true Shinigami potential.

Bankai Ichigo

Bankai Ichigo

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Bankai Form

With the assistance of Yoruichi, Ichigo manifested his powerful Bankai form. Not only are his powers enhanced, but his clothes and sword change form as well—his Shinigami robes are replaced by a black and red shihakusho and his giant Shikai sword is transformed into a compact black blade.

Clearly Ichigo's Bankai form is a whole different level of speed, strength, agility and power.

Hollow Ichigo

Hollow Ichigo

Hollow Form

Ichigo always had Hollow powers lying dormant within his body. When it looked like he would lose his battle with Byakuya, his inner Hollow surfaced and took over Ichigo's mind and body, replacing his face with a Hollow mask and using his newly enhanced powers to save himself from Byakura and the full force of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Ichigo's Hollow form is a powerful hybrid of his Hollow and Shinigami forms, but he can only access it for limited periods of time.

Cosplay by a fan doing Ichigo Hollow at Youmacon in 2008.

Cosplay by a fan doing Ichigo Hollow at Youmacon in 2008.

Final Getsuga Tensho

Final Getsuga Tensho

Final Getsuga Tensho Form

The Getsuga Tensho is a powerful fighting technique that gives Ichigo the ability to fight with great force and allows him to create massive destruction. Ichigo is able to employ Getsuga Tensho when he forms a perfect union with Zangetsu, and the method can involve slamming or slashing at the ground to create damage and chaos.

This is another form that changes Ichigo's physical appearance and powers. But this secret technique could have serious consequences, potentially destroying Ichigo's spiritual prowess and ending his life as a Shinigami.

Fullbring Form

Ichigo's defeat of Aizen comes at a high cost: He loses all his powers and skills. He discovers that he can achieve a new power that only humans possess, and he begins training under Kugo Ginjoi. Ichigo's new Fullbring form resembles his Hollow powers more than his Shinigami powers.

Ichigo's speed, agility and strength are once again enhanced, and he is covered in a bone armor and fights with a short, glimmering sword.

Soul-forged Shinigami

Soul-forged Shinigami

Soul-Forged Shinigami

After Ichigo lost his Shinigami powers, he went back to living his previous life as an ordinary human, but everything changed when he was given another opportunity to become a Shinigami.

This time a special sword was forged for Ichigo, made from everyone's reiatsu in Soul Society. When it was finally forged, Rukia stabbed Ichigo with the sword, and Ichigo became a Shinigami again, with the mixed powers of Shinigami, Hollow and Fullbring.

Fully Awakened Shinigami Rebuild

Fully Awakened Shinigami Rebuild

Fully Awakened Shinigami Rebuild

Ichigo's bankai was destroyed in his battle with Haschwaith. He travels to the Royal Realm where swordmaster Oetsu Nimaiya instructs Ichigo on how to communicate with Zangetsu. Ichigo obtains two black Zangetsus, one long and hollow and the other short and solid. Coming to terms with his various abilities and forms, Ichigo is able to execute a Getsuga Juujishou, a deadly new power.

Final form of Ichigo

Final form of Ichigo

Final Pure Ichigo

During the Quincy Blood War, Ichigo is fighting with Yhwach, the Emperor of Wandenreich and the usurper of the Soul King's powers. Ichigo's original Shikai reveals itself and he impales Yhwach and destroys him with a Getsuga Tensho.

This is Ichigo's final battle.

Cosplay of Ichigo by a fan at Japan Expo 2014.

Cosplay of Ichigo by a fan at Japan Expo 2014.


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