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Cartoon Review: "Teen Titans" Season 1 (2003)

Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

"Teen Titans Season 1" blu-ray cover.

"Teen Titans Season 1" blu-ray cover.

Quick Info

  • Studio: Warner Home Video
  • Release Date: February 7, 2006
  • Runtime: 282 minutes
  • Availability: on DVD and blu-ray, buy on RightStufAnime, Amazon, and Wal-Mart, streaming on the HBO Max streaming service

Story Summary

Teen Titans is an animated series from DC Comics loosely based on the 1980s comics by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. The series centers around five teenagers; Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg. They protect a city, called Jump City in its corresponding comic Teen Titans Go, from supervillains while living together.

The Main Story Arc Is Interesting and Entertaining

The main story arc is the conflict between the Teen Titans and the mysterious supervillain only known as Slade. The mystery of what Slade wants is the main arc of the first season.

It’s not the best main arc of the series, but it’s an interesting start for the show. It’s a decent arc and it keeps your attention. The series improved with each season.

The writing is good, but it’s not the best the show has to offer when it comes to the seasonal arcs.

Robin and Starfire spending time together.

Robin and Starfire spending time together.

I Like the Show’s Story Structure

I also enjoy the structure of the show and how the main arc centers around one of the Titans while the filler episodes are character-centric to the other four. I haven’t seen another show that does that. Young Justice sort of does that, but it’s not quite as apparent.

I like how the show balances both the serious and humorous episodes. The main arcs are also interesting, but the other episodes give you a chance to breathe and have a break from the serious episodes.

The Animation Still Looks Great!

The animation looks great. This show is 13 years old, and yet it looks like it just came out, unlike anime that can be seen as dated because of the animation techniques they use. It does use a lot of aspects of anime, like speed lines, chibi forms, and the overall look of the character designs. But the best part of the animation is the fight scenes. It doesn’t seem like it in the beginning, but by the time you get to the season finale, the fights are really good.

I also like the art style and character designs. The characters are all unique and have unique designs. It’s nice animation that is reminiscent of anime, but it’s not anime.

The Voice Acting Is Great!

The voice acting is great too. Scott Menville handles both the seriousness of Robin’s character very well, his voice is different from any other actor who has played this character, but he’s good.

Hynden Walch conveys both Starfire’s sweet naïveté and when things get serious and she has to be angry or happy or sad. She’s the only voice I can hear when I think about Starfire in the comics (Then I think about Titans #1 and I freak out). When I read Red Hood and the Outlaws, her voice was in my head, unfortunately, that comic book was really bad and derailed the character, but fortunately, the TV show has great character writing for her.

Khary Payton voices Cyborg, he sounds like he’s fun every time he recorded his character. He sounded like he was having a ton of fun in this role and he did a great job voice acting.

Greg Cipes’ role as Beast Boy sound like every day he went in, he had a fun time. His voice did crack in the first episode, but he sounds the same for the rest of the episodes. He brought a lot of personality to the character and I enjoyed that.

Tara Strong is always talented and did not use her normal voice for this, but I like what she did with the character and Raven’s my favorite character, followed closely by Beast Boy and Robin.

I Love the Soundtrack

Michael McCuistion, Krisopher Carter, and Lolita Ritmanis all composed the music for this series and it’s very nice music, but I believe that they all each wrote the music for different episodes. It’s a nice music score for the animated series, it’s unique and fits the tone of the different episode. Whether they’re funny, humorous episodes or serious ones.

Viewers Might Dislike the Filler Episodes

Some viewers might not like the filler episodes because they’re not plot related. While they give the other members of the Titans character development. Some fans just want to have the entire season be the arc episodes, but I like the break from plot-heavy episodes, but not everyone else will.

Robin fighting the Titans arch-nemesis, Slade.

Robin fighting the Titans arch-nemesis, Slade.

The Writing Is Not the Best

There are some flaws in this show; it mainly comes from the writing. The idiot ball gets tossed in and sometimes the characters carry it around. Such as Robin punching Plasmus, a liquid monster. Also, the filler episodes, while they’re pretty good, are not nearly as good as the main story arc. And some of the dialogue is just plain narmy.

The dialogue does improve in later seasons, but it can be cheesy at times.

Rating for Parents:

As a note to parents, Teen Titans is rated TV-Y7, which means that it’s meant for ages 7 and up, not that older audiences can’t enjoy this series, the show has a huge Periphery Demographic, from teens to college students you can enjoy this show. But this does have some nightmare fuel in it; anyone under the age of six would probably be scared of the Raven centric episodes. There is stylized violence, but no blood, and no profanity, but unusual euphemisms abound.

The First Five Minutes of "Apprentice Part II" Is Missing on HBOMax Streaming

I did notice this before Teen Titans left DCUniverseInfinite that the first five minutes of "Apprentice Part II" is missing from the episode but I don't know if it's missing from the blu-ray version but the streaming was missing the episode introduction on streaming, my old DVDs have the complete episode.

Reader Poll:

This Show is So Much Fun!

Teen Titans is an awesome show. It’s what got me into comic books, albeit Batman comics and not Teen Titans, and it also got me into anime because it took a lot from anime and I enjoyed the style of the animation.

I like the characters and their personalities. I like the art style and animation. I like the character writing and the interactions of the Titans with each other.

With people excited about the possibility of Season 6, I decided to revisit a high school favorite. While it may not be perfect, it’s still just as fun as I remember it being, if not a little narmy, but the narm charm suits the show fine.

It’s a lot of fun to watch and I like it a lot more than Teen Titans Go!

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Has a fun story and good characters and world-building

Some of the dialogue is silly

Nice animation

Some characters make stupid decisions

Great voice acting

Nice soundtrack

My Grade: A

This is my favorite animated series. I love it because it’s fun and the story arcs and the characters, along with excellent animation and fight scenes and character development. Don’t borrow this from the library, go out and buy it, right now. Especially if you have kids and they’ve never seen it, don’t worry, you’ll enjoy this just as much as they do. This show is so much fun; it’s a shame if you skip this one. With so many serious shows like Generator Rex, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Young Justice, I think the writers forgot how to write “fun and unserious episodes”, fortunately, this show has both serious and funny and is s breath of fresh air when I need a break from serious episodes in cartoons and anime.

I highly recommend Teen Titans if you want a fun and entertaining cartoon to watch. While the writing isn’t perfect, the animation is nice and the fight scenes are nicely choreographed and they’ve done a great job animating this cartoon.

I own the entire Teen Titans animated series because it’s a lot of fun and is a very enjoyable series. It’s entertaining and exciting, as well as funny and humorous.

It’s one that belongs in your DVD or blu-ray collection, it’s an excellent series that is worth buying, especially since it’s inexpensive and gives you hours of entertainment for the price tag.

Plus ranking #83 out of #100 in IGN’s Top 100 Animated TV Series is a feat, especially since it beat out Spider-Man: The Animated Series at #84.

Teen Titans is a wonderful animated series, while it’s not faithful to the comics from the 1980s, it’s still a wonderful series that fans of DC Comics and superheroes. It’s definitely worth your time and money. I highly recommend buying the series because it’s worth every penny.

The series is available as a complete collection blu-ray.

Teen Titans is available for streaming on Warner Brothers DCUniverse streaming service. It is available on DVD and blu-ray and is also airing reruns on the Boomerang cable/Satellite channel.

My Rating:

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