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Cartoon Conspiracy Theories That'll Change the Way You See Them

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Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

A Conspiracy Theory Is Just That, a Theory

For as long as sceptics existed, conspiracy theories existed. Most of the time they don't make any sense and run around with tin-foil hats on their heads, afraid of being brainwashed by the media and society. But a handpicked amount of completely normal, sane people made some shocking observations of certain cartoons equivalent to that of a sceptic that actually made some sense...

Although most of these theories make excellent points and could very much be true, they still remain unproven. So, you as the reader, must use your own judgement whether or not you want to believe it.

Here are some conspiracy theories that'll make you rethink all the cartoons you used to watch as a kid...

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"Spongebob Squarepants"

The seven main characters of "Spongebob Squarepants"

The seven main characters of "Spongebob Squarepants"

The Inhabitants of Bikini Bottom are the Result of Nuclear Arms Testing

In case you didn't know, the main characters were each inspired by The Seven Deadly sins. This is a fact, because it was said in the audio commentary for the episode: "Plankton!" on the DVD boxset of Season 1.

The Seven Deadly Sins originate from Christian teachings, and was also used by Catholic churches for their confessional practices. The Seven Deadly Sins are:

  • Gula (gluttony)
  • Superbia (pride)
  • Avaritia (greed)
  • Tristitia (envy)
  • Ira (wrath)
  • Acedia (sloth)
  • Luxuria/Fornicato (lust/fornication)

When you think about it, every main character has certain characteristics that can be associated with every sin.

Eugene Krabs, more commonly known as "Mr. Krabs" is an extreme cheapskate and only cares for his money. This makes him the representative for greed.

Sandy Cheeks is the over-achiever of the neighborhood, with a huge dome of a house and an arsenal of self-made innovations ready to show off. She represents pride.

Patrick is most certainly the one who represents sloth, with his idiotic and lazy attitude towards everything in almost all the episodes.

Plankton is always busy with schemes to steal the Krabby Patty formula. He is envious of the Krusty Krabs' success, this makes him represent envy.

Squidward is a hateful character and often abuses his neighbours over small things. He represents wrath.

Gary, Spongebob's pet snail, often has to be fed a wide variety of food. He represents gluttony.

Last but not least, the main character: Spongebob. He has the characteristics to represent lust.

But that's not the theory I want to talk about right now.

In the 1940s, nuclear arms testing was carried out on the Bikini Atoll. According to the official Nickelodeon synopsis for Spongebob Squarepants, Bikini Bottom is situated right below Bikini Atoll.


That means that the whole Bikini Bottom population is full of grossly mutated sealife.

"Edd, Ed n Eddy"

"Edd, Ed n Eddy"

"Edd, Ed n Eddy"

The Eds are All Victims of Abuse

Ed, Edd n Eddy was a cartoon that followed three friends and their misadventures as they tried to make enough money to buy themselves some Jawbreakers. Although it was a fun cartoon to watch on Cartoon Network over 14 years ago, rewatching the episodes with a somewhat more mature outlook now, things go from funny to seriously upsetting real fast.

We'll start with Ed. Ed is a victim of emotional abuse and parental favoritism. His room is small, dirty, and neglected. His sister Sarah, on the other hand, has a life of luxury. Her room is huge, her bed is twice as big as Ed's and her room is spotless.

That's not the worst. Ed's parents often take Sarah's side for everything. In one episode, Ed's parents punished him by removing his stairs, completely locking him in his basement-like room. Even one of the Eds thought it was "disturbing".

Now on to Edd, or Double-D as he is known. His abuse is mostly neglect and lack of attention from his parents. All he ever does is chores, and his parents only talk to him through sticky notes left throughout the house with another chore on it. His parents are barely if ever at home and see him more as a maid than their own son.

Eddy's abuse is the most obvious of all. He gets abused physically by his older brother. This is revealed in the series finale.


A Screenshot of the very first episode in which Ash recieves his first Pokémon, Pikachu.

A Screenshot of the very first episode in which Ash recieves his first Pokémon, Pikachu.

Ash Ketchum is Actually in a Coma

Pokemon has a string of different movies, series, and legendary games under its belt. It is a childhood favorite and still proves to be a well-known cartoon to this day.

In one of the episodes of the first season, Ash gets struck by lightning. He then falls into a coma. It is unknown what happened to Pikachu, but the rest of the series takes place in Ash's mind, where he can live out his dream of being a Pokemon master.

Yet, he never truly becomes a Pokemon master, because if he did, he'd wake up from his coma. Nothing after that specific episode happens for real, which would also explain why he never ages.


All the children in the "Rugrats" series.

All the children in the "Rugrats" series.

The Babies in "Rugrats" are all Figments of Angelica's Imagination

Rugrats was an innocent cartoon following the adventures of talking babies. Their imagination would often take control of their reality, making the episodes more interesting.

Yet, none of the babies actually exist.

Angelica is actually the protagonist of the story. She doesn't have a good relationship with her father and her mother is often too busy to give her any attention. Thus, she dreamt up the babies to have some imaginary friends to hang out with.

Except, the babies weren't imaginary to begin with.

Chucky died in a car crash along with his mother, which would explain why Chaz is such a nervous wreck all the time. During a trip to Paris, Chaz met a Japanese prostitute, Kira. He married her and she moved to America to live with him. Kira had a daughter, Kimi, but she was taken away by the government because they thought Kira wouldn't be a good mother because of her occupation. This is the reason why Kira keeps talking about her daughter and why Chaz keeps mentioning his dead son Chucky.

Tommy was stillborn. This drove his father, Stu Pickles, insane. This is why he keeps building different toys in his basement. He's making them for his son that never got to know.

Phil and Lil were aborted. The DeVilles were forced to terminate their pregnancy due to tragic circumstances. Since they never found out the baby's sex, Angelica imagined them as twins, one male, and one female.

The only baby that actually exists is Dil. She can't manipulate him to do anything because he is real. This caused her to lash out at him. She hit him so hard on the head, he suffered brain damage. This can be seen in the sequel to the Rugrats series, All Grown Up. Dil always wears a hat of some kind to cover his scars.

"Courage The Cowardly Dog"

The main character, "Courage."

The main character, "Courage."

Courage is Just a Scared Little Dog

Courage The Cowardly Dog was one of the best Cartoon Network cartoons to have ever been aired in the early 2000s. It followed the adventures of a small, pink little dog trying to protect his owners from creepy threats and dangers.

Although people only realised the kind of nightmare fuel the whole series can be to sensitive viewers long after the series stopped airing, fans came up with a reasonable explanation as to why every villain seemed so scary.

  • Courage has always been a small little dog throughout the entire story. Everything is told from his perspective.
  • This means everything told is overly dramatized because everything seems scary to the little dog.
  • Think about it; Muriel and Eustace can't actually live in the middle of nowhere. Courage just doesn't get to go out as often because they are too old to be able to take him.

Strangers are depicted as evil because he's not used to seeing people other than Muriel and Eustace. He's afraid of losing the only caretakers he has and views anyone else as potential threats to their safety.


Some of the characters featured in the animated series.

Some of the characters featured in the animated series.

Garfield is Actually Trapped in an Abandoned House

Garfield is considered to be one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world.