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Top 30 Black Anime Characters

Lauriano has been an avid fan of anime since he was a kid and has found his passion writing about the subject.


Black anime characters are uncommon; there have been some notable examples throughout history. Some are heroes, some are antiheroes, and some are villains, but regardless of their affiliation, they are fantastic, and we will tell you a little bit about them. This list will include the top 30 Black anime characters.

1. Kuzan a.k.a Aokiji

Anime/Series: One Piece

Voiced By: Takehito Koyasu

Created By: Eiichiro Oda

Kuzan, further known as Aokiji, is one of the most popular male black anime characters topping the list. He is a former Marine Admiral who was the first to be shown. Sengoku appointed him to the position of Fleet Admiral. He stepped down from the Marines after losing the role to Sakazuki.

For unknown reasons, he has recently joined the Blackbeard Pirates. He is a marginal adversary of the Long Ring Long Land Arc (one of the main antagonists of Foxy's Return Arc in the anime) and one of the central characters of the Marineford Arc, along with the other Marines.

2. Killer B

Anime/Series: Naruto

Voiced By: Hisao Egawa

Created By: Mashashi Kishimoto

Killer B is a Kumogakure shinobi. He is the newest of the eight-tailed Jinchriki. Unlike his precedents, he was keen to appease him and increase his power to Kumo's benefit. Even though B is in charge of enforcing the village, he aspires to be the greatest rapper in the world.

Killer B, Kumo's guardian who has long mastered his unique powers, is an extremely powerful shinobi capable of single-handedly defeating Taka's entire team of other dangerous fighters. As a child, he completed missions by himself.

3. Kanari

Anime/Series: Hunter x Hunter

Voiced By: Reiko Kiuchi (1999), Moto Komai (2011)

Created By: Yoshiro Togashi

Canary is one of the most well-known black-haired anime characters. Canary is the apprentice butler for the Zoldyck family. Anyone who tries to resign from her position on the property will be replaced. Canary is utterly devoted to the Zoldycks.

She is portrayed as a ruthless guardian who doesn't hesitate to attack intruders, but as Gon pointed out, she isn't as heartless as she claims, etc., despite her attempts to deny it.

By his attempts to reach Killua, Canary was moved because she adored her young master. Killua was friendly and suggested that they become friends, but she refused due to her position. Her devotion to Killua has caused her to defy his commands.

4. Mr. Popo

Anime/ Series: Dragon Ball

Voiced By: Toku Nishio and Yasuhiko Kawazu

Created By: Akira Toriyama

Mr. Popo works for the person who has assumed the role of God of the Earth. He is a chubby humanoid with black skin, round eyes, and large red lips, but he has neither a nose nor hair. Mr. Popo is wholly devoted to God and Dende, heading to risk his life to protect them. He is in charge of setting Goku and his friends for battles with Piccolo, Nappa, and Vegeta, and later retrieves the Earth Dragon Balls and requests that Shenlong resurrect Frieza's victims.

5. Darui

Anime/Series: Naruto

Voiced By: Ryōta Takeuchi

Created By: Mashashi Kishimoto

Darui is a Kumogakure shinobi and the man for the job of the Fourth Raikage, whom he attains as the Fifth Raikage. Darui was formerly a Third Raikage student. Darui learned the Raikage's unique black rai technique, among other things, during his apprenticeship. Along with C, he was a supporter of the Third Raikage.

Darui is a highly skilled and capable shinobi, having been chosen as one of the Fourth Raikage's bodyguards and right-hand man and the leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces First Division during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

6. Atsuko Jackson

Anime/Series: Michiko to Hatin

Voiced By: Maki Sakai

Created By: Manglobe

In Michiko to Hatchin, Atsuko is the strong-willed Afro-Latina cop with a sizeable blonde afro. In the series, Atsuko's primary mission is to apprehend Michiko, a prison escapee. The pair grew up together in an orphanage, which makes them so unique. They happen to be on opposite paths in life. This anime is set in Brazil and features a diverse cast.

7. Edward

Anime/Series: Cowboy Bebop

Voiced By: Aoi Tada

Created By: Hajime Yatate

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, also recognized as "Ed," is a somewhat genderless young hacker who claims to be 13 years old. Ed is a "free spirit" who likes to exclaim for no reason and sing childish rhymes.

She's easily distracted, and she's the show's primary source of physical comedy. She rarely walks and prefers to run, crawl, jump, roll, and walk on her hands. She can't stand having anything on her feet, so they are always naked. She frequently speaks in the third person for herself.

Her origins are unknown, except that she grew up in an orphanage after her father, a man named Appledelhi Siniz Hesap Lütfen, abandoned her there.

8. April

Anime/Series: Darker than Black

Voiced By: Takako Honda

Created By: Bones, Tensai Okamura

April was an MI-6 agent who assisted on November 11. April's background is unknown, but it can be assumed that she has been working with November 11 and July for some time, as they appear to know each other well and work well together. April and her team are close because they rely on one another to complete a mission. She is one of the most noteworthy black anime characters and is a member of the MI-6 female agent group.

She is on good terms with the rest of her team, led by November 11. April enjoys alcohol and uses it as compensation, which is to drink beer. She is a heavy drinker who can outdo bartenders.

9. Yoruichi Shihōin

Anime/Series: Bleach

Voiced By: Satsuki Yukino

Created By: Tite Kubo

Yoruichi Shihin is a good friend of Kisuke Urahara and one of Ichigo's and his friends' first allies, assisting them in discovering and developing their powers in preparation for the battle with the Shinigami to free Rukia.

She initially appears as a black cat, which she can transform into at will, but in a human figure, she is a woman with shapely forms, dark skin, and purple hair.

She is a very easygoing person who enjoys surprising others by transforming when they least expect it or taking on a manly tone in her cat form so that no one realizes she is a woman.

10. Sol Marron

Anime/Series: Black Clover

Voiced By: Kakiage, Haruna

Created By: Yūki Tabata

Sol is a misandrist. She regards most men as incompetent and brutish and refuses to obey them. However, if it will help Charlotte Roselli and the Blue Rose squad, she is willing to set aside her prejudices and work with men.

She is particularly fond of the Blue Rose squad, which consists almost entirely of women and treats men as gatekeepers. She will also make every effort to avoid causing harm to other women. She can be pretty reckless and sloppy in battle, ignoring some of the subtleties of magic and charging headlong at an opponent or target.

11. Dutch

Anime/ Series: Black Lagoon

Voiced By: Dean Redman, Tsutomo Isobe

Created By: Rie Hiroe

Dutch is a large, overwhelming black man, so it may surprise you that he avoids fights. As the commander of the Lagoon Company, he prefers to issue orders and negotiate contracts. He's cool-headed and pragmatic, and he's not afraid to call out his crew when they go too far. Dutch makes sure the missions are completed, but he will not take dangerous jobs, even if they are well-paying, because he does not want to endanger his crew.

Dutch is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served during the Vietnam War and went AWOL in 1975. Moving to Thailand, he became a boat captain, selling his services as a courier while also engaging in some piracy. Dutch's crew – Levy, Benny, and Rock – is as talented as he is.

When the Black Lagoon Company stole a significant disc from Asahi Industries with the intent of blackmailing them, Rock was recruited. They kidnapped the disc's courier too, who had no idea what was in it.

12. Michiko Malandro

Anime/ Series: Michiko & Hatchin

Voiced By: Yoko Maki

Created By: Manglobe

Michiko may not appear to be qualified to care for a child, but she has a heart of gold. Michiko breaks into Hana "Hatchin" Morenos' life after escaping from prison and assists her in fleeing her cruel family. The two set out to find Hatchin's father, whom Michiko adores.

Michiko is a strong, independent, and caring black anime character but sometimes has a childlike persona. Because of their opposing personalities, she and Hatchin frequently argue, yet they grow to love one another as mother and daughter. Despite her several arrests, Michiko is not a horrible person, and Atsuko Jackson (Michiko's former friend and the one who arrested her) is aware of this.

13. Fire Emblem a.k.a. Nathan Seymour

Anime/ Series: Tiger and Bunny

Voiced By: Kenjiro Tsuda

Created By: Bandai and Namco Filmworks

In anime, Fire Emblem is one of the non-binary fictitious black anime characters, which is uncommon. Fire has a penchant for jewelry, makeup, and other feminine items, which has resulted in their parents disowning them and their classmates harassing them. However, this has never prevented them from doing what they enjoy. Emblem is an encouraging figure that is proud of themselves.

14. Chocolove

Anime/ Series: Shaman King

Voiced By: Motoko Kumai

Created By: Hiroyuki Takei

Chocolove is one of the funniest cute black anime characters, and she has a lot of love to give. He is an African American boy of medium height with Afro hair. He wears an African wrap around the lower part of his body, an open white dress shirt, and fabric boots.

Chocolove has a fighting costume consisting of a yellow native garment with red and green designs and a black open vest. Chocolove received his master Orona's attire and accessories from a South American tribe.

Because his late mentor encouraged him, his lifelong ambition is to become the Shaman King and a renowned comedian. Both of them feel that laughing is the best medicine, so even if others do not think his jokes are that funny, he does not give up and works even harder to realize his aim of providing the world with what it most desperately needs, which is laughter.

15. Afro Samurai

Anime/ Series: Afro Samurai

Voiced By: Samuel L. Jackson

Created By: Takashi Okazaki

Afro, sometimes known as Afro Samurai, is the main protagonist of the Afro Samurai (F O SMUI) series. He is one of the most iconic black anime characters. Afro is a phenomenal swordsman whose father was beheaded in front of his eyes when he was a boy.

This horrible encounter changed an innocent little boy into a cold-blooded murderer willing to kill anyone to get number one. As number two, Afro killed several people in self-defense and vengeance for the murder of his father.

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