Top 10 Best Reverse Harem Anime

Updated on April 3, 2018
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Top 10 Best Reverse Harem Anime
Top 10 Best Reverse Harem Anime

In anime, if the normal “Harem” is about a male main character having multiple female characters around him (often head-over-heels on him), then the opposite one which is “Reverse Harem” has a female main character surrounded/accompanied by multiple male characters. Although this genre is not as popular as the regular HRM genre and only has a few number of titles, it still has its own charm and redeeming qualities which actually makes it very fascinating.

That being said, I’ve tried my best to collect the top 10 best reverse harem anime that are worth the effort to watch. I actually made a search on the most popular ones, watched them, and checked how entertaining and fascinating they were to me. And this was the result! Hover your eyes through the list, give them a go on your screen, and share what you’ve watched. If you’ve got more titles that you’d want to share to the world, then feel free to add them in the comments.

By the way, if you want to see the opposite of Reverse HRM which is regular HRM, then it exists at Top 10 Best Harem Anime.

What Are the Best Reverse Harem Anime TV Series?

  1. Ouran High School Host Club
  2. Fruits Basket
  3. Akatsuki no Yona
  4. Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)
  5. Kamigami no Asobi
  6. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower)
  7. Fushigi Yuugi
  8. Hakuouki
  9. Uta no Prince-sama
  10. Amnesia

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Amnesia | Source

10. Amnesia

If all you want is some mindless reverse HRM anime show, then you’ve got it! Amnesia is a perfect example of mindless reverse HRM – purely so! The art and visuals are top-notch, which in turn makes the guys seem more realistic and attractive. Yes, the attractive guys are the main point here because that’s one of the points of a show in this genre. As for the story and character development, they’re both borderline mediocre so I wouldn’t expect much if I were you. This is purely reverse HRM with the aim of wooing girls and that’s all there is to it.

Amnesia as the title goes follows the story of a young woman who awakes one day only to discover that all her memories are gone. She doesn’t remember anything – not her life, not her past, not even her own name! The only clues she has to her memories and her past life is a cellphone with unknown numbers and a mysterious young boy named Orion who only she could see.

Uta no Prince-sama
Uta no Prince-sama | Source

9. Uta no Prince-sama

Next comes a show that’s made of rainbows and cupcakes…Uta no Prince-sama! I said it’s made of rainbows and cupcakes because it’s very light-hearted, sweet, and comedic. Its main purpose is to make people smile and maybe…make them sing along to tunes in the show as well. Also, the most important thing in Uta no Prince-sama as part of the reverse HRM genre is that – it has lots of good-looking guys in it which I’m sure many gals will like!

In a performance arts school where everyone is a potential idol, Haruka is working her way in order to reach her dreams and be able to become a composer good enough to write a masterpiece song and dedicate it to her own idol. It’s not so easy though! Having no formal training background at all and not even being able to read music sheets, Haruka has to strive real hard with an unwavering will in order to pursue what her heart truly wants.

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan | Source

8. Hakuouki

Amongst the many reverse HRM anime series out there, Hakuouki is one of the rare ones with an actual reasonable depth when it comes to the story. Pacing along with other genres such action, historical, mystery, and supernatural – you’d find this show pretty amusing and exciting. And since it’s in the genre of reverse HRM, expect that you’d see male characters that aren’t just all about the looks, but also about the personality and the attitude (which makes this series all the more interesting).

Having a doctor as a father who’s involved in some sketchy phenomena surrounding a mysterious drug, Chizuru Yukimura worries that she’ll inevitably lose her father soon enough. And so, since it’s been a while since she had contact with her father who went to Kyoto, she makes the decision of following and looking for him there. On the way, Chizuru discovers an oni and was attacked. Fortunately, she was saved by the Shinsengumi and takes her along with them. As fate has it, both Chizuru and the Shinsengumi are looking for the same person – the doctor who has answers for the the oni drug.

Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yuugi | Source

7. Fushigi Yuugi

Just so you know, Fushigi Yuugi is a pretty old anime (a classic anime from the 90’s). But, being ancient doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve praise anymore. Actually, it’s one of the best reverse HRM of its time – perhaps even a pioneer of the genre were talking about! And that’s why Fushigi Yuugi is here! Not only is its story very well-done and engaging, the totality of this show is great in a sense that it really establishes a long-lasting connection with the viewers. As a matter of fact, even today, Fushigi Yuugi still oozes with nostalgia that it easily pops into the mind of many people whenever they hear about the genre of reverse HRM in general.

It was a usual visit to the national library for Miaka and Yui until a very unworldly phenomenon happened! From a strange story book that depicts ancient China, a portal appeared to suck both Miaka and Yui into the very world that is depicted in the book. In that world (which is in the age of ancient China), Miaka and Yui takes the roles of priestesses able to summon their respective gods and ask for wishes once they gather their eight celestial warriors. Luckily for Miaka, she got into the hands of good people. As for Yui, misfortunes fell upon her one-by-one causing her to inevitably loathe her best friend, Miaka.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge | Source

6. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower)

If there’s a difference between regular HRM and reverse HRM, that’s the fact that HRM is most commonly based on comedy while reverse HRM is commonly based on romance and shoujo. So, as one of the few comedy shows in the reverse HRM genre, I present to you – Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge! It’s funny and it’s great! Despite the odd-looking characters (which might seem like an anomaly to some), the high-degree of entertainment is strong with this one. And also, this anime actually has a well-laid story which is perfect for casual viewing and laugh-trip runs.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge or also known as The Wallflower is an anime about four good-looking boys (Ranmaru, Kyouhei, Yukinojo, and Takenaga) tasked to reform a Sunako into a lady. As the situation goes, Sunako is an aloof girl who’s slowly becoming the split-image of “Sadako” because of her love for horror movies and dark stuff. Now, since Ranmaru, Kyouhei, Yukinojo, and Takenaga are desperate for a free cozy place to live in, they assume the daunting task of averting Sunako from her dark lifestyle and turn her into a proper sophisticated lady.

Kamigami no Asobi
Kamigami no Asobi | Source

5. Kamigami no Asobi

As expected from another reverse HRM anime, Kamigami no Asobi is chock full of attractive characters! And that’s not all – this show is quite good story-wise and amusing overall as well. The plot of this series thickens as the viewer goes through the intensifying tracks episode-by-episode. By the end of it all (or perhaps even at the start), fans won’t be able to help it but wish that the characters from this anime were actually real and would just come to reality.

When high school girl Yui Kusanagi gets chosen by Zeus (god and headmaster of Forbidden Academy) to teach the values of humans and love to the other young gods, she is compelled to take on the duty or else she’ll never get to leave the place. Her task is simple: teach the young gods about love and the human ways and get them to graduate from Forbidden Academy. The young gods’ graduation means her graduation from the place as well.

Kamisama Hajimemashita
Kamisama Hajimemashita | Source

4. Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)

Lovely and surreal – that’s how I would describe Kamisama Hajimemashita. Believe it or not, it’s one of the few reverse HRM anime that actually has romance in it that would make you want to squee! And yeah, being in the genre in question, it does have its share of characters that are appropriate for it, but, what makes this good is really the lovely romance. The bond between Nanami and Tomoe is pretty amusing and refreshing to watch. It’s like the show’s trying to keep you glued on the screen with how good the character relation is! But most of all, Kamisama Hajimemashita is as charming (perhaps way more than charming) than any reverse HRM could get.

After becoming totally homeless and poor due to her father’s bad gambling habits, Momozono Nanami ventures out to fend for herself in the cruel outside world. Luckily, she meets and saves a mysterious man from a dog and the man in turn offers her his home. Unknown to Nanami, the home of the man is actually a shrine and the man is actually a god! So then, the god gives her his position and status as local deity where she now has to work out as both a human school girl and the spiritual god of the shrine.

Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona | Source

3. Akatsuki no Yona

For an anime in the reverse HRM genre, I can assure you that Akatsuki no Yona spectacularly stands out among most of the others. Everything is well-developed for this one – the story, the characters, the animation, the sound, the plot progression, name it! There’s romance, there’s a bit of comedy, and there’s even action! Words alone wouldn’t be able to describe the hype, so watch this and you really are in for a surprise!

Princess Yona has lived all her life in luxury and goodwill in her kingdom so far. She has everything she ever wanted and needed, and a childhood friend who she always had a crush on. One fateful day, on her sixteenth birthday, everything has changed drastically for the worst. The childhood friend who she has always trusted and loved is the very person who’s gonna betray the kingdom and plunge her to despair. Having had narrowly escaped the traitorous siege, Princess Yona vows to muster all the power she can, grow up to be strong, and reclaim the kingdom that is rightfully hers.

Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket | Source

2. Fruits Basket

As an anime that is actually old but not quite, Fruits Basket shows that age doesn’t matter when trying to shine as an anime in its genre. Actually, this show is quite great and very unique on its own. Due to that, it’s also very successful, popular, and renowned. At first you’d be entranced by the lighthearted comedy and slice-of-life story, then, you’d notice that it’s becoming darker than you would have imagined. All the characters of Fruits Basket are very lovable. The drama too is real! Although the anime isn’t quite complete due to it cutting away from the manga, it’s still one of the best reverse HRM there is!

Homeless and lonely after her mother’s death, Tohru Honda feels all alone in the world living by herself in just a tent with nothing but memories and her optimism. One day, as fate had it, Tohru meets the Sohma family and was asked to live with them in exchange for doing common house chores. But unbeknownst to Tohru, the Sohma family has a big secret – the whole family is cursed by the Zodiac so whenever a person of the opposite sex hugs them, they transform into their respective zodiac signs! And so, upon discovering the secret, Tohru has to keep mum about the curse if she wants to continue living in the Sohma household and keep her precious memories with them.

Ouran High School Host Club
Ouran High School Host Club | Source

1. Ouran High School Host Club

Behold, the king of the reverse HRM genre – Ouran High School Host Club! More or less, I know you were expecting this one to come first on this list. Well, I’m not surprised because this anime is so perfect for an anime of this genre. For every scene, you’d basically find yourself laughing and charmed every time! The characters are all very loveable - especially Haruhi despite her being a girl (Well, she actually does make a very good host with wonderful qualities). As far as the anime goes, it’s ginormously enjoyable and pleasant! Fans everywhere are actually ardently wishing a second season for this series. Let’s just hope that there indeed will be a second season in the future. This show is too good (and one of the best reverse HRM anime) to just be left out!

While Haruhi Fujioka is in all aspects just a commoner and simple girl, she and her wits has granted her to study in the grand and prestigious school of Ouran High School. There, only she seems to be different from the others who are rich and lavish. And so one day, in an attempt to find a quiet place for her to study in peace, she finds herself stumbling upon the school’s Host Club – the Ouran High School Host Club. Accidentally shattering a very expensive vase of the club, she now has to work for the club in order to pay her debt. Fortunately, the club discovers that her looks are actually on par with them as boys, so she now has to work for the club as a new host and as a boy of course (keeping her real gender a secret from everyone else).

Which Is the Best Reverse Harem Series?

Which Series is Your Favorite to Watch?

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Questions & Answers


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      • profile image

        Suga lover 16 hours ago

        I am actually surprised with that so many people new about Yona of the dawn and Kamisama kiss because that is in my experience with people the top animes people don't know about.

      • profile image

        Oh man... 7 days ago

        I’m surprised there’s not more votes for Hakuoki! It’s a beautiful story with amazing characters. And it’s loosely based on historical events, but with an added fantasy twist! Although I must say...

        *spoiler alert*

        This anime hurt. It’s definitely more of a trajedy than a reverse harem. The second season was one of the most depressing story endings I have ever experienced, especially when you consider the fact that it’s pretty close to the history of what actually happened at the end of the Edo period. But I think everyone should give it a try! It’s worth the pain and sadness.

      • profile image

        tama 8 days ago

        Is amnesia really that interesting I mean the protagonist is so boring she doesn't have an energetic side like Nanami. Some anime that has boring female character worth mentioning are DAIBOLIK LOVERS,BROTHERS CONFLICT etc.

      • profile image

        tama 8 days ago

        I think kamisama hajimemashta deserve a more higher place.

        But there is something on my mind Is kamisama kiss really a reverse harem from the gender proportion it doesn't seem fit.

      • profile image

        Anime4Life 9 days ago

        I've watched most of these, the only ones I haven't are Fruits Basket, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Fushigi Yuugi, and Fushigi Yuugi... I really recommend the rest of the Anime's! But my favourite ones are probably Kamigami no Asobi and Amnesia!

      • profile image

        jazzent 6 weeks ago

        Brothers conflict Is one of the best ...

      • profile image

        amy 8 weeks ago

        i have watch all these anime shows the only one i need to watch is Hakuouki all the other ones were okay i think some could have been better but nice choices

      • profile image

        anonymous 2 months ago

        i agree with you Monica Aria Monserate akatsuki no yona ia the best

      • profile image

        Monica Aira Monserate 2 months ago

        Akatsuki no Yona should be number 1! It's so awesomeeee! You have to watch it!

      • profile image

        Poop 2 months ago

        Kiss him not me

        Brothers conflict

      • profile image

        weeaboo 2 months ago

        kiss him, not me should be on this list and I have to agree with Ouran High School being #1

      • profile image

        Yuii 3 months ago

        Gosh darn...when you've watched all of the best and worst reverse harems 1000 times and is still waiting for more (._.)

      • profile image

        Kae Serinuma 3 months ago


        Translation: Kiss him, not me should be number 1!

      • profile image

        Anime!! 4 months ago

        My favourites are Brothers Conflict and Kiss Him not me.

      • profile image

        Mahnoor chawla 4 months ago

        Ouran high school !! Obviously worth the first place ! It's awesome totally worth a try if you are looking for a good comedy reverse harem .

        Akatsuki no yona fantastic really should watch it if you are looking for a good traveling reverse harem.

        Kamisama hajimemashita and kamisami no asobi really worth atry if you are looking for a awesome good reverse harem.

        Uta no prince sama I personally recommend if you are looking for a musical true reverse harem like Ouran high school.

        Amnesia a really good anime if you are into another dimension reverse harem .

      • profile image

        HOH 4 months ago

        There's a lot of others that are also really good but kamisama hajimemashita and akatsuki no yona would always be #1 because it's amazing out of all the animes that I've watched.

      • profile image

        OOO 4 months ago

        Brother's conflict is absolutely disappointing. I personally love 'Kamisama Hajimemashita' and 'Akatsuki no yona' their both so good. Like by good I mean the best.

        Uta no prince sama and Kamigami no asobi is both amazing.

        Oyean High school host club is quite good but does it really worth first place?

        Amnesia is a little disappointing, it's like I mean she has no opinions at all.

        No comments on the rest because it not too good.

      • profile image

        An 4 months ago

        Akatsuki No Yona. You have to watch it, or else I'll crawl into your room and make you.

      • profile image

        Kylie 5 months ago

        Where is Brother's Conflict????

      • profile image

        hihi 5 months ago

        Ouran Highschool Host Club.


      • profile image

        ... 5 months ago

        Reverse Harem anime's are usually packed full of drama, most of this lacks so. I am curious of why Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie was not included in this list or as a bonus. It may have short episodes but this shows how the passion is formed where as most lacking harem (or reverse harem) animes just show a build up. Key points of finding a well made harem (or reverse harem) anime is when you are also shown the progression of the character and are show there thought process so you understand completely. With these types of anime, you will find there is one main character (the lead) and then the sub-main characters (love interests).

        Yours Sincerely,


      • profile image

        Kohaiame 5 months ago

        I was hoping to see la corde d' oro on this list, but this is still helpful i might check out that one in 3rd that seems interesting thanks.

      • RachaelLefler profile image

        Rachael Lefler 5 months ago from Illinois

        I was wondering why they seemingly stopped making anime that puts female characters at the center. In the 90's and early 2000's we had Fruits Basket, Fushigi Yuugi, Rev. Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, Vision of Escaflowne, and so on. A lot of shows with female protagonists. Now you hardly see any, and if they're there it's a fluffy, silly anime like 'Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid'. But I got into anime at a time when there were a lot of cool shows that were girl-centered. The last good ones I can think of were KLK and PMMM.

        I really enjoyed Fruits Basket, I was hoping you'd mention it, because it seems sort of like a forgotten gem these days!

        I may check out others on this list. Amnesia looks promising and I like the associated song. I like works that are a bit more serious.

      • profile image

        Opal 6 months ago

        One of my favorites is magic-kyun renaissance.

      • profile image

        Yah 6 months ago

        I watched half of the a Nimes shown but I think you should watch wallflower. It is a real comedy

      • profile image

        pewpewpew 6 months ago

        I would recommend "Kiss Him, Not Me", which is what had gotten me into reverse harem in the first place.

      • profile image

        hey 7 months ago

        kiss kiss fall in love

      • profile image

        YO! I'm just a random gal! 7 months ago

        OK we all know that OHSHC.IS.THE.BEST. reverse harem anime evaaaa! and you're right, but you know there is actually a anime just like this with the heroine a freaking badass! It's not on the list but it's called............(drumroll pls!!!!)













        Aoharu x kikanjuu!!!!! Did I also mention she dresses up as a dude LIKE HARUKIIIII!!! AHHHHH these animes are freaking amazing and it kinda resembles em both to so I totally recommend them!

      • profile image

        Unknown 8 months ago

        I've watched like all of it

      • profile image

        Moonlight Ranger 8 months ago


        Damn it I've seen every single one of them but If I had to recommend one it would have to be Kiss him not me.

        I found this really entertaining but for my vote on this one it's gotta be YONA.

      • profile image

        Anon 9 months ago

        I recommend Uta no Prince Sama!! The plot is ok but the guys in it are pretty damn good looking. There are all of the different types: The player, the happy/loud, the serious, the sporty, the kawaii/strange and the calm/cool.

        Also High school star musical is worth cheking out as well if yourr5into anime with hot guys that sing, dance and act really well. ^_^

      • profile image

        Susana 10 months ago

        I've seen all of them

      • profile image

        lel 10 months ago

        Just Here to see some hot boys

      • profile image

        Neon 10 months ago

        Also, brothers conflict is absolutely terrible. The boys are gorgeous (except for a five year old?????) but the main female and plot are horrible.

      • profile image

        Yo 11 months ago

        I'd like to recommend one (that wasn't mentioned here) to my fellow reverse-harem lovers. Brothers Conflict! Honestly very entertaining and NO THEY AREN'T ACTUALLY RELATED. Animation is great, and each and every character is very unique so viewers have a lot to choose from!

        Also, Kiss Him Not Me. But keep in mind that the protagonist is a fujoshi (part of the attractive men on men fandom.) But it's very funny and light-hearted, the heroine is definitely quite different from most reverse-harem heroines.

      • profile image

        Alice in Wonderland 11 months ago

        Okay, by far, the best one, will always be OHSHC. But if someone could recommend some anime like ouran, I would be very much greatfull.

      • profile image

        Storm 14 months ago

        Hakuouki should be on the "top 10 anime that rip your heart and put it in a blender" list. :'(

      • profile image

        Joy/jb 15 months ago

        I've seen all of these they need to make new ones!!

        Like right now

      • profile image

        Otakumi 15 months ago

        cot damnit, i watched all of them already...

      • profile image

        hola watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 months ago

        i recommend to watch amnesia,super gal,karin revolution,naruto,kamicham karin,yumerio patisserie ,black butler,vampire knight,fugishii,uta no prince sama,starry sky,brothers conflict,dance with the devils.

      • profile image

        Axyzm 17 months ago

        i found a reverse harem manga.. where the4 protagonist are 10-12 girls who get exchanged to an all boys high school and every vchapter is about how a gierl discovers her preferences.. can anyone help me find it

      • profile image

        Angel 17 months ago

        akatsuki no yona and kamisama kiss are one of my favorites. I do like amnesia and brothers conflict too

      • profile image

        cphxm 17 months ago

        In my opinion, akatsuki no yona, fushigi yuugi, ouran host club, kamigami no asobi, uta no prince sama, and kamisama kiss are my all time favorites! My top 2 are yona of the dawn and fushigi yuugi because I LOVE THE CHARACTERS AND THE STORY PLOT!

        tbh Amnesia and brother conflict aren't that good. I mean like its okay. Well the protagonist is useless. I love REVERSE HAREM like I need romance hehe

        brother conflicts show boys falling in love with the sister but like they show the boy's problem first. So I got annoyed. Anmesia, well I was disappointed. I thought they actually like her but it only happen in each of the boy's point of view.

        I'm not surprised diabolik lovers is not on the list. I mean I like it but not very much.

        I'm very picky. I need an anime with developed characters and a good plot.

      • profile image

        Catsy 19 months ago

        Ouran HSHC was one of the first anime series I ever watched... I've watched hundreds since then and it's still a favorite. So it was a great choice. I would say personally Kamisama Kiss is MY fave reverse harem but that's just me.

        But how on earth is Brothers Conflict not on here!!!!!! That almost ruins this list completely.

      • profile image

        Mina 22 months ago

        Hanasakeru Seishonen is really good. Definitely not your typical anime characters. All of the characters are well developed, and all the boys are super handsome. The main girl is also strong and cool. A classic in my opinion. Loved Akatsuki no Yona too.

      • profile image

        Mika 22 months ago

        I recommend akatsuki no yona any day. I love that anime so much. Kami sama kiss is also very good :)

      • profile image

        Rikka-chan 22 months ago

        Amnesia is SOOOO good! Ukyo is goals tbh

      • profile image

        Dg 23 months ago

        I'm happy for#1 but I think that there would be more anime that are suitable to replace the other places in my opinion (brothers conflict)

      • profile image

        Hanakala 24 months ago

        Ah no anyone who read Fruits basket or Yamato Nadeshiko these 2 are not clearly reverse harems because the guys have their own ships, those 2 are purely shoujo and the gender ratio is 5:5 unlike in harems where there are 1 male:10 females and they are clearly attracted to 1 guy no ships ... Plus where is Brother's Conflict??

      • profile image

        Kuruka 24 months ago

        Wheres Diabolik Lovers?

        And wheres Brothers Conflict? x3

      • profile image

        Neko 24 months ago

        What's so great on OHSHC? Seriously?!

        Ouran is one of those reverse harems that are made GOOD, no annoying, stupid MC, not clishes etc...

        Instead of watching stupid UtaPri or other reverse harems, where MC can't do anything by herself, is Mary Sue and tsundere try watching Ouran and read manga after that. It's the only bearable harem in my opinion.

      • profile image

        CookieMunster 2 years ago

        I don't think OHSHC is deserving of the top position. Tbh, it is so damn boring and really predictable.

      • profile image

        Kat 2 years ago

        I really enjoyed Hiiro no Kakera, though it's kind of obvious who the girl ends up with.

      • profile image

        aunizi 2 years ago

        One of the best reverse harem animes I have ever seen was "The Story of Saiunkoku" about a girl who is fighting to be a government official in a fictional kingdom based on feudal Japan, when women were not allowed to hold positions of power

      • profile image

        Person A 2 years ago

        I've watched Brothers Conflict, Uta no Prince-Sama, Hakuoki, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Akatsuki no Yona, Amnesia, Kamigami no Asobi, Arcana Famiglia, Diabolik Lovers, La Corda D'oro and parts of Kamisama Kiss and Starry Sky. Reverse Harem are so good!

      • profile image

        sadperson 2 years ago

        brother's conflict?!

      • profile image

        yamagache 2 years ago

        I loved most of these! I recommend watching Uraboku its an excellent anime! would place it also in the RVRS HRM category even though the main chara is a male for a very specific reason. (watch to understand why) lots of gorgeous looking men/a demon and a plethora of heart wrenching emotions from everyone, especially from the main chara. plus the art is very pretty.

      • profile image

        Nina 2 years ago

        Akatsuki no yona!!! I love OHSHC but akatsuki man that's a good story. I personaly recomend to read the mangas if you wanted a 2 season OHSHC is completed and akatsuki no yona is ongoing. Btw fruits basket is completed too (sorry for bad english)

      • profile image

        Lana 2 years ago

        La corda d'oro needs to be on this list. It's a personal fav of mine.

      • profile image

        commoner girl 2 years ago

        I love OHSHC, i watched the serie and readed the manga and between those I choose... the manga!!!! It's conpletly recommended

      • profile image

        Bread 2 years ago

        :( saw every last one of them already,

        any other suggestions?

      • profile image

        GUEST 3 years ago

        I really don`t understand wht`s so great about Ouran Host Club... it`s really boring for me.... too clihe n predictable... sigh~... probably I got a different taste in anime.. -_-

      • profile image

        Junior 3 years ago

        I've watched all of them except two of them. I'm a huge reverse harem fan. Favourite reverse harem is OHSHC, Kamigami no Asaobi and UtaPri

      • profile image

        Tricia 3 years ago

        I really recommend Ouran Host Club!

        Why? I watched every episode thrice!

        Best one I would say...



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