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Top 10 Duels in "Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V"

Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager.

Reiji vs. Yuya

Reiji vs. Yuya

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V Best Duels

Take it from a longtime fan: if you're going to watch any Yu-Gi-Oh anime, watch Arc-V. It utilizes an overarching story, interesting characters, throwbacks to past shows, fallible protagonists, a surprisingly impressive soundtrack, and it introduces Pendulum monsters. I highly recommend the English subbed (not dubbed) version unless you absolutely cannot stand subtitles.

As impressed as I am with Arc-V, it does gimmick some of its duels with "Action Magic" cards that characters can physically run around to collect and use, and it feels cheaply plot-convenient when one character prevails simply because they acquired more. Luckily, not every duel involves them, and most that do are still scripted well enough to forgive the intrusion. To see what I mean, let's take a look at the ten best duels of Arc-V! Spoilers ahead.

10 Best Duels

  • Yuya vs. Reiji
  • Yuya/Yuto vs. Ruri and Serena
  • Yuya vs. Yuri
  • Yuri vs. Five "You Show" Students
  • Yugo vs. Sawatari
  • Dennis vs. Kurosaki
  • Reiji vs. Roger
  • Yuto vs. Yugo
  • Sora vs. Kurosaki
  • Yuto vs. Sawatari

10. Yuya vs. Reiji

Episode(s): 50–51
Victor: Reiji

Any of Yuya's matches against the imposing (yet actually a good guy) Akaba Reiji are a joy to watch. I particularly like their second bout, where neither one is "good" and the other "evil." They have a difference of opinions and settle things with an exciting duel filled with several twists.

Reiji's victory also proved that Yuya (who had been winning all his matches since fusing with alter-ego Yuto and gaining his signature Dark Rebellion card) wasn't invincible, introducing room for our hero to grow.

9. Yuya/Yuto vs. Ruri and Serena

Episode(s): 124–125
Victor: Yuya/Yuto

This isn't a 2-on-2 battle; Yuya (fused with Yuto) faces brainwashed allies Ruri and Serena at once. After a long period of serving only as inner-advice, Yuto is actually able to gain control of Yuya's body (Yuya agrees to it) and handle some of the duel himself.

Although those pesky Action Magics are employed, it's still fun watching our heroes combat two competent opponents at once, seeing Yuto in the flesh again, and witnessing the summoning of arguably the strongest Odd-Eyes monster yet: Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon.

Yuri vs. Yuya

Yuri vs. Yuya

8. Yuya vs. Yuri

Episode(s): 134-135
Victor: Yuya

In a dramatic battle, the four alter-egos of legendary duelist Zarc finally meet: Yuya (fused with Yuto) against the nefarious Yuri (fused with Yugo). If you like theatrical duels, this is the bout for you, with the sake of the world on the line, loads of drama, and a close match that had me unable to tell who would emerge victorious.

No Action Magics to worry about either (they're attempted but negated with other Action Magic), and finally seeing all four signature dragons on the same field was awesome. Plus, Yuya had to battle his inner demon while battling Yuri, culminating in a bittersweet victory where Yuya wins, but at the cost of his inner darkness gaining control.

Students vs. Yuri (ignore the weird spelling of his name)

Students vs. Yuri (ignore the weird spelling of his name)

7. Yuri vs. Five "You Show" Students

Episode(s): 106
Victor: Yuri

Sometimes it's fun to sit back and watch the bad guys wipe the floor with their opponents, especially when we actually get to witness the full match, not just the conclusion (as the series is often apt to do). Yuri, ever the psychotic tween, faces five students at once and prevails—no Action Magic involved!

The students were admittedly using older decks that had trouble facing Yuri's modern build, but it was a nice homage to days of dueling past, and facing five decks (even aged ones) simultaneously is still impressive.

If you enjoy contests like these, be sure to also check out Kurosaki vs. Hokuto, Masumi, and Yaiba in Episode 24.

6. Yugo vs. Sawatari

Episode(s): 72
Victor: Yugo

Tournaments are often where Yu-Gi-Oh animes excel: simply watching duelists face other duelists with no melodramatic narrative bogging matters down.

This was a refreshing match where we encounter Sawatari's new and competitive deck. Although story isn't a huge element of the clash, Yuya is seen experiencing Yugo's emotions, adding an interesting layer to the fight. Finally, while Yugo triumphs, he uses an Action Card and his opponent doesn't, allowing Sawatari fans to believe he "deserved" the win.

Despite the Action Magic gimmick, I appreciate the gray area because it allows fans of both characters to feel validated.

Chaos Ancient Gear Giant

Chaos Ancient Gear Giant

5. Dennis vs. Kurosaki

Episode(s): 74-75
Victor: Kurosaki

An element of Arc-V I enjoy is its acceptance of using both old and young characters as villains, averting the standard elder nemeses trope. Additionally, some villains (like Dennis) are introduced as kind characters, and it genuinely hurts to learn of their betrayal.

In Dennis and Kurosaki's second match (the first had no conclusion), things seem bleak for Kurosaki when Dennis summons one heck of a monster (Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, who is immune to Spells and Traps), yet Kurosaki pulls one of the best comebacks in the series.

While Action Cards were employed, Dennis used more than Kurosaki, making the anti-hero's win all the more impressive.

Roger vs. Reiji

Roger vs. Reiji

4. Reiji vs. Roger

Episode(s): 98-99
Victor: Reiji

After a long absence from duels (at least those witnessed in their entirety), Reiji takes on Roger, the main antagonist of the Synchro arc, in a no-nonsense (aka no Action Magic) duel.

Since Roger is the main antagonist for this part of the show, and main antagonists tend to lose only to the protagonist, I couldn't immediately determine the victor (a good thing). However, not only does Reiji win, he wins despite Roger cheating with an infinite revival (Roger rejoins the fight whenever his Life Points reach zero). Reiji pulls this off by setting a combo that infinitely instakills Roger upon each re-entry, causing Roger to flee the match.

Who else but Reiji could defeat an eternally resurrecting opponent?

3. Yuto vs. Yugo

Episode(s): 37
Victor: Yugo

Another superb bout with neither party being "evil" (both are fighting due to a misunderstanding). We see Yuya watch confused as two strangers sharing his face clash in a non-gimmicked and exciting duel.

Well, at least not gimmicked by Action Magic. Yugo eventually wins, but you could argue Yuto would have had Yuya not interfered and convinced Yuto to stop one of his monsters' attacks. Again, a match where fans of both Yugo and Yuto can argue that their favorite won.

Additionally, Yuto's defeat results in his fusion with Yuya, reminiscent of Yugi and the Pharoah's relation way back in the original series, and a great powerup for our tomato-haired hero.

2. Sora vs. Kurosaki

Episode(s): 33-34
Victor: Kurosaki

A fan favorite, and for good reason. Get past the Action Cards (both parties use them, to be fair) and you have one heck of a duel. This fight threw us for a curve; we the audience thought Sora was the "good guy" and Kurosaki the "bad," but this match introduced revelations that Yuya's innocent-looking friend was anything but.

A duel that shaded moralities, utilized multiple comebacks, and introduced a long rivalry between two prominent characters, Sora vs. Kurosaki thrilled fans and set a darker tone than you'd expect from a silly show about a card game.

1. Yuto vs. Sawatari

Episode(s): 7
Victor: Yuto

This match had everything for me. It's concise, uses no Action Cards, and includes arguably the best comeback in the show. Masked Yuto confronts then-bully Sawatari for Yuzu because her face reminds him of his lost comrade Ruri, although this information was only hinted at this early on.

Because of how "cool" Yuto appeared, and his wordless confidence during the fight, I initially expected him to win. However, when Sawatari gains a healthy field against Yuto's empty field and empty hand, I had no idea how this strange masked figure could possibly rebound. Yet he calmly does, not even using the card he draws on his last turn, and the duel stuck with me as my favorite of the franchise.

As if the match weren't exciting enough, the episode ends with Yuto's face revealed and introduces the series-long Yuya-clone mystery.

Vrains and Sevens

Although Arc-V has since concluded, and the game itself has evolved with link summoning and rush duels featured in the subsequent anime, Arc-V remains a testament to the peaks the franchise can reach when handled efficiently. While the series has its share of flukes and interrupted duels, I struggled with narrowing the list to just ten matches because the show hits far more than it misses.

No series is perfect, but if any Yu-Gi-Oh duels will engage you, it's these impressive matches. Feel free to vote for your favorite, and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

© 2017 Jeremy Gill


DuckyDog on February 06, 2019:

The Yuya's rematch against Jack is probably on of my favourite duels of the series with some good back and forth, the situation is just so ridiculous you can't help but smile. Everyone from the 5ds series stops rioting because of a children's card game (on motorcycles). Not to mention Sylvio get burned which is always a plus.

DuckyDog on February 06, 2019:

I'm surprised to not see a Zuzu duel, the one where she faces Choir in the Synchro dimension made me gain a lot more respect for the character as a whole. Also the Jack v Sergey duel also has that element of weird that I enjoy having in my duels. Labyrinth duel anyone?

Jeremy Gill (author) from Louisiana on December 24, 2017:


Thank you for your kind words and detailed opinion! I'l admit Yuya's confidence should have peaked more near the end, but it was nice seeing a fallible hero who indeed lost a fair number of his matches. Jack's bouts against him were definitely a spectacle to behold.

I'm also impressed simply by how large the cast becomes; the show handles only a handful at a time, but all together there must be dozens of "main characters".

Zeron87 on December 24, 2017:

A really enjoyed this list, man. To me, Yugioh Arc V had the potential to either succeed or fail spectacularly, because the show experimented with many different concepts the series never tried before. It had amazing potential, unfortunately turned kind of "meh" near the end, IMO, but it had some incredible moments.

Out of all the Yugioh protagonists, I liked what Yuya stood for the most. He just wasn't fighting "to save the world" but truly had an idea he believed in: to make the world a happier place through dueling. I just don't get why the show barely gave him a chance to shine. You had a wonderful concept for a coming-of-age story, but the show wasted Yuya's potential by constantly making him suffer from Uncertain Protagonist Syndrome, right until the very end. This is why I WANTED Yuya to be my favorite character, but Dennis was, second place of course goes to Sora and all his raging glory. Dennis had the confidence in dueling for fun, and showed what Yuya should have become, minus the working for the bad guys part.

That being said, my favorite duel from your list is Sora vs Kurosaki, for the reasons you listed above. My ABSOLUTE favorite duel was Jack Atlas vs Yuya, Round 2. It was the first duel to show the full power of Pendulum monsters and Yuya dueling with complete confidence since other people started Pendulum summoning. It was the duel where Yuya "Got his groove back" (until the show's creators made him lose it again... -_-).

Loved this list man. Keep 'em coming.