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''Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons'' (2022) Movie Review

As much as Sean loves his novels, movies have a large piece of his heart too. There's nothing but great plots out there and he'd like share.

''Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons'' (2022)

''Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons'' (2022)

Quick Info

  • Director: Matt Peters
  • Writers‏: Jeremy Adams
  • Producer: Rick Morales,Jim Krieg
  • Distributor: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
  • Released: October 18, 2022
  • Runtime: 79 minutes

The Plot

Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons follows the basic plotline of Krypton's destruction with a little twist. As Jor-El and Lara send their son off we get a brief shock as a Starro spore latches onto the Kal-El's pod, but is lost in deep space as the shuttle is on course to Earth.

We get a glimpse at Kal-El's life as Clark and a montage of his life with his parents in Smallville which ends in the unfortunate passing of his foster parents. Martha and Jonathan Kent.

After the demise of his parents Clark and Lois make a life together at the former Kent Residence where they now reside. It is here where Jon (Jonathan Kent) makes his debut and his kryptonian super abilities begin manifesting.

Superman and Batman introduce their kids to each other and despite the rough start we see that the pair are not only meant to be superheroes, but best friends.

Batman Barely Appears

Every DC fan loves Superman. Journalist by day and Superhero also by day. We know about Krypton and it's destruction to a point where it's common knowledge. So why did the directors feel the need to put a Superman backstory in the film, if his name isn't first on the marquee?

The first few minutes of the movie take us through life in the Kent house, but by the time conflict is in play, we've barely got a glimpse of The Batman side of things. We get a brief tour of the Batcave and a member of Bruce's rogue gallery, but that didn't cut it for me. I'm sure Batfans will agree.

Father-Son Fight Scene

You already know how Batman vs Superman went down. Punches of steel and lots of kryptonite.

Let's just say the sadistic writers knew we couldn't go another decade without watching the two most elite in the DC universe trade blows—wait for it—but this time with their sons.

Although the animation is more graphic, compared to the Young Justice Version and The BvS live-action i'd give it a 6/10.

Damian Wayne and his Bat Cow

Damian Wayne and his Bat Cow

Bat-Cow is Canon

In the comics, Bat-Cow is a cute heifer rescued by Robin and Batman from a slaughterhouse. At first glance it didn't feel right for the dark tone of Bruce Wayne's daily crime-ridden life. But, she totally works as Damian's cool milk dispensing pet.

If you ask me, good on the studio for not botching this up. Bat-Cow is a great little detail.

No Evil Superman Trope

Time and time again we've seen power hungry, megalomaniac superhumans steal the spotlight and gain huge fandom. We've seen it in Injustice (2021) and countless Prime Video productions. This wasn't that kind of movie.

Super Sons had a different approach making Superman a part of the hivemind instead it's ruler.

Bad Villain Choice

I mean come on, it's all over the trailer. We already know how the movie is going to end. Nobody wants a villain who can control people's minds and leave them with absolutely no will, unless it's Zack Snyder's Darkseid.

Wild Story

This was not your typical DC animation. There was no security blanket when these two plummeted into the depths of the struggle between Good vs Evil. We never knew for sure whether they'd make it out or meet a chilling end.

Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons takes you out of your comfort zone and sends you to the edge of your seat which doesn't happen a lot in it's type of genre.

I feel like it was completely different from prior productions. And even though they are kids, the fact that any given point, Damian and Jon would have been goners, doesn't change that all too real fact.

Jack Griffo and Jack Dylan Grazer voices of Robin and Superboy

Jack Griffo and Jack Dylan Grazer voices of Robin and Superboy

The Voice Cast

When I heard Jack Griffo was in the movie I had to know if he was talented enough or would live of the rest of his days as a one-hit wonder from a Nickelodeon show.

He exceeded my expectations. He brought out the true Damian, the Demon's Grandson and son of the Batman with a violent streak. Griffo's talent didn't just end with a regular role in The Thundermans. He studied his role and knew what made Robin tick. For that he has my respect and that of the DC fandom.

Jack Dylan Grazer voiced the sweet, well-meaning Jonathan Kent. He previously voiced characters like Alberto Scorfano the second sea monster from Luca and playing Eddie Kaspbrak in the adaptation of Stephen King's novel It. Even with a long list of experience and qualifications he didn't do a great job.

Jonathan is a strong-willed and goofy character and I feel like Jack Dylan was unsure who he was voicing.

Special shoutout to Nolan North, who did a great job voicing Jor-El. His portrayal of a father on a dying planet keeping it together for his wife was spot on.


Superboy / Jonathan Kent

Jack Dylan Grazer

Robin / Damian Wayne

Jack Griffo

Batman / Bruce Wayne

Troy Baker

Superman / Clark Kent

Travis Willingham

Lois Lane

Laura Bailey

Wonder Girl and Lara

Myrna Velasc

Lex Luthor and Starro

Darin De Paul


Nolan North

Green Arrow and Penguin

Tom Kenny

Final Thoughts From Your Friendly Neighborhood Nerd

As the latest installment in the 2022 Animated DC films, Battle of the Super Sons was okay I guess. The story was fast paced, which I liked, but it didn't introduce any new elements of DC comics lore.

The characters don't show significant growth, which probably means we'll get a sequel. But, knowing the state of Warner Bros right now, it's highly unlikely.

Super Sons was a much needed intro of the legacy duo into the animated fray and it seems that's all it will ever be.

Grade: C+

The animation was good and it's a great film to watch with kids and fellow DC fans. But it's not a movie you're going to want to watch more than once. The only exception might be Blu-ray just because the quality of the picture is "Wow!"

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