'Attack on Titan' Review: S3E1

Updated on July 25, 2018

AoT: Escape to Trost


Attack on Titan picks up right where it left off at the end of season 2. Eren and the former cadets are now all working together under Captain Levi. Season 3 opens with Levi's squad doing what any squad working for Levi would do-- house work. The opening scene offers a good excuse for characters to discuss the events of the last season, reflecting on what had transpired.

After their housework, a messenger sent from Commander Erwin delivered some frightening news. The Military Police has begun taking the Scout Division into custody. Erwin has already been apprehended and it's only a matter of time before Levi's squad is as well.

After narrowly escaping the MP, Levi decides to take his squad to Trost, as he feels the remnant chaos there will provide good cover for he and his subordinates to lay low. Much to his surprise, things quickly go awry as Levi is visited by a character from his past.

Don't Call it a Comeback


Attack on Titan didn't skip a beat when giving the fans a sense of danger. Levi's squad is immediately faced with a new enemy. Only this time, instead of a titan, it's an unknown enemy who holds considerable political power. This pivot keeps the series feeling fresh and adds another mystery for Levi and co. to solve.

Another nice pivot, it seems as though this season will be heavily focused on Levi. With his commanding officer in custody and a squad of main characters under his tutelage, Levi has been given more responsibility this season than ever before.

Levi takes this responsibility in stride, as he works to uncover the culprit controlling the Military Police. Furthermore, fans are treated to an entirely new enemy at the end of the episode.

So Much More to Lose


Attack on Titan has no problem killing off characters. The only saving grace for Eren and his classmates was that they were all split up after becoming Scouts. That meant each alum was surrounded by more disposable characters, to be killed off at the writer's beck and call. Not anymore, sadly. With everyone travelling together, if anyone in Levi's squad dies, it will be the loss of a major character.

What's more, the beginning of the episode was spent developing characters. As if the fans didn't care about these people enough, AoT makes sure to remind us how much the former cadets have grown and how much they have to lose.

The Verdict:

Despite there not being any titans in this episode, AoT injects a newfound sense of danger by introducing a human enemy. Levi does well during his time in the spotlight, and I'm excited to learn more about him and his mysterious past.



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