At a Glance: Desert Punk

Updated on July 24, 2017

Critics don't always understand comedy. Sometimes they sound like stuffy adults in Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercials of yesteryear. They don't get why adults want to spend their hard-earned money on movies with poop jokes.

But I try to give comedy a chance. There's great anime comedy out there. Usually the best anime comedy is a slice of life schoolgirl show, like K-On, Lucky Star, or my favorite, Azumanga Daioh.

But Desert Punk is a different, more macho, approach to comedy, more closely resembling the goofier moments in Trigun.


The "Desert Punk" is the nickname of our main character, who is known in the Great Kanto Desert (the Kanto region of Japan has become a desert, probably all of Japan has) as a legendary mercenary.

The plot works kind of like it does in Cowboy Bebop; our hero has to make money by doing a job, wacky shenanigans usually occur on said job, and then he has to do it all over again in the next episode. And you know, a bunch of scary dudes are always trying to kill him.

What often seems to almost get him killed is his weakness for boobies.

Desert Punk
Source Material:
Manga by Usune Masatoshi


Desert Punk is not going to top anyone's list of great anime, even in the genre of comedy. It feels clunky. It makes the same jokes, and does the same basic plot, over and over again. The opening and ending theme songs are lackluster. It seems like a sad attempt to appeal to teenage boys, but it insults them in the process.

It's not all bad though. This anime has its uses. When you want a non-serious anime to watch for a party or when bored late at night, it serves. And hey, it's kind of nice to see an anime that's not about frickin' schoolkids in Tokyo again.

This show is fun to watch, but its value diminishes the more episodes you watch, because it's repetitive. It seemed bland and uncreative. For some reason, it just didn't feel like enough. Compare it to similar action-comedy shows like Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill, and a certain je ne sais quoi Desert Punk is lacking becomes apparent. But, I guess it's not terrible either.

Rating for Desert Punk: 6/10


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  • RachaelLefler profile imageAUTHOR

    Rachael Lefler 

    2 years ago from Illinois

    Well evidently not. :) I like that some people have heard about it/remember it. Like I said, it's ok, but not great.

  • NBYomi profile image

    N B Yomi 

    2 years ago from Dallas, TX

    Heh, I thought people forgot or didn't know about Desert Punk...


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