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7 Anime Like "Special A"

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Special A

Special A

About "Special A"

You know that love is in the air when romantic anime seem to sprout in just every corner of the Anime Universe. And while the titles often bring a romantic atmosphere, it's also a sure bet that there's some comical cloud hovering with them. Romance anime or more specifically...School-Romantic-Comedy anime - there sure is a tingling sense of love and fun coming along with it.

One of the most popular school-romance anime in the world is - Special A. And if you are here reading this right now, then chances are - you've watched it already or perhaps heard about it sometime before. That being said, my purpose here is to let you know of more anime similar to Special A.

And so, that is the whole gist of it! May cupid's arrow strike you silly and captivate you to watch this collection of romantic anime like Special A. Give in to the chuckles of sweet lurve and enjoy the shows.

Summary of Special A:

Special A zooms in on the story of Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takimishima's unending rivalry. While Kei has always been "1st" in everything, Hikari lags in at "2nd" always. So, she is as determined as ever to best Kei and snag first place. Even at high school where Kei enrolls at the super-elite Hakusenkan Gakuen, Hikari follows him to continue their duel. In that school, there's a special V.I.P. treatment for those who make it in the top ranks of the school - the Special A class. As top 1 and top 2 respectively, Kei and Hikari become part of the elite "Special A" class. From there, their simple competitive rivalry turns into something else. What that something else is, who knows?

Anime Similar to "Special A"

1. "Kaichou wa Maid-sama!"

2. "Ouran High School Host Club"

3. "Fruits Basket"

4. "Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo" ("The Pet Girl of Sakurasou")

5. "Toradora!"

6. "Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun" ("My Little Monster")

7. "Lovely Complex"

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

1. "Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!"

When it comes to romance and sprinkles of comedy by the side, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama is one of the best in the field. And if romantic moments that makes your heart flutter with joy and jolts are your thing, then this school-romance anime shall set your heart afloat with allures and tickles.

Being a previous all-male high school, Seika Gakuen still has lots of coping to do as it transitions into a full-fledged co-ed high school. As such, the ratio between girls and boys is still amiss with the number of boys still overwhelming the number of girls. This in turn causes unnecessary chaos, fear, and insecurities on the part of the female students.

Here enters, Misaki Ayuzawa, the first female student council president of Seika Gakuen. With top-class grades, knowledge in martial arts, and an indomitable determination to stand for student equality and rights, Misaki Ayuzawa rules the school with an iron fist - even causing all the rowdy boys to fear her. She just has one secret though - she works as a cute maid at a local maid cafe. If news of that comes out, she fears that she might lose all respect. Until one day, a boy from her school, the impassive Usui Takumi, discovers her secret.

And thus starts romantic-school-comedy like no other. Let Usui Takumi's and Misaki Ayuzawa's unlikely love chemistry send you the giggles and smiles. Watch Kaichou wa Maid-sama nd indulge yourself in its fluttery storyline.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

2. "Ouran High School Host Club"

As the title suggests, Ouran High School has a host club in its luxurious roster. And when a bunch of likable high school hosts with different sets of charms exists in a show full of romantic scenes and comedic scenarios, then you've got a perfect romantic-comedy anime coming your way!

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Haruhi Fujioka is your usual way-beyond-normal underclass student who is stuck in a super-exclusive school for the elite. As Haruhi was looking for a normal room filled with nothing but peace and quiet, she unknowingly ends up in the Ouran High School Host Club room where she accidentally breaks a vase and was mistaken as a boy. In some twist of fate, she suddenly finds herself working as a member of the host club where she pretends to be a boy to fully settle her debt.

Is this the start of a very memorable high school life for Haruhi? But, she just wanted a room with peace and quiet in the first place! Well, we just gotta follow the light-hearted story and let the hosts of Ouran High School entertain us with their wacky gimmicks.

Join the Ouran High School Host Club and see the friendship blossom as paths open to new indescribable feelings.

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

3. "Fruits Basket"

From one thing to another, we now move on to yet another heart-warming romantic-comedy school anime. Let us now get to know the sweet, naïve school girl named Tohru and her Zodiac folk friends in the anime, Fruits Basket!

A strange curse surrounds a certain family known as the Souma clan. When a person of the opposite sex hugs a member of the Souma clan, that member temporarily transforms into an animal of his/her zodiac sign. Because of this, the Souma clan has lived all their lives drowned in the shadow of their family secret. This in turn made each member instinctive on alienating themselves from others and averting their presence from the gaze of society.

One day, Tohru Honda (a simple high school girl) finds out the secret of the Souma clan in a fateful encounter with one of her Souma classmates.

What future lies ahead the Souma clan now that someone knows their secret? Will Tohru be able to handle the weight carried by those who knows about the Zodiac curse? What revelations and secrets will destiny bring upon our cast as new developments and twists unfolds?

Follow Tohru through thick and thin as she finds new friends in the persona of the secretive Souma household. Fun memories and everlasting bonds shall be forged in this dreamy anime known as - Fruits Basket.

Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)

Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)

4. "Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo" ("The Pet Girl of Sakurasou")

Have you ever felt the feeling of love even without you knowing it? Is love something that makes your heart thump out of the blue, or is it something that makes you crazily light-headed? What color does it even bear if ever it had one? Follow through this artistic sensation of splotching feelings as you go into colorful canvass of a story of - Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou).

Welcome to Sakurasou, the haven for for problem-children and brilliant kids alike. Having no better choice for lodging with him and the stray cats he picks, Sorata Kanda chose to live in Sakurasou with a bunch of friends who he sees as weirdos. But, the weirdest student is yet to come, and Sorata is designated to be that student's care-taker. That student is...Mashiro Shiina, a girl who is super-talented but has no idea how to live on her own and take care of herself. Now, Sorata serves as the master who takes special care of her, while Mashiro serves as the pet who they eventually call - The Pet Girl of Sakurasou.

Watch how innocuous feelings grow into something grander and greater as new emotions are discovered throughout the course of up-heaving school life, future-worrying, and self-discovery.



5. "Toradora!"

Love-hate relationships in a school setting romantic-comedy anime has never been this sweet...and cute! Well, I sense trouble brewing up. That's because it's tiger versus dragon in this wacky romantic anime called - Toradora!

Ryuuji Takasu is a guy with glaring eyes that always make him look like a delinquent while Taiga Aisaka is known as the "Palmtop Tiger" who seems to always be agitated and angry. When the two of them discovers each other's secret admiration with their respective bestfriends (Yuusaku Kitamura for Ryuuji and Minori Yushieda for Taiga), they decide to team-up to get as close to their crushes. But, as they spend their days supporting one another, they discover an unexpected feeling blossoming between them.

What is this feeling? Is it love or something else? Follow the dragon-looking Ryuuji and the palmtop-tiger Taiga as they go through all the troubles of friendship, school life, and love.

And also, hold on tight to your seat as well as your bellies as you will be laughing lots with this anime. Palmtop Tiger Taiga and Dragon-eye Ryuuji agrees!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)

6. "Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun" ("My Little Monster")

This is another boy-meets-girl anime that will surely touch your hearts with the purest form of love. With no over-exaggeration and needless fan-services, this anime shall take you out of the current norm and make you feel the sweetness of romance in a totally classic perspective. Get a flustering spectacle of innocent emotions of infatuation and love in the anime - Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun or also known as My Little Monster is the story of an innocent love born out of the peak of school life. Grades and schoolwork were all that mattered to Mizutani Shizuku. To her, grades were the key to having a great and wealthy future. With that belief in mind, she became as cold as a blizzard who shies away from any form of social interaction. But one day, she was tasked to deliver some school notes to a classmate who hardly went to school again after an incident on the first day. That student is - Yoshida Haru, a surprisingly super-innocent high school kid who shall soon break Shizuku out of her self-imposed ice and slowly unlock the door to her concealed feelings.

Join the two lovebirds in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun as they traverse the stream of innocent feelings and knock into the bittersweet door of love. Flutter of the heart awaits everyone who watches this anime.



7. "Lovely★Complex"

Oh love, why should you possess all the complexities of the world? Whether it's HEIGHT, weight, appearance,age, and many other criteria, love just seems to be complicated in all its aspects.Noticed that I emphasized "height" over there? Well, that's because it's exactly the complex we'll be dealing with in the funky-sweet love story of the anime - Lovely Complex.

Meet the high school comedic-duo Risa and Otani! They just seem like a pair straight from a comedy act as people around them tells them. With heights unusual for their age and gender, both of them usually become the laughingstock of the bunch, which then leads to a more wacky-chaotic relationship (more like a love-hate relationship to be exact). But surprisingly, as much as they always contradict each other, they also are the best of partners who shares the same likes and joys. Hence, this sort of relationship curves an uprising turn to the duo's lovely complex!

Join Otani and Risa in their complicated love-hate fray and see that love really knows no bounds (yeah, especially height)! Well, I'm sure that height nor age doesn't really matter in love and war. Just watch the duo and see.

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Hi my name is Tatiana on July 17, 2018:

I am a big fan of ouran high school host club

orchie on March 11, 2018:

I like both special a and kaichou wa maid sama. I love those two very much

Mary on December 16, 2017:

I love both kaichou wa maid sama and special a can you make a season 2 please please please i'm begging you

constantinos on July 22, 2017:

Fruits basket is the best by far, perhaps one of the greatest anime out there.

Mary on July 19, 2017:

I love these shows

Kush on July 09, 2016:

We'll have you ever tried the familiar of zero. The second season is very good.

anreinyan on February 13, 2016:

I've watched every single one of these T-T I need more romance anime

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