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7 Anime Like "Shingeki no Kyojin" ("Attack on Titan")

Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin

Anime Like Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Nothing could be more thrilling than watching human-eating titans scramble across your screen. Then there are also the last hopes of humanity desperately fighting to survive. What is that you're saying? You want more of the epic action and story supplied by Attack on Titan?

Well, hold on tight to your maneuver gears as I take you from roof to roof with this selection of more anime like Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), which transported you through the thrills and excitement of Japanese animation.

  1. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)
  2. Sword Art Online
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  5. Deadman Wonderland
  6. Fate/Zero
  7. Elfen Lied

Plot Summary of Shingeki no Kyojin

On that fateful day, humanity received a grim reminder. Humans were forced to live in fear of the titans and to seclude themselves in gigantic cages called walls. Now, as the titans roam outside and devour any human they encounter, the others cower inside their safe haven. Or is it not safe at all? When a colossal titan tries to destroy the walls, it is time for humanity to strike back at the titans. The seemingly hopeless struggle begins!

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

1. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

In terms of seat-jumping action and mind-bending plot twists, Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) is one of the most successful anime in the genre. Its story is about a wicked survival game where 12 players are given unique powers to see the future—all in their future diaries. But, the catch is they have to kill each other in order to win and finally become the new god of space and time.

It's much more complicated than it sounds, and the only way to catch the drift of its crazy thriller theme is to watch it and let the awesomeness unfold before your very eyes.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

2. Sword Art Online

It's fantasy, yet it sports all the gravitas of reality. That's how Sword Art Online excellently combines plot and action.

Sword Art Online (SAO) is the nerve-twitching tale of a virtual reality online game gone into mayhem. Ten thousand online players all play it on the anticipated release date and before they know it, they can't find the logout button and are trapped inside the game. The only way to log out is to complete the deadly game up to its hundredth level. The catch: a game-over in the game means death in the real world.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

We now go to another world where science and mystery combine in a world of alchemists where a malicious force sits in the shadows of society.

The foundations of equivalent exchange crumble when the Elric brothers break the ultimate taboo of alchemy to bring their mother back from the dead. Edward Elric loses some of his limbs while Alphonse Elric loses his whole body. Now, they must go on a journey to find the renowned philosopher’s stone to turn things back to normal. Unbeknownst to them, the philosopher’s stone has its own dark secrets.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Speaking of humans hiding from something mysterious and dangerous, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann starts exactly in that post-apocalyptic setting. But when two courageous diggers set out to discover the outside and break themselves free, everyone in the world will witness the gigantic change.

With a drill to pierce the heavens, Simon the Digger and his allies embark on a journey that shall showcase the most epic adventure yet.

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

5. Deadman Wonderland

This show has the same degree of action and realism of Attack on Titan. Ready? Let us all take a heart-stopping train to the Deadman Wonderland.

Deadman Wonderland may look like a normal theme park with a prison as a base, but, behind its seemingly innocent and fun front is a terrible secret. There’s actually an anomaly going on inside concerning blood-manipulating humans called Deadmen. This definitely isn’t good news for Igarashi Ganta, a schoolboy who gets sent to Deadman Wonderland Prison after being falsely convicted of mass-killing his whole class. Something smells really fishy (and bloody!) here, and the secrets of the Deadman and the Red Man are about to be revealed.



6. Fate/Zero

More action, you say? Then Fate/Zero may be perfect for you. After all, this anime shows us a war for the Holy Grail: a war packed with action from several magi and several heroic spirits.

Will the war ever end? Will the conflict bring forth new twists? Let us all follow Kiritsugu Emiya (the magus killer), Saber, Kirei Kotomine, and the others as they fight for the holy grail and walk the path of battle. Will they all find a way through their present trials and tribulations?

Watch as the story unfolds. There is more to this anime than just meets the eye.

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

7. Elfen Lied

It's all madness and mayhem in this anime, too. In this case, it's about yet another threat to the human race: the Diclonius! Another battle involving humans and a mysterious danger is about to begin.

The dark story starts off in an experimental holding facility for special humans called Diclonius. These Diclonius have invisible hands that vibrate at the atomic level and can manipulate things and slice them up even from afar. But, when one escapes from the facility, the world shall face the wrath of Lucy, a Diclonius bent toward the extinction of humanity.

Will Lucy's plan be realized? What in the world are Diclonius? What's the story behind their mysterious power? Who is the real enemy? You shall see the vector and the rage soon enough!


Arshi Wazir on June 09, 2020:

I love Attack on Titan.

And I think you shoukd Claymore as well. They asre quite similar

SMath__ on February 28, 2018:

Just a heads up, Sword Art Online,Highschool DxD and Attack on the Titans are going to debute new seasons this spring. Stay Tuned

DatRowlet21 on January 31, 2018:

Thanks I’ll watch swords of art till attack on titans season 3

Hermit on January 26, 2018:

Kabaneri of the iron fortress was great and I would love another season but One piece is What got me into anime Attack on titans would be better for me if Eren and Mikasa Got Together and told that they Love each other

Lollie on August 06, 2017:

Well honestly i love Attack on Titan its my 1st fave anime but they should extend their number of season 2 episodes seriously but kabaneri is awsome too they should've put more seasons!!

Pinky on June 20, 2017:

Honestly, Guilty Crown and Blood Plus are much closer to SNK than any of the above anime. As far as style and even music

you know.... on June 16, 2017:

You should include the "Kabaneri of the iron fortress" it has zombielike monsters which mass produce by biting the victim. Plus the main character character is REALLY similar to Erren Yaeger. basically, If you like Shingeki no kyogin you will love "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress"

ggg on June 14, 2017:

I don't like attack on titan, because it contains a lot of anti male scenes like eren gets beaten at the beginning for no reason but none of the female colleagues get beaten like that, and annie once said to treat her as a woman implying the double standards of the feminism, a lot of men die during the battle, men are often portrayed as bad ones, female pedophilies like the relationship between ymir and historia (imagine if it's male older guy? and a female little girl? then everyone would boycott the show), a lot of skinny looking strong women without any training background. for example mika's strength. it came from nowhere.

Dina on May 22, 2017:

Don't forget Claymore !

I find them so similar that when I started watching AoT I thought it was a rip off of Claymore.

You get the human-eating, terrifying monsters, the soliders trying to fight them, (the twisted back story if you continue with the manga from where the anime ended...)

Cheeky Kid (author) from Milky Way on October 17, 2016:

@Yu Ryunosuke Hahahaha. Right. I'll update it soon. For a fact though, I created this years ago. Kabaneri and Terraformars anime were still non-existent then.

Yu Ryunosuke on October 17, 2016:

man i dont even see were is the same thing...maybe beacuse they are gore but they are really different of AoT maybe kaneberi terraformars etc can be somthign like AoT but non of this is near to be like it

dsadsdasdsa on September 05, 2016:

the list is not very true

similar to aot is like kabaneri of the iron fortress, tokyo ghoul, or terraformars

the list is more like

half as bloody as aot, but very very different genres

other half too shounen (dulled down action)

KYS on August 03, 2016:

Anime A LOT like attack on titan would probably be kabaneri of the "iron fortress" its just like attack on titan but with zombies instead of titans ...

Dreadnought on May 04, 2016:

Attack on Titan is pretty much fighting the impossible, I might even see to Owari no Seraph and Hundred as similar anime's to Shingeki no Kyojin than others here.(I just wanna see people given extraordinary powers fighting the extraordinary.)

Daniel on January 24, 2016:

These titles are basic and have very little if any similarities to attack on titan

Bri on November 25, 2015:

I have watched some of these anime's and I recommend try watching some of them. You won't be sorry!

Anime lover on September 25, 2015:

God eater is literally a futuristic shingeki no kyojin. N its pretty awesome.worth seeing

Daryun on August 21, 2015:

Arslan senki (The heroic legend of arslan) is pretty epic too. Resonating with senses of urgency and peril, it is a must-watch....the action is great too!

Alucard on August 13, 2015:

If you haven't checked it out, I really recommend watching 'Hellsing.'

Accidentally missed the first season and watched Hellsing: Ultimate first, but my word is it incredible!

Aru Akise on June 27, 2015:

I would of had Tokyo Ghoul on there

Chachatty on June 22, 2015:

I started my anime journey with Attack on Titan. I have been jaded ever since and I can't find anything to amuse me. To me Sidonia no Kishi is the closest thing to Shingeki no Kyojin. Pretty desent.

Megan on June 09, 2015:

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is where it's at. The plot and character development is absolutely superb, and it's just fantastic all around. Watch fullmetal alchemist

Chaotic guy on May 15, 2015:

Black bullet is also good too!

Cheeky Kid (author) from Milky Way on February 07, 2015:

@KevinH Mirai Nikki does have some action. They're after all fighting for survival. And the mix of genres is really evident in both. :D

KevinH on February 02, 2015:

Future Diary is nothing like Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan is an anime filled with action and epic fight scenes, Future Diary is a part horror, part romance anime with little bits of action sprinkled here and there. And Attack on Titan doesn't have a sniveling coward with no redeeming features for a protagonist.

Thomas Jarrett from Bolton on January 15, 2015:

why have I seen all of them already? :'(

Cheeky Kid (author) from Milky Way on October 08, 2014:

@Eren Jaeger haha. they're the titles similar to your show. take a break from slaying titans and enjoy! xD

angelwolfchild on June 26, 2014:

As I said on you're anime like SAO list, I didn't get the hype with Attack on Titan no matter how good it is so I'm not desperate to recreate the experience. But the other anime on the list are still awesome and worth checking out. I was pleasantly surprised by Deadman Wonderland, as it didn't appeal to me much at first but I really enjoyed watching it. Mirai Nikki and SAO are both awesome too. Elfen Lied... my feelings are still mixed on that one. Really don't know if I like it or not. Great job again mate.

Eren Jaeger on April 30, 2014:

The titles here looks interesting. Might as well try. Thanks.