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5 Anime Like "Shaman King"

Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.


What spirit brought you here? Oh, it's Shaman King! Since you really like Shaman King, here are five anime recommendations you should consider looking into.

These shows were picked based on how similar or reminiscent they are of Shaman King. I hope they live up to your expectations.

So, what are you waiting for? Attune yourself with the spirits as you binge on these anime shows like Shaman King. Now, say it with me: "Oversoul!"

Anime Similar to 'Shaman King'

  1. Black Clover
  2. Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)
  3. Fate/Zero
  4. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  5. World Trigger

1. 'Black Clover'

Instead of spirits, how about we try grimoires? Grimoires are tomes that allow their users to command all sorts of magic and spells. Are you interested? Then let's begin exploring the world of Black Clover!

In Black Clover, we follow Asta and Yuno—two orphans who dream of becoming the Magic Emperor. Yuno is a genius when it comes to magic. On the other hand, Asta has no magic at all! Nonetheless, the two are sworn rivals; both determined to grow stronger, achieve their shared dream, and change the world for the better.

Black Clover is one the better shounen anime of its generation. It starts out a bit underwhelming (annoying even), but it gets better the deeper you dive into it. If you're looking for the usual shounen anime tropes and cliches but with modernized and streamlined animation and details, then I recommend Black Clover to you with much candor and enthusiasm.


2. 'Boku no Hero Academia' ('My Hero Academia')

Now that you've got a good grip of being a shaman, why not consider being a hero next? For starters, you could try enrolling in U.A.—the best school for fledgling heroes in Boku no Hero Academia.

When almost everyone possesses quirks (otherwise known as super powers) in the world, disarray is bound to ensue. Humans tend to abuse power so it's a good thing that heroes exist to keep things in check.

Amongst all the heroes, a certain individual stands proud atop. He is All Might—the number 1 hero and humanity's symbol of hope. Not everything lasts forever though, as young Midoriya Izuku (a quirkless boy who's a hero wannabe) discovers first. Soon, humanity shall face an unprecedented threat that can only be challenged by the successor of All Might and the rest of the budding heroes.

Make no mistake; Boku no Hero Academia is one of the best shounen anime of its time! If I must say so, this show is evidently a paragon and a standard-bearer of the genre. It's surprising how it adds a lot of fresh ideas to the table when it comes to carrying itself as a mainstream shounen anime. Well, as they say: "Out with the old, in with the new!"

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3. 'Fate/Zero'

One cannot simply talk about spirit familiars and companions in anime without a mention of the Servants in Fate/Zero. Actually, I'm referring to the whole "Fate" franchise's Master and Servant system; it just so happens that Fate/Zero is my favorite!

Let us welcome the Masters and Servants of Fate/Zero for they are the main participants of the Fourth Holy Grail War! If you're confused about what I'm talking about, Masters are basically "chosen" humans while Servants are ancient spirits with special powers and traits. Sounds like Shaman King, huh?

There's a whole world of difference between Fate/Zero and Shaman King, still and all, because the former is more serious, more grisly, and more epic, while the latter is a mainstream shounen anime.

Fate/Zero is a highly acclaimed anime; this I can guarantee you. Its production levels are top-notch and its overall quality is superb! This is one of the most epic anime shows you could ever lay your eyes on; just trust me.


4. 'Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure'

I'm sure you didn't expect to see Jojo's Bizarre Adventure here, but hear me out.

It might not be obvious at first, but if you look closely, the Shaman and Spirit mechanics of Shaman King is very similar to the Stand and Stand User mechanics of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. You don't believe me? Then you probably haven't watched this show yet.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is all about epicness and style! But then, you'll have to wait until you reach its Season 2 (Stardust Crusaders) before you get introduced to the Stand and Stand User mechanics. Season 1 (especially the second half) is quite thrilling and monumental if I say so myself, so there's really no need for you to worry about being disappointed.

There's an awkward getting-used-to phase for first-time watchers of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but it wears out eventually and is replaced by pure awe and gratification. When all is said done, it is the "bizarre" style that earned this show its much-deserved notoriety and fame. This show is so popular it spawned and continues to spawn a lot of trendy memes. I'd actually be surprised if you haven't heard about it before.


5. 'World Trigger'

I'd like to take this chance to introduce World Trigger—a shounen anime so underrated that it most likely flew off your radar!

World Trigger's plot is simple: invaders from another world called "Neighbors" are wreaking havoc in Mikado City and only the Border Defense Agency has the means to combat them. Traditional weaponry doesn't work against Neighbors, so recruits are trained in the use of mysterious weapons called "Triggers" to handle the threat.

Since Neighbors come and go, attacking and retreating until they achieve their nefarious goal, the Border Defense Agency is tasked with training recruits, augmenting defense, and investigating about Neighbors—all to secure a future for everyone in Mikado City.

When I mentioned that World Trigger is highly underrated, I really meant that. This show is actually well-thought-out and toppingly ingenious for a shounen anime. As I witnessed the training bouts, the competitions, and the combat phases, I was convinced that this show was something else! Give it a chance and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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