10 Anime Like Elfen Lied

Updated on July 31, 2019
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Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied | Source

About Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied tells the tragic and catastrophic story of Lucy, the Diclonii, and the humans. A “Diclonius” is a human that has evolved to possess horns and wield psychic vectors. From the start of their emergence, the Diclonii have been brought to secret research facilities for morbid experiments and studies. One of them, is Lucy—a woman considered to be the Queen of all Diclonius! Since birth, the nature of a Diclonius oftentimes lead to a tragic future…and Lucy was not exempt! As a matter of fact, her upbringings were also worse! And so Lucy developed insurmountable hatred and abhorrence towards humanity. That hate released to the world the moment she escaped from the facility she was in!

This anime is well-renowned for being gory and dark! Truth be told, from the first few minutes of this show, havoc is already wreaked! It’s capable of traumatizing anyone who dares lay an eye on it! That’s how violent and gory it is, and it’s not just all that! This show also has drama and tragedy elements. Not only is it capable of making you succumb to the bloodcurdling scenes, it is also proficient in making you feel wrecked—mentally and emotionally!

Given everything that’s been said, here are the anime like Elfen Lied that will clamor you to yield. Obviously, they’re all as bloody, hellish, and tragic as this one. Just take this advice: “Abandon all hope, all ye who enters!”

1. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry)

Higurashi no Naku Koro no (When They Cry)
Higurashi no Naku Koro no (When They Cry) | Source

If you think that Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is about cutesy stuff with all the cute faces, then you’re horribly wrong! Even if the characters all look chibi and cute, a bloody mess looms beneath. One mystery leads to another, and before you know it—everyone’s all bloody and dead! This is how morbid ad gruesome this anime is. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

The village of Hinamizawa is where a boy named Keiichi Maebara has moved. Keiichi sees the village as peaceful and pleasant, while he sees his friends as fun and nice. Unfortunately, everything that he has seen so far…is all but a mere façade! As the annual festival of the village looms near, everything begins to change! Rumors of murder, news of disappearances, and friends becoming distantly sane—Keiichi is about to experience a gory nightmare like no other!

2. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland | Source

Bloody Hell—this is what Deadman Wonderland literally is! From the very beginning, blood and carnage are the prominent sight. The setting itself is a huge carnival of death where people fight to the death with wretched blood-based powers while being spectated as an entertainment show. Well, now you know why it’s called the Deadman Wonderland!

Ganta Igarashi was but a normal student when the most dreadful part of his life occurred—his whole class was brutally massacred by the “red man” and he was convicted of the crime! As a result, he was exiled to Deadman Wonderland, a high-security prison with an amusement park as a façade and a cruel death pit deep beneath. Now, Ganta has to live a life he doesn’t deserve! With the red man still at large, a white-haired girl befriending him, and mysterious powers manifesting within him, Ganta must adapt quickly to his new miserable life before it ends up drowning him in despair.

3. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls
Corpse Party: Tortured Souls | Source

Looking for a horror anime that beats most, if not all? Don’t avert your eyes now because that horror anime is Corpse Party: Tortured Souls! Ghosts, guts, blood, curses, violence, gore—every horror element must be here! And it’s all packed into one anime that really shows the true meaning of horror!

Bidding their classmate farewell, a group of students commits the greatest blunder of their lives! While unaware that the famous “Sachiko Ever After” friendship charm is actually a grim curse, the students are transported to a hellish school known only as Heavenly Host Elementary School. In that school, fear and terror are the mainstays and escape is virtually impossible! Now that the hapless students are within the clutches of the horrible school, trying to escape is the only means of surviving, lest they become blackened and forced to wander the school forever as malicious spirits!

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul | Source

What could be more frightful than bloodthirsty creatures roaming during the night? If these kinds of terror really do exist in real life, then nights be damned! I mean, if grotesque creatures suddenly show up in the night to devour anyone in sight, that would be really terrible! And this folks, is the very problematic situation in Tokyo Ghoul!

The moment Kaneki Ken found and approached a girl who is as like-minded as him, he doomed himself for life! It turns out, the girl he stumbled upon is a ghoul—a monstrosity that craves and feeds on nothing but human flesh! With a sudden twist of fate, Kaneki survives the encounter but, with grave injuries and time as the enemy, the girl’s organs were transplanted into him. And then it happened! A few days later, Kaneki no longer can eat regular food. He starts to crave for something else—flesh! Kaneki has turned into a ghoul!

5. Monster

Monster | Source

Even if fictional monsters don’t really exist, monsters do roam earth in the form of—humans! In Monster, humanity is depicted as world full of monsters in the form of criminals, psychopaths, and evil people. But what is the highest height humanity can go? What is the lowest depth humans can sink? Are monsters really inside of us?

Dr. Kenzou Tenma is highly skilled brain surgeon famous in the world of medicine. As what all doctors are taught, Kenzou believes that all life is equal. That belief was put to the test when he was given the difficult choice of whether to operate a certain town’s mayor or a certain little child. Of course, the one he doesn’t operate on shall face certain death. In the end, he chose to save the child’s life. Years later, wind of forbidding news of murder and crime pointing to the child he saved blew upon him. Is it really the child he saved back then? Was his decision a grave mistake after all? Kenzou shall discover the answers he seeks as he draws closer and closer in unraveling the identity and secrets of the child he saved in the past.

6. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte -the maxim-)

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte -the maxim-)
Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte -the maxim-) | Source

Fear is but the tip of the parasyte invasion! If the invasion becomes rampant, then the ultimate result would be death! Humanity will cease to exist! That’s how grave the case is in Kiseiju: Sei no Kakuritsu! Not only would parasytes terrorize the world through brutal carnage and cannibalization of humans, they would be the very cause of widespread extinction.

Shinichi Izumi was enjoying normal life when the unexpected happened! During his sleep, a creature known as a parasyte tried to take-over his brain and begin devouring humans. Luckily for him, the parasyte dug only as far as his right arm, which then resulted to inconceivable effects. Shinichi doesn’t have to succumb to the parasyte! Their only choice is to coexist! Now named Migi, the parasyte has to live with Shinichi as his right arm as they learn the truth about the parasytes and humanity as a whole whilst struggling to survive.

7. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)
Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) | Source

Psychologically-stirring and gruesomely delightful, Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) gives you the chance to experience psychedelic thrills and emotional outbursts with one twisted package! Well, that just means it’s insanely good and is an absolute must-watch! With twists and feels coming side-by-side, Mirai Nikki is ultimate suspense-train to ride whilst witnessing bloodcurdling action all throughout!

A deadly survival game has just started with the title of “God of Space and Time” at stake! Twelve participants chosen and only one to survive and reign supreme! With the power to predict the future, through the help of Future Diaries, who will outwit the others and claim victory? Yukiteru Amano is an aloof teenage boy who’s one of the participants and who unwittingly managed to overturn a death flag and eliminated a formidable. It’s a miracle! Will he be the one to win this deadly survival game? Well, he shall soon find out that this game isn’t exactly as straightforward as it is! It’s a game that might just transcend time and space!

8. Shinsekai Yori (From the New World)

Shinsekai Yori (From the New World)
Shinsekai Yori (From the New World) | Source

So tragic, so disastrous. Imagine a world where humans have awakened their psychic powers. In one or another, chaos will spread. Some will abuse their powers. Some will go out of control. Many…will die! What awaits us in a world such as this? All these, are what’s happening in Shinsekai Yori (From the New World).

Far-off into the future, humans are now living in small villages under a strict and controlled society. Why is this so? Well, most humans now have psychic powers and the only way to prevent inevitable catastrophes from occurring is to tightly implement a civilization where rules and regulations border the irrational. Five kids who are just starting to awaken their powers begins to question everything after witnessing an abnormal object. Tainted cats, abrupt disappearance of children, and the grisly past—the curiosity of the five kids shall unveil the true nature of the society they’re currently living in.

9. Blood-C

Blood-C | Source

As the title itself connotes, Blood-C is nothing but bloodshed! For every episode you go through, that bright red body fluid spurts as if there’s no tomorrow! Also, Blood-C contains some of most morbid scenes you’ll ever see in anime. So morbid that you might just regret watching it or even lead to you questioning your sanity!

In a certain eerie town, a monster slayer by the name of Saya Kisaragi exists! By day, she’s an ordinary school girl. But by night, she with her family’s treasured sword vanquishing evil monstrosities that threatens her village’s peace. Slaying monsters is a norm for Saya as far as she can remember. But, the truth is more than meets the eye. Day-by-day and night-by-night, Saya seems to be getting closer and closer to the truth about the village and her real identity.

10. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate
Hellsing Ultimate | Source

As one of the bloodiest and most brutal anime there is, it figures that Hellsing Ultimate would be here! In this anime, ­­killing is treated the same as breathing. As a result, death and blood dominates everything! Dehumanizing and brutal, I know…but these are the charms of this show! All you need to do now is draw some insane amount courage to watch this show.

Hellsing is an organization built to eliminate the threats of vampires and all the evil creatures of the night. One such exterminator for Hellsing is a vampire named Alucard. Most of Hellsing is mere dust compared to Alucard’s might. As such, he’s an invaluable soldier to the organization. Be it, the same kind as him or any other evil, he obliterates anyone that crosses his path! And ironic as it may sound, mankind’s survival now lies in the hands of this vicious vampire!

Which anime are you going to watch next?

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