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9 Reasons Why Levi Ackerman Is So Popular

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Why Fans Love Levi Ackerman

Captain Levi has proven time and again that he is indeed humanity’s greatest soldier. His popularity has skyrocketed since the beginning of Attack on Titan. There are so many things that make him an admired and ideal character in the show.


1. He Gives Brutal but True Advice

For this, we can pick out the scene where Levi, Eren, and the survey corps are being chased by the female titan. Despite the titan closing in fast and viciously killing their reinforcements, Levi asks his soldiers not to attack but to keep on riding ahead. His squad believes in his judgment but Eren wants to turn back and fight the titan.

What Captain Levi says next hits hard. He tells Eren that he can either choose to believe in the people, him included, who are willing to sacrifice their lives for him or rather believe in himself. Now at that moment, the decision could have been easier for Eren but he then goes ahead to tell him that the outcome is always a mystery and that even he himself doesn’t always know which choice is right.

He further tells him that trying to make a decision he wouldn't regret was the best option. Eren chooses to believe in Levi’s squad as they had believed in him and they end up capturing the female titan. In this case, the plan worked, but when Annie escaped and re-transformed, the decision to believe in Levi’s squad backfired as they were slaughtered one by one before Eren could reach them.


2. He Is Tremendously Fast and Sharp

Levi’s badass demeanor is clearly displayed through his calmness, menacing eyes, and great haircut. Looks aside, Levi is exceptionally talented in combat. His skills in battle are god-like. He took down the female titan with such speed and accuracy that no other scout could have done it. He was the reason they were able to rescue Eren. This is just the tip of the iceberg compared to everything else he has done.

If you can remember, when Kenny and his team staged a surprise attack on him, he managed to kill 12 of their soldiers and walked out alive despite being caught off-guard. Mind you, they all had guns. Levi was also the first one to react when Reiner emerged from the wall after killing a scout and he nearly took out Reiner with a blade straight to the neck.

Lastly, we are all aware of what he did to the beast titan. He had his blade to his mouth in a little under one minute from slicing his hand off his body.


3. He Believes in His Ability

Levi told Erwin that he would kill the beast titan. We know he didn’t but he got so close and would have finished the job had he not hesitated. The beast titan had been causing havoc and proved to be a brilliant tactician. However, he did not see Levi coming. He failed to take heed to the warning from Reiner and paid the price. To charge across a line of titans with an aim of killing the beast required someone with a lot of self-confidence. Who else has this trait besides Captain Levi?

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4. He Loves His Fellow Soldiers

Levi might not seem like your typical sympathetic being, but he is. Before being summoned to Trost, Levi had saved a soldier from being gobbled down by a Titan and went on to console him in his dying moments. Also, when they captured the female titan, Levi told Commander Erwin that the victory was dedicated to the soldiers who had bought them time while they were being chased down.

Another little but noticeable instance was him saving Mikasa after her foolish attempt to go for the female titan’s nape, injuring himself in the process. We also see how angry Levi is whenever a soldier is killed, like when Reiner killed the soldier who found him inside the wall.


5. He's Smart

Levi is very smart. His first fight with Kenny and his team proved this. First of all, when Kenny showed up, he used his cape to conceal himself before that sensational slide down the roof. We can also see that he stayed low on the ground and near the walls using anything he could find to cover himself and obscure his attackers’ vision thus hindering them from getting a clear shot. While inside the bar, he used a bottle to get a clear view of Kenny and made a successful escape using one of their men as a shield.


6. He's Confident Enough to Question Authority

In Eren’s trial, the commander of the military police brigade, along with the priest, wanted Eren dead. They would have succeeded had Levi not intervened. He beat him up so much that the military police had to ask him to stop. Levi wanted to show that he could control Eren and that he should be given the task of taking care of him. He mocked a number of high officials in the trial by what he did and said no one but the survey corps got to keep Eren. He saved his life.


7. He's Not Afraid to Get His Hands Dirty for the Greater Good

Levi had no problem torturing the military police to get information about the whereabouts of Eren and Historia.

Also, in their battle against the beast titan, when Commander Erwin was expressing a slight doubt over his plan to send junior soldiers to their deaths so as to win the battle, Levi made the decision easier for him. He told him to give up on his dreams and carry out the plan.

He promised him that he would get to the beast titan and kill it. This felt like a load lifted from Erwin’s shoulders as he is always forced to make difficult choices and deadly gambles.


8. He's Revered and Respected by the People and Scouts Alike

Attack on Titan has repeatedly shown us just how much Levi is respected. In the first season, when the survey corps were marching to the gate to survey the outside lands, we heard a member from the crowd point out that, from what he’s heard, Captain Levi was as strong as an entire brigade. Such praise can only get to the crowd through the scouts who have fought alongside him.


9. He's Hardened by Life

Levi’s mother was a prostitute who passed away when Levi was quite young. He was left starving and might have died as well had it not been for Kenny. Kenny is the last person you would entrust your child to, but he was the only one around. He did the best he could to raise Levi. He taught him how to hold a knife, fight, and basically survive in their cold world. After that, he left. Levi had to fend for himself at a small age and deeply understands what that life is like.

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