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8 Magical Characters and Places in "Dragon Ball" That Left Us Wanting More

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Places and People in Dragon Ball to Revisit

If you’ve been watching Akira Toriyama’s creation Dragon Ball since Goku was just a dopey, monkey-tailed boy foraging for meat and berries in the woods, then you might have forgotten about some of the less important characters and side stories. There’s a lot to keep track of and the series could have and was going to end at several different points. That would explain the numerous plot holes and inconsistencies as it pertains to character motives, personalities, and power levels.

The beauty in these flaws is that they make you wonder, and if you’re anything like me, you end up staying up late and having dreams of riding the Flying Nimbus. I have compiled a list of my favorite cliffhangers and disappearing characters starting from the beginning. These people and places would make great destinations for some filler episodes, or even to launch a new series following Goten and Trunks.


8. Launch

I wanted to get this one out there right out the gate. Launch was one of my favorite characters growing up. For those of you unfamiliar with the character, she had a split personality. It was almost as if she was two entirely separate women occupying the same body. Whenever she sneezed, the change would happen. It was very noticeable as you can tell from her hair. Blue-haired Launch was sweet, innocent, helpful, and somewhat naive. She spoke calmly and always wanted to help. She was giving and kind and a joy to be around.


Blonde-haired Launch was quite the opposite. She was a fierce criminal that carried machine guns and was quick to pull the trigger. She was brash and moody and had more of a rasp to her voice.


Launch in her blue-haired state was saved from a crime she probably committed in her blonde-hair state by Goku and Krillin. The two had been given the task of bringing Master Roshi a nice young girl, because of course. So they brought home one of the most entertaining characters the series has ever seen. She would eventually sneeze and take off, rarely to be seen again.


7. Jackie Chun

So Jackie Chun has one of the more cool names in the show’s history and was one of the overall coolest characters. He was really just Master Roshi in a wig. Roshi knew how strong his students were and he knew it would be difficult to keep them disciplined if they breezed through the World Martial Arts Tournament. In order to ensure their defeat, he super glued a wig to his head and entered the tournament under the alias Jackie Chun.

Seeing Master Roshi put a wig on and go all out against a young Goku and Krillin as well as others was truly amazing. We always heard he was a great fighter but being able to see it was truly awesome, especially because he won!


Goku had yet to find out about his Saiyan heritage, and Goten and Trunks can already go Super Saiyan. Jackie Chun probably couldn’t function or fight in the same capacity. Maybe if a tag team rule was applied, or just to pay some homage to past champions, it would make my day to see Roshi pull out that wig.

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6. Grandpa's House

When we’re first introduced to Goku, he lives in a hut in the woods. It was where his grandpa had raised him. Where he took his first steps, made his first mess, where his grandpa nursed his wounds, and where he forgot his mission to destroy the planet! Goku slept there, cooked there, and talked to his dragon ball there. Once he ran into Bulma, he never truly went back. He did drop by to pick up some stuff when he decided to be trained by Master Roshi and live at Kame House. It would be great to see a now-adult Goku visit his old stomping grounds.


5. Kame House

Okay, I know this entry may seem odd but if you’ve never watched Dragon Ball, you may not know that there used to be quite a bit of time spent all over the inside of the Kame House. During DBZ, we’d always see the Kame House from a distance or from the outside, but there wasn’t much focus on things going on inside.

When Goku, Krillin, and Launch all lived there with Master Roshi, we would often see them in the living room, the kitchen, and bathroom. If I recall correctly, there were at least two stories in that house. It’s way bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. Maybe Master Roshi could give us a tour for old time's sake?


4. Korin Tower

Home of the Senzu beans. Yajirobe’s hideout. There’s a talking cat. Now granted, we never really saw much in the tower to begin with, it just seems odd. Even when we see Korin and Yajirobe casually discussing the fate of the planet or universe, they always seem to be leaning against the rails. The Senzu beans as well as other dimensions seem to reside in a group of pots. I believe there is more to this tower than meets the eye and I’d love for it to have its own filler episode.

We’re also going to totally ignore the fact that Goku put his power pole at the top to reach Kami’s Lookout and be taught by Mr. Popo. We’ve seen enough of the lookout. This would be a good time to mention that Korin essentially invented the nimbus and let Goku pick out a new one when his was destroyed in battle. Some of the most iconic symbols of the Dragon Ball franchise originated or hold some significance to Korin's Tower. What other secrets does the grinning cat hide in the sky?


3. Namek

Planet Namek is arguably the most important planet in the series, even more important than Earth! It’s the home of the original King Piccolo and the first time we got a taste of the Super Saiyan form. Gohan and Krillin had their potential unlocked, Bulma became a frog, Piccolo absorbed someone for the first time, and Vegeta died after seemingly turning over a new leaf. Although the original Namek was destroyed, the Namekians were eventually relocated to a very similar planet and they seem happy about it.


A Namekian has to watch over Earth and that Namekian has the ability to create dragon balls. That being said, none of this would be possible without Namek. You would think our heroes would visit more often out of gratitude. Now knowing more about the origins of dragon balls in general, maybe Bulma should go and visit and learn from the elders.


2. Zen-Oh's Palace

This one goes without saying. So many questions. What’s with the jellyfish? Why do the guards look like that? What do the Grand Priest’s quarters look like? Do either of the Zen-Ohs sleep? Do they have beds? Why are they so bored? What do they do besides sit there? It would be great to get a backstory on the ruler(s) of all things.


How does one become an Omni King? Was Zen-Oh born into royalty or just decide to take charge and lead lesser life forms? How old is he and why is he so okay with being best buds with an alternate version of himself? Who appointed the Angels? We have so many questions and very few answers.


1. Jiren's Home Planet

How could this not make the list? We’ve only seen glimpses of a dark reality and a scared child losing everything. Why was Jiren’s world a target? Why did evil lurk and prevail so often? Was there a curse? Is it even real? Is it gone for good?


Jiren has power that far surpasses the Gods. How could he develop such immense strength all on his own? They often say you have to know where you’re from to know where you’re going. Wouldn’t it be great to see Jiren’s origin story and visit his home planet? So many questions would be answered.


These are just a few of my favorite people and places to think about. There are honorable mentions such as Frieza’s home planet, the whereabouts of Eighter and Suno, and Pikkon. Over the years there have been so many foes, so many allies, and so much growth. I hope some of these characters can be revisited in the future. Until then, there’s always hope.

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Jell on November 15, 2019:

Goku definitely built his house where his grandfather raised him so he really never left his grandfather's hut

Raziel Reaper from Hyrule on May 20, 2018:

Oh, Launch... I wish Toriyama wouldn't have forgotten about you...

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