7 Anime Like Detective Conan (Case Closed)

Updated on September 28, 2017
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Detective Conan (Case Closed)
Detective Conan (Case Closed) | Source

Trickery, logic, and mind games are staples of mystery anime. Detective Conan is one of the most beloved of the genre.

Detective Conan is the main character of this anime series. In the show, Shinichi Kudo (Conan's real identity) was made to drink a medicine that turned him into a child. With the mind of a man in the body of a child, he ventures out case-by-case to track down the people responsible for his transformation. With wits, brains, and an overwhelming passion for mystery, Conan traverses the world solving darnd-est of cases.

If you like this anime series, then you probably want more of the mystery genre. I've compiled some great mystery anime series for you to enjoy. Play the detective and have your mind blown!

Anime Similar to Detective Conan
1. Black Jack
2. Death Note
3. Detective School Q
4. Hyouka
5. Lupin III
6. Magic Kaito
7. Mythical Detective Loki

1. Black Jack

Black Jack
Black Jack | Source

For medical mysteries Dr. Black Jack will be the doctor to call. Dr. Black Jack is known as an extraordinary surgeon, even though he isn't even officially licensed as a doctor. He can cure any disease and illness, but he also charges out-of-this-world fees.

Though this one is only indirectly a mystery anime, unknown diseases and illnesses are a mystery on their own. Plus, it's really a magnificent sight when Dr. Black Jack cures someone with his miraculous techniques. It's also amusing that he has to utilize close observation to actually find the root of a disease. Dr. Black Jack might actually be a genius detective...of medicine. Overall, it's an anime to look out for if mystery is in your queue. Watch and be astounded!

2. Death Note

Death Note
Death Note | Source

What would you do if a notebook that can kill anyone with just a flick of the pen fell into your hand? Would you get freaked out and throw it away? Or, Would you use it according to your liking?

Light Yagami decided to use it. When he got the all-powerful death note on his hands. He uses it to try to change the world by exercising his own brand of justice to pass judgement on countless criminals and scums under the alias of "Kira." No one can say for sure if what he does is right or wrong, until he is challenged by genius who goes by "L." Who will emerge victorious? Who will be the ultimate arbiter of justice? The answer lies within Death Note.

Famed as one of the greatest mystery animes, Death Note is unique and disarming. Just watching this show keeps you in real suspense at every turn.

3. Detective School Q

Detective School Q
Detective School Q | Source

Who would have thought there are schools for detective wannabes? From following crooks, to busting illegal operations and solving impossible crimes, being a detective seems like fun and games. However, the fun and games can turn into a deadly crime scene at any moment, so watch out!

Detective School Q follows the story of Kyuu, a boy with a keen sense for mystery and logic, as he enters the super-rare Dan Detective School where his passion for mystery is harnessed. Along with a few friends with rather peculiar detective-fitting abilities such as photographic memory, martial arts, and programming, Kyuu sets out to solve never-before-seen cases to satiate his curiosity and crack the deepest crevices of truth.

4. Hyouka

Hyouka | Source

An ordinary place in an ordinary time and with ordinary people—isn't that always the case? Be sure to bear with the ordinary in this anime and when the mysteries reveal themselves, you'll soon find out how mystifying and thrilling the ordinary can be.

Hyouka is the story of unmotivated and lazy Houtaro Oreki and how his daily life gets disturbed after he joins of the literature (kotenbu) club and meets a hyper-curious girl named Chitanda Eru. With this rather unusual fated bonding, Oreki is forced to leave his comfort zone and use his detective skills to solve mysteries within the school and the club.

This mystery anime is surprisingly really good despite its seemingly boring premise.

5. Lupin III

Lupin III
Lupin III | Source

Look who's here! It's the fun-loving monkey-like thief with a heart of gold...Lupin! Seeing the world of thieving as an exciting challenge rather than a frowned upon profession, Lupin is captivating and fanciful while not really hurting anyone. He leads a band of misfits that includes a serious blademaster, a talented gunman, and a voluptuous terrorist, all ready to cause a lot of mayhem and trouble.

This anime is a classic. You'll definitely enjoy its wackiness and charms. You might not notice it at first, but soon you'll realize that Lupin has stolen some of your time away from you. All in the name of fun though so...no regrets.

6. Magic Kaito

Magic Kaito
Magic Kaito | Source

Looking for something magical? Do you enjoy getting fooled with tricks that make you smile in awe? This sneaky thief is a master of magical tricks and pranks. See, he's already stolen your time and attention! Presenting Kaito Kid!

When Kuroba Kaito accidentally finds the secret hideout of his dad, a phantom thief, he decides to don his cape and identity as "Kaito Kid" to find out the truth about his father's death. Armed with magic tricks and quick wits, Magic Kaito flies through tons of jewel heists to find clues about a shady organization that not only causes mayhem but is also diabolically plotting to take over the world.

Magic tricks, flashy snatching skills, and loads of mystery...what more can you ask for? The phantom gives all the enjoyment that one needs in watching this phantom mystery series. As Kaito Kid always says, "Humans like being tricked, that is why magic tricks make them happy."

7. Mythical Detective Loki

Mythical Detective Loki
Mythical Detective Loki | Source

If you want some kind of supernatural and mythical mystery series, then Mythical Detective Loki, or Matantei Loki Ragnarok, will suit your tastes fine. Even though it is not the expected mind-blowing detective series, unnatural happenings and other-worldly cases are different kinds of mysterious scenarios.

The story of this anime follows Loki, a god of Asgard, who was turned into little child and banished into the world of humans for causing mischief. On Earth, Loki sets up a detective agency to solve cases involving the supernatural so that he can collect evidences to clear his name in order to go back home to Asgard. One day, Mayura, a simple teenage girl, stumbles upon the detective agency. Now, Loki has to deal with new cases and battles with other gods, escaping death threats and supernatural phenomenons, all with Mayura tagging alongside him.

Which one are you going to watch next?

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      detective conan best mystery

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      Mark Sammut 2 years ago from Malta

      I agree with all of these, except Death Note. The tone of the two shows is completely different. Both good, but completely different beasts.

      Overall, good job!

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