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3 Things the Sailor Moon Super S and Eternal Movies Have in Common

A fan of the series since 1995, Koriander runs the popular Moon Sisters fan site and studies the Sailor Moon franchise closely.

Although the "Sailor Moon Super S" and "Eternal" movies are unique in their own way, there are some things that these have in common. Read on to learn more about what they share in common.

Although the "Sailor Moon Super S" and "Eternal" movies are unique in their own way, there are some things that these have in common. Read on to learn more about what they share in common.

A Shared Dream

The Sailor Moon Super S movie and the Sailor Moon Eternal movies may seem like they belong to two entirely different worlds—and in the case of the anime series they follow, that feeling is completely accurate—but they actually have a few things in common that make them worth rewatching.

And it isn't just the fact that Kotono Mitsuishi portrays Usagi Tsukino in all three subtitled versions of the films.

The first thing this trio of films has in common is that they all exist to adapt different aspects of the Dream Arc of the Sailor Moon manga.

Released in Japan on December 23, 1995, Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie story-wise takes place at the very end of the Sailor Moon Super S television series, despite the fact that the TV anime didn't air it's final episode until that following March. But we know this film takes place at the end of Super S because Sailor Pluto is alive again, Pegasus and the Dead Moon Circus are a distant memory, Chibiusa has not gone back to the 30th Century yet, Hotaru has not yet returned, and Chibiusa now has access to new powers.

While some people have dismissed this film as being part of the show's main cannon, the entire 60-minute film fits snugly between episodes 166 and 167 of the original Sailor Moon anime.

It should also be mentioned that all of the film's new characters were created by Sailor Moon and Codename Sailor V creator Naoko Takeuchi, and all of them appear in the official Sailor Moon Materials Collection art book.

The Sailor Moon Eternal movies on the other hand, released in Japan on January 8, 2021 for Part 1 and on February 11, 2021 for Part 2, serve as Sailor Moon Crystal Season Four.

Both Eternal films combined follow the Dream Arc of the Sailor Moon manga so closely you can actually hold copies of the manga up to the screen and follow along with very few changes.


The Little Princess Grows Up

A second thing this trio of films has in common is the growth of Chibiusa's character, specifically when it comes to her super powers.

All three films sport the debut of Super Sailor Chibi Moon's use of her mother's Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack.

In Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie, after being revived by her mother, Chibiusa brings forth a brand new power, calls upon her very own Chibi Kaleido Moon Scope out of thin air, then joins her mother in performing the attack in outer space.

In the Sailor Moon Eternal movies, Chibiusa gains the Chibi Kaleido Moon Scope after Pegasus uses his power on a kaleidoscope her father had bought her the day before. As both movies progress, she not only uses the new attack alongside her mother, but he is even able to use this power completely alone, proving she doesn't always need help with conjuring high level attacks.

While the SuperS movie ends with her only learning her mother's attack, still fitting as she is the next "Sailor Moon" as Sailor Chibi Moon, the Eternal movies take it to another level with her earning her own Eternal transformation, a new princess form with a separate dress and dress color from her mother, her own, future astral projecting power via Helios's vision of her as Princess Lady Serenity, her very own Pink Moon Crystal, and even her own team with the Sailor Amazoness Quartet.


The Chibi Moonlight Carries The Message Of Love

All three movies have one more major plot point in common, despite taking place during different ends of the Dream Arc.

And that is the future romance prospects for Chibiusa.

While some people cringe at Chibiusa showing any romantic interest in anyone at all, you have to consider the fact that chronologically, she is over 900 years old despite her child and tween appearances, and her two male love interests are not too far off in age.

Still, when Chibiusa looks about 9-10 years of age and Peruru/Pearle and Helios look around 12-13 themselves and both tower over her, it still looks questionable.

While it's not something anyone expected to see on the big screen, it is interesting to think about what sort of future she may have many years from the story's cannon.

In Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie, we are introduced to Peruru/Pearle, an ageless fairy whose eternal job is to watch over the dreams of children. He befriends Chibiusa and hangs out with she and Diana for a day outside of a sweets shop, but soon finds himself in terrible danger.

After Chibiusa is kidnapped by Queen Badianne/Badiyannu and brought to Marzipan Castle deep in outer space, he aids the other Sailor Guardians in finding the castle and in fighting off his older brother Poupelin, whose heart has turned completely evil.

At different points, Peruru/Pearle uses his magic flute to dispel some of the evil around the team. When Super Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal reacts when she enters the void to rescue her daughter, Peruru's body resonates with the crystal's power, and as a result, he sprouts rainbow wings, like a tween's version of the rainbow butterfly wings Super Sailor Moon occasionally sprouts herself.

Peruru/Pearle's time with Chibiusa is very brief, but by the time he has to leave, he gives her his magical flute as a promise that they will see each other again.

In the Sailor Moon Eternal films, we have Helios, the kidnapped boy priest of Elysion who has been held prisoner since the days of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. Eternally young yet potentially more than one thousand years old chronologically, he spends the two films mostly fused with his pet, a winged unicorn named Pegasus and trapped within a cage by Queen Nehelenia and Zirconia.

His life force is linked with Mamoru in the same way Luna is linked with Usagi, and he was meant to help keep Elysion purified. Both he and Mamoru have power over the Golden Crystal, and Helios can use his power to awaken Usagi and Mamoru's power as Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion early.

Using astral projection while fused with Pegasus, he is able to communicate with Chibiusa and help she and her mother awaken new powers, while as just Helios, he uses his power from afar to get everyone out of harm's way and to create crystals to thwart Zirconia's magic.

Chibiusa's strong feelings for him despite their short time together ultimately rescues him from what would have been a sad fate, and like Peruru/Pearle, he makes the promise that they will find each other again.

The original Sailor Moon manga ended in 1997 with only one more story, Parallel Sailor Moon having been published in 1999 in the Sailor Moon Materials Collection art book, so we don't definitively get an explanation on which boy - if either - Chibiusa ends up with, but fans who are curious still dream up fan art and stories online, wondering whose hand she would take in marriage once she grows up.

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