11 Anime Like Inuyasha

Updated on August 6, 2016
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Peter is an avid viewer of anime. His interest in anime was sparked in 2015 when he watched the series "Death Note".

Inuyasha is probably one of the most well-known anime in North America. It was always airing on TV during the late hours of the night when I was younger and I have no doubt that many of you would stay up late to watch it. Some of you might have just finished rewatching it recently and, having finished it, you're looking for something similar to watch. If that's the case, then take a look at the eleven anime that I've listed below and see if any of them appeal to you. Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as you enjoyed Inuyasha.

1) Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi follows the journeys of two junior high school students named Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo. The story begins when the two girls discover a book at their local library called The Universe of the Four Gods. When Miaka and Yui attempt to read the book, they are magically transported into the world of the book, which is set in ancient China. In this new land, the two girls soon find themselves at odds with one another. Miaka becomes a priestess for the god Suzaku, tasked with the challenge of finding seven celestial warriors in order to summon the deity. Yui, on the other hand, takes on the role of priestess for the god Seiryuu who rules a hostile nation. As the story progresses, each girl works against the other in order to be the first to summon her own god and have her wishes granted.

Common Characteristics
Fushigi Yuugi
Travel to Another World
Kagome travels to Feudal Japan through a well beside her home.
Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo travel to ancient China through a book in a library.
Magical Girl Archetype
Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo
Use of Myth
Various Japanese myths and legends are utilized in Inuyasha. Examples of this in the story are bakeneko (demon cats like Kilala), kappa (river demons like Jaken) and kitsune (foxes or fox demons like Shippo).
Fushigi Yuugi also employs myths in its story, but mostly from Chinese, rather than Japanese, folklore. For example, the "four gods" in the book "The Universe of the Four Gods" are the same as the "four symbols" in Chinese astrology.
Inuyasha is a historical fantasy anime that involves adventuring and also includes elements of romance.
Fushigi Yuugi is also a historical fantasy with romance and adventuring.

2) Kekkaishi

Kekkaishi is a fantasy anime that takes place in the present. The name of the anime refers to a group of people who have the power to defeat demons called ayakashi. Several centuries ago, the ayakashi were drawn to a land called Karasumori by a strange power that emanated from a minor lord. At that time, a demon slayer named Tokimori Hazama was called upon to protect the lord from the ayakashi. After the lord died, his power remained in Karasumori and the ayakashi continued their attempt to overrun it. As a result, Tokimori was forced to pass on his techniques for fighting the ayakashi to his fellow clan members. Today, the battle between the kekkaishi and ayakashi continues, with Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura carrying on the role of their predecessor Tokimori.

Common Characteristics
Japanese Mythology
Inuyasha features beings called yokai (translated as "demons" in the English dub of the anime), which the main characters both fight and befriend on the show.
Kekkaishi features spirits called ayakashi, which, unlike the yokai in Inuyasha, are invisible to most humans.
Main Character's Traits
Inuyasha is a headstrong half-demon who is capable of utilizing powerful combat techniques like the Wind Scar.
Yoshimori Sumimura is a kekkaishi who often acts recklessly and, as a result, is able to create very large magical barriers called kekkai.
Relationship between the Main Characters
Inuyasha is highly protective of Kagome and cares deeply for her. Likewise, Kagome also cares for Inuyasha (even if they are often portrayed as having a love-hate relationship).
Like Inuyasha, Yoshimori both cares for, and is protective of, the main female character on the show (Tokine Yukimura).

3) The Vision of Escaflowne

The Vision of Escaflowne follows the adventures of a 15-year-old girl named Hitomi Kanzaki. On an otherwise regular day at her high school, Hitomi experiences a life-changing encounter with Van Fanel, prince of Fanelia. After slaying a dragon, Fanel and Hitomi are transported to a land called Gaea. Hitomi learns that this land is currently enveloped in a war involving the Zaibach Empire, a group determined to gain control of Gaea. As the story progresses, Hitomi, with her newfound mystical powers, Van, with his ancient mech Escaflowne, and some friends that they meet along the way all unite to battle against the Zaibach Empire and end the war in Gaea.

Common Characteristics
The Vision of Escaflowne
Travel to Another World
Kagome travels to Feudal Japan through a well.
Hitomi travels to a world called Gaea when she comes into contact with Van Fanel.
Magical Girl
Relationship between the Main Characters
The main male and female characters gradually develop a relationship as the series progresses. Elements of romance are involved in this progression. They also meet friends along their journey who help them to accomplish their main goal.
Like in Inuyasha, the male and female leads develop a much more personal relationship with one another. This relationship-building also includes romance. They meet other companions on their journey to stop the Zaibach Empire.
Main Character's Traits
Kagome is a young girl in middle school. She ends up playing an important part in the main plotline.
Hitomi is a young girl in high school. Like Kagome, she has an important role to play in the story.
Inuyasha is primarily an action-oriented fantasy anime with the inclusion of romance and comedy elements.
The Vision of Escaflowne is also a fantasy anime that has similar amounts of fighting and action to Inuyasha. Romance is also an important component in Escaflowne and there is a small amount of comedy on the show as well.

4) Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is a historical fiction anime takes place in Japan during the Meiji period (1868 - 1912). It follows Himura Kenshin, a samurai who was once a ruthless warrior named Hitokiri Battosai. In an attempt to atone for his past sins, he changed his name from Battosai to Kenshin and vowed to give up his murderous ways in order to help the weak. After saving a woman named named Kamiya Kaoru in her dojo from an imposter claiming to be Hitokiri Battosai, Kaoru invites Kenshin to stay with her. He accepts and temporarily stops his travels across Japan. However, as enemies begin to surface to oppose Kenshin, his new way of life is threatened, along with his new ideals.

Common Characteristics
Rurouni Kenshin
Main Character's Traits
Inuyasha is a powerful warrior who never quite fit in with other people because he was neither fully human nor fully demon. Inuyasha's character is designed with long hair and a red samurai robe.
Himura Kenshin likewise had trouble relating to other people due to his dark past as a merciless killer. Himura Kenshin, like Inuyasha, has long hair and a reddish (sometimes purple) samurai robe.
Relationship between the Main Characters
When Inuyasha meets Kagome, he begins to develop friendships with humans (which he did not have before). As their relationship progresses, Kagome begins to fall in love with Inuyasha.
Himura Kenshin's relationships with others changes once he meets Kamiya Kaoru. He starts to develop friendships that he did not have before. As the anime goes on, Kamiya begins to develop feelings for Himura.
Inuyasha is set during Japan's feudal period.
Rurouni Kenshin is set during the Meiji era, a transitional period between the feudal era and modern day Japan. The importance of samurai on the show makes you feel like it takes place earlier though.

5) The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms follows Youko Nakajima, a female high school student. Her story begins when a man named Keiki approaches her at school and swears his allegiance to her. Uncertain of who exactly this man is or what he wants, she hesitantly accepts his help when a giant creature attacks her school. Following this event, Youko is transported to another world along with her friends who get separated from her during the journey. Now disconnected from both Keiki and her friends, Youko is forced to learn how to survive on her own in this new environment.

Common Characteristics
The Twelve Kingdoms
Travel to Another World
Kagome travels 500 years into the past through a well at her shrine.
Youko Nakajima and her friends are magically transported to the Twelve Kingdoms.
Magical Girl
Youko Nakajima
Main Character's Traits
Kagome is a young female student.
Youko is also a young female student.

6) Zenki

Many centuries ago, a man named Ozune Enno, caretaker of the Enno Temple, fought against an evil demon named Karuma. Lacking the strength to face Karuma alone, Ozune called upon a protector demon named Zenki. Together, Ozune and Zenki were able to defeat Karuma. After the battle, Ozune sealed Zenki away within his temple until he was needed again.

Fast forward to the present day, and Ozune's descendant, Chiaki Enno, is now the Enno Temple's caretaker. One day, a couple of thieves attempt to break into the temple and steal some treasure from inside. In their attempt, they accidentally release a dark force that was residing within the temple, become possessed by it and begin terrorizing the surrounding area. Because of this, Chiaki calls upon Zenki to help her defeat the thieves-turned-monsters. Her request is successful and Zenki returns to help combat the new threat that has been unleashed upon Shikigami-cho.

Common Characteristics
Relationship between the Main Characters
A demon called Inuyasha reluctantly protects a young girl named Kagome. He is controlled by her (using the Beads of Subjugation), but, over time, he begins to protect her of his own accord.
Zenki is summoned to protect a young priestess named Chiaki and does so grudgingly. He later starts to accept her, however.
Main Characters' Traits
Kagome is a young school girl who comes from a shrinekeeper family. She also has somewhat of a temper. Inuyasha is a demon who was sealed in one place for many years before being freed by Kagome. He is stubborn, he hides his feelings from his friends, and he transforms into a different form on occasions.
Chiaki has all of the same traits that I listed about Kagome to the left, and Zenki has all of the traits that I listed about Inuyasha.
Magical Girl
Chiaki Enno

7) Ushio and Tora

Ushio and Tora follows the adventures of the two characters in the title of the anime (i.e., Ushio and Tora). Ushio is a young middle school student whose family takes care of a temple. Although Ushio's father, the temple priest, speaks often about supernatural beings called yokai, Ushio tends to ignore his ramblings. This changes when Ushio accidentally stumbles upon an actual yokai named Tora in the basement of the temple. Tora, who is impaled upon a spear when Ushio finds him, demands that Ushio free him. Initially, Ushio refuses, but when many yokai begin to ravage his hometown, he is forced to free Tora to help him fight off the invasion. This event begins Ushio's life-changing journey into the world of the supernatural.

Common Characteristics
Ushio and Tora
Relationship between the Main Characters
An ancient demon (Inuyasha) is pinned to a tree by an arrow and is freed by a human (Kagome). Once freed, Inuyasha remains at the mercy of Kagome due to the fact that she can control him using the Beads of Subjugation. At first, Inuyasha does not like Kagome, but he eventually befriends and protects her.
A demon named Tora was sealed in the basement of a shrine 500 years ago when he was impaled by a spear called the "Beast Spear". A human named Ushio frees Tora. Tora initially dislikes Ushio and wishes to eat him, but cannot because Ushio wields the Beast Spear. The two gradually become more friendly as the series progresses.
Main Characters' Traits
The two main characters in Inuyasha are a human student and a demon. The demon often puts on an act of being more evil than he actually is. The human's family lives in, and takes care of, a shrine.
The main characters in Ushio and Tora are Ushio (a human student) and Tora (a demon). Like Inuyasha, Tora is less evil than he appears to be. Like Kagome, Ushio is also part of a shrinekeeper family.
Japanese Mythology
Inuyasha involves a lot of fighting between the main characters and demons (called yokai in Japanese legends).
Ushio and Tora also features fights against yokai as a main part of the story.

8) Ranma ½

Ranma ½ tells the story of Ranma Saotome, a young martial artist. While training in the Bayankala Mountain Range of China, Ranma and his father Genma fall into the cursed springs at Jusenkyo. As a result, Ranma and his father are cursed to transform into whatever creature drowned in the springs thousands of years ago whenever they are doused with cold water. They can only return to their original forms when they come into contact with hot water. Ranma's alternate form is a girl and Genma's alternate form is a panda. When they return from the mountains, Ranma and Genma travel to the Tendo dojo to meet with the Tendo family. Genma and the Tendo family patriarch, Soun, had agreed that Ranma would marry one of Soun's daughters. They decided that Akane Tendo would be the one to marry Ranma, a decision that both Ranma and Akane opposed. The story continues from this point onward, as Ranma and Genma settle in at the Tendo dojo.

Common Characteristics
Ranma ½
Rumiko Takahashi
Rumiko Takahashi
Voice Actors
Many of the voice actors in Inuyasha (in both Japanese and English versions) are also in Ranma ½. Probably the most notable examples are Richard Ian Cox and Kappei Yamaguchi, who each play Inuyasha and Ranma in the English and Japanese versions respectively.
See left.
Inuyasha is primarily an action/adventure anime with elements of comedy and romance thrown in.
Ranma ½ is primarily a romantic comedy with elements of action thrown in.
Relationship between the Main Characters
The two main characters in Inuyasha have a love-hate relationship with each other.
Ranma and Akane, the male and female protagonists in Ranma ½, have a similar love-hate relationship to Kagome and Inuyasha.

9) Tsubasa Chronicle

Tsubasa Chronicle follows the journey of a young archaeologist named Syaoran. While excavating some ruins in the Kingdom of Clow, Syaoran comes across his childhood friend, the princess of Clow, Sakura. Sakura begins to be drawn into the ruins by a magical force, but is saved by Syaoran. Although she was saved, her memories, which took on the form of feathers, were scattered into many dimensions once Syaoran had pulled her from the ruins. This event leaves her in a near-death state. In order to save his friend, Syaoran is sent to a witch named Yuko Ichihara. She agrees to give him the power to travel across dimensions so that he can retrieve Sakura's memories. Two others, Kurogane, a ninja, and Fai D. Flowright, a magician, are sent to accompany him along with an odd creature named Mokona Modoki.

Common Characteristics
Tsubasa Chronicle
Search for Objects
The main group of characters search for the shards of the Shikon Jewel.
The main characters are looking for the feathers which represent Sakura's memories.
Travel to Another World
Kagome goes back in time to medieval Japan.
Syaoran and his companions travel to other dimensions.
Magical Girl
Inuyasha is a fantasy adventure anime with romance and comedy components.
Tsubasa Chronicle is essentially the same genre-wise as Inuyasha (mostly a fantasy/adventure with elements of comedy and romance).
Relationship between the Main Characters
Inuyasha has a main male protagonist (Inuyasha), a main female protagonist (Kagome) and three other main characters (Sango, Miroku and Shippo). One of the 5 characters (i.e., Shippo) is a small, animal-like creature.
Tsubasa Chronicle also has 5 main characters with one key male (Syaoran) and one key female (Sakura) protagonist. One of the other three companions, Mokona Modoki, is an animal creature similar to Shippo.

10) Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss follows Nanami Momozono, a high school student. She has recently been evicted from her home as a result of her father walking out on her and leaving her to deal with his unpaid gambling debt. While walking through the park, she sees a man being attacked by a dog and saves him. The man, whose name is Mikage, thanks Nanami and listens to her story. He offers to give her his home as a gift to her for helping him and Nanami accepts. When Nanami eventually reaches Mikage's home, she realizes that it is actually a shrine. More than that, she learns that Mikage was actually a god and that by giving her his home, he has also given her his godhood. Nanami must now take on her new responsibilities with the help of two shrinekeepers, Onikiri and Kotetsu, and Mikage's old familiar, Tomoe.

Common Characteristics
Kamisama Kiss
Main Characters' Traits
The main female character in Inuyasha is a middle-school student while the main male character is a demon. The female student accidentally stumbles into a fantastic world filled with creatures called yokai. In this new world, Kagome discovers powers that she never knew she had before.
Kamisama Kiss also features a female student and male demon as the main characters. Nanami, like Kagome, enters the world of the yokai. Nanami also discovers that she has special abilities after moving into her new home.
Magical Girl
Relationship between the Main Characters
The female and male main characters start off disliking each other, but gradually become fond of each other.
The demon and human in Kamisama Kiss follow a similar relationship progression to that of Kagome and Inuyasha.
Inuyasha is primarily an action-focused anime, but it contains romance and comedy portions as well.
Kamisama Kiss is primarily a romantic comedy anime, but it does have some action at times.

11) Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Rikuo Nura is part human, part yokai. He lives as a human for most of the day, but for six hours every night he transforms into a yokai. He doesn't want anything to do with the yokai element of his life and just wants to live as a normal human. However, his family are yokai and his grandfather, Nurarihyon, is adamant about Rikuo becoming the head of the Nura Clan. When various yokai enemies begin to go after his friends, Nura must accept his yokai heritage in order to protect them.

Common Characteristics
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
Main Character's Traits
Inuyasha is half-demon, half-human. On special occasions, he transforms into a human temporarily. Inuyasha's heritage causes problems for him throughout the story. Inuyasha has long white hair in his half-demon form and black hair in his human form.
Rikuo Nura is three-quarters human and one-quarter demon. He turns into a demon for six hours every night. The battle between the demon and human elements in Nura's life are a key focus in this story. Rikuo's form changes when he becomes a demon. As a human, he has brown hair and a more youthful look. In his demon form, he has long white and black hair with an older look.
Japanese Mythology
Yokai (translated as demons on the show) are central characters in Inuyasha.
Yokai are likewise important in Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.

That about does it. If any of you have any feedback on my suggestions (or want to make some of your own), feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.


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  • Peter Gracey profile imageAUTHOR

    Peter Gracey 

    3 years ago

    Yeah, the two shows definitely are really similar.

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    of all I always think Kamisama kiss has a most similarities with Inuyasha


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