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10 Shows to Watch While Waiting for 'The Clone Wars' Season 7

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Here are 10 great shows to watch while we wait for "The Clone Wars'" thrilling conclusion.

Here are 10 great shows to watch while we wait for "The Clone Wars'" thrilling conclusion.

Shows Like The Clone Wars

After years of waiting, Star Wars fans are finally getting a conclusion to the spin-off series The Clone Wars. The final season should be coming to the Disney+ network on February 21, 2020. Some juicy details about season 7 have been revealed, but many mysteries remain.

Here are 10 great shows to watch while we wait for The Clone Wars' thrilling conclusion.


Young Justice

Like The Clone Wars, Young Justice was in cancellation limbo for years before being brought back to life. The third season, entitled Young Justice: Outsiders, has begun streaming on DC Universe and is slated to run for a full 26 episodes. The first two seasons did a fantastic job of setting up a large cast of characters and the well-woven network of villains our heroes must face. The only thing missing from Young Justice is the mentor-student relationships and deep character development that make Clone Wars so good.


Batman: The Animated Series

Batman may not be the first franchise that comes to find when you think of nuanced drama, but Batman: The Animated Series manages to be a standout superhero show for all ages. It’s just as surprisingly mature as The Clone Wars, though with a less well-developed setting. Still, the villains are well-written and memorable, making this a great series to watch even if you normally avoid superhero shows. It also avoids the grimdark violence of the comics, making it a slightly better choice for the whole family.


X-Men: The Animated Series

If you like ensemble casts in your superhero shows, X-Men will be right up your alley. Though the action is fairly episodic, it contains enough overarching plot and character development to feel just as realistic as The Clone Wars. It's also a little more cheerful than Batman.

X-Men Evolution isn't as good, but it's still an enjoyable series and may be more to younger fans' liking since it focuses on younger protagonists. It's also a newer series with better-looking animation.


Voltron: Legendary Defenders

This remake of the classic franchise became a smash hit among a wide range of fans. Over its eight seasons, Voltron: Legendary Defender won rave critical and fan reviews. While the ending left many fans unsatisfied, the series as a whole was a balanced blend of action, drama, comedy, and character development. The well-written characters and worldbuilding are on par with those of The Clone Wars. It also has some of the best female characters in any giant robot show ever.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Though the franchise hasn’t received any new animated content in years, Avatar and its spin-off The Legend of Korra remain beloved among fans. The now-classic story of elemental magic users touches on themes of loyalty and friendship in times of war, and manages to create one of the most believable “chosen one” stories in recent years.

If you love both series and want more, there are also comics series to enjoy. Hopefully, another spin-off TV series can eventually add more to the rich world that the writers created.


Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop has less worldbuilding and mythos than Star Wars, and certainly contains more mature content, including bloody violence. However, it’s a fantastic choice for older Star Wars fans who crave something with a similar overall tone and themes. The main characters are all bounty hunters who certainly don’t follow the same moral code as Jedi, but they’re relatable characters whose core values and motivations are beautifully revealed over the course of the series. Cowboy Bebop also avoids the geopolitical bits that The Clone Wars has, making it a better choice for casual fans who don't like having to keep track of who's who.


Gundam 00

On the other hand, if you liked the more geopolitical aspects of The Clone Wars, the moral dilemmas and shifting loyalties of Gundam 00 will likely appeal to you. Gundam 00 is way more than pretty boys in giant robots - it offers a wide range of drama and character development, and rarely gets bogged down in angst or unecessary romance.

Gundam 00 isn’t the most violent Gundam series out there - you can probably award that honor to the more recent Iron-Blooded Orphans - but it does have its share of on-screen major character death. Consider yourself warned!


Justice League Unlimited

The massive cast of Justice League Unlimited may seem intimidating, but it’s arguably no less complex than that of The Clone Wars! Some of the cast is relatively stoic and flat, but most are interesting and are given great moments to shine. With 39 episodes, plus the 52 episodes of the original Justice League series, there's plenty to check out. It’s not as funny and light-hearted as Young Justice, though, so younger fans of The Clone Wars will probably find JLU to be a little dry.


My Hero Academia

Yes, another superhero show - but this one has the same types of mentor-student relationships that make The Clone Wars so good. My Hero Academia ends up being more than the sum of its tropes, in part thanks to how likable the characters are. Somehow, the large cast manages to be memorable enough that it's hard to forget who's who, even with the gaps between seasons. At 65 episodes and over 200 manga chapters so far, MHA has plenty to offer.


Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is very different from The Clone Wars in terms of genre, but its content and themes are surprisingly similar. This story of two brothers journeying to repair their damaged bodies manages to be more complex than most anime, in part thanks to its large cast and impressive worldbuilding. Like The Clone Wars, FMA builds conflict and develops its characters in nuanced ways and grips viewers until the final battle.

The original 2003 series is excellent, but the 2009 remake entitled Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood offers a richer and more complete story. Both are excellent, though, and the original series' ending is still worth watching.

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