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10 Most Hated Cartoon Villains Who Only Had Good Intentions

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When you think of a villain, you immediately think of evil. But in some cases, not all villains are evil.

When you think of a villain, you immediately think of evil. But in some cases, not all villains are evil.


As kids, cartoon villains were terrifying creatures that gave us nightmares. Villains were scary beasts who wore horrifying costumes and had a very wicked laugh. Heroes were the graceful creatures saving the day in their bright and beautiful costumes.

When you get a little older and smarter, you realize that life is not all black and white. These villains have a place that they are coming from. In their own way, they are either trying to save the world or executing their revenge.

Let us then explore the 10 most hated cartoon villains. A deep look at the motivations behind their actions will make you see them as heroes instead. You may even turn that hatred into love.

1. Magneto

Magneto is a very powerful mutant extremist in X-Men. He possesses the ability to control and even generate magnetic fields. He is also a Jewish Holocaust survivor and believes there is no way humans and mutants can live peacefully together.

His methods are heavy-handed because he feels injustices against his fellow mutants should be punished. Most of his actions are driven to protect mutants from an experience like the one he suffered under the Nazi regime.

His creator, Stan Lee, mentioned in an interview that he never considered Magneto to be a bad guy. He just wanted to get back at people who were bigoted and racist. Therefore, Magneto is pretty much a mutant hero who stood up against injustices inflicted by humans.

2. Gaston

Playing the antagonist in Beauty and the Beast, Gaston is good looking and knows this fact. Everybody in town loves him and gives him all the attention except Belle who seems always absorbed in her reading. She becomes a challenge to him and he ends up smitten but Belle still does not give in to his charms no matter how hard he tries.

He probably tells himself that Belle is only playing hard to get. To show her how serious he is about her, he plans a grand romantic gesture, a wedding ceremony.

Surely, you did not think Gaston with his alter ego would start proposing with a ring and go down on his knees. The rude awakening is when he finds out that Belle is in love with someone else, a hideous monster that everyone feared. Nothing good would come out of that. He sets off to rescue his ladylove even if it means saving her from herself.

3. King Triton

King Triton’s extreme actions to prevent his daughter from having a relationship with Erick has made him to be considered a villain. When he destroys the grotto, he was just being a protective dad. King Triton was not about to let his 16-year-old daughter go to land and become a delicacy over teenage whims.

Erick has never even spoken to the girl. He happens to be in love with a pretty face. What if Aerial goes on land and is heartbroken? Who will she run to? King Triton refused to let his little girl go out into the wicked world unprotected

4. Jafar

Are still convinced that Jafar was a villain and not a victim of circumstances? He did terrible things such as betraying Aladdin after hiring him, hypnotized the Sultan, and forcing Jasmine and the Sultan to do his bidding.

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Now let us look at things differently. The Sultan obviously sucks at his job. All he does is play with toys and shove crackers down the parrot’s mouth. Agrabah is in a state of extreme poverty. Jafar is the Sultan’s vizier who has to hypnotize the Sultan to do his job right.

He gets frustrated and decides to take matters into his own hands. To do so, he only has two options, to find the magical oil lamp or to decree that the princess finds a suitable suitor then find a way to become the preferred choice.

Plan A backfires and he goes to plan B only Jasmine falls for some prince who is a fraud. How was he supposed to let a clueless guy without any experience with power take over? Seeing that he is the only capable ruler, he finds a way to become Sultan and his wish comes true. His first act is to protect the kingdom by placing it on top of a hill as a stronghold.

5. Syndrome

Syndrome plays the antagonist in The Incredibles. Growing up, Syndrome was the biggest Mr. Incredible fan. All he ever wanted was to be his sidekick in fighting crime. When he finally meets his idol, he is told to go home because he does not have superpowers. How would you feel when your resolve is crushed by your true source of inspiration to help others? All he had to give was his super genius brain but not even his idol could see that.

6. Yzma

Yzma stars as the main “villain” in The Emperor’s New Groove. Cuzco is a self-obsessed emperor who has no idea what being an emperor even means. Yzma has raised Cuzco since he was a baby. Now she serves as his advisor but is fired for being ambitious. How would Cuzco be a great ruler when he is capable of throwing an old man from the highest tower simply because he interrupted his theme music?

Yzma is without a doubt the most qualified person for the job. Cuzco is a spoiled kid who only inherited the throne.

7. Mojo Jojo

In The Powerpuff Girls, Mojo Jojo is considered the bad guy. Before sugar, spice and everything nice was being prepared, Mojo was Professor Utonium’s pet monkey. Chemical X even took an effect on him turning him into a super genius. With the creation of the Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium spends less time with Mojo.

Mojo starts to get back at the girls who stole his dad from him. Does that make him a villain? No, just some sibling rivalry. Villains always do bad things but we see Mojo in the 10th-anniversary episode ruling the world. Here he uses his super genius to eliminate hunger, end wars and even deliver free puppies to all.

8. Lotso

Lotso plays the main antagonist in Toy Story 3. Before saying that there is no way he had good intentions, let us first put ourselves in his shoes. When he was a new toy, Lotso belonged to Daisy and he really loved her. This was before she accidentally left him at a rest stop and he gets back home to realize he has been replaced.

Heartbroken and with no therapy, Lotso takes it upon himself to toughen up fellow toys. This is why every new toy must first go to the Caterpillar Room to test how they can endure reckless and destructive kids. He simply does not want any other toy to suffer what he did. It was just tough love.

9. Hades

Most people believe Hades is without a doubt the bad guy in Hercules. His physical appearance clearly works against him. The flaming blue hair, ugly black robe, yellow eyes and sharp teeth. Ugh!

Looking at his situation though, the guy is forced to become ruler of the underworld and he sure hates his job. His brother mighty Zeus is having the time of his life on Mount Olympus while he is stuck taking care of dead souls. He even lets Meg save her boyfriend through a good business deal.

10. Maui

In Moana, granny depicts Maui as a trickster and shapeshifter who stole Te Fiti’s heart to possess the power of creation. Later on, people get to understand his intentions. All the demigod did was for the love of humankind.

He pulled islands from the sea so the Islanders could find them. When the nights got cold, he stole fire to bring them warmth and even stole the sun to stretch their days. He stole Te Fiti’s heart to give it to the people and that was the one plan that backfired. He was not planning to be attacked by the lava monster. Since then, humans started telling stories to their kids about Maui being the bad guy. How ungrateful is that?

Next time you watch any of these cartoons, try having a different perspective and the truth will be very surprising.

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