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10 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses Ranked

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Is Rapunzel the most beautiful Disney princess? Read on to find out the REAL fairest of them all.

Is Rapunzel the most beautiful Disney princess? Read on to find out the REAL fairest of them all.

10 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses

Disney has brought us some of the most memorable animated films in history. Since the audacious release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937, things have only gotten better for the production company. And we, the audience, have had the chance to witness some incredible storytelling over the last eight decades.

Disney not only puts a great deal of effort in crafting their story but also their characters, particularly the princesses. As we speak, 12 lead characters from the animated movies have been confirmed as official Disney princesses.

Now, the question me and my friends have been arguing for years is, who is the most beautiful Disney princess?


10. Snow White

Snow White is the first Disney princess. Her huge success is what paved the way for the rest. She has lips as red as the rose, hair as black as ebony and skin as white as snow. The magic mirror itself acknowledges her to be the fairest one of them all and goes on to mention that not even rags can conceal her beauty. What I love most about Snow White is her pure heart.


9. Aurora

I still can’t believe Maleficent cursed an infant princess for not being invited to her party. That was a little too much. But let’s not forget that even Maleficent herself acknowledged that princess Aurora will grow in grace and beauty.

Even deep in slumber, Maleficent praises her golden hair. She further goes on to say that her lips shame the red rose. It’s not every day you get such compliments from an enemy. It just goes to show that Aurora was indeed stunning.


8. Tiana

Despite being a frog for pretty much the entire movie, it’s impossible not to notice Tiana’s beauty. She’s an energetic, conscientious and industrious young lady who strives to achieve her dream of owning her personal restaurant. She’s so goal-driven that she works two jobs and yet manages to put a smile on her face.

Character aside, Tiana is quite attractive. She has stunning brown eyes, a lovely dark complexion and a smile that’s not only infectious but also accentuates her dimples. These features combined with a tiara and her friend’s gorgeous pale blue dress made her so beautiful that even Prince Naveen mistook her for a princess.


7. Belle

“Tale as old as time, true as it can be”

No one can forget that iconic moment between Belle and the beast. Their eyes locked in a shared affection as they danced across the room. Personally, I can’t help but recall that amazing yellow dress Belle wore. Not too sophisticated yet blended perfectly with the ambience of the room, making her all the more beautiful.

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The name Belle literally means beauty. Her alluring hazel eyes and long brown hair are enough to make anyone fall for her. She exudes intelligence, elegance, and beauty both inside and outside.


6. Cinderella

Cinderella is arguably one of the most beloved Disney Princesses. We’ve seen her in animated features, musicals, books and even live-action adaptations. Following the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Disney decided to take the next big risk, and that was Cinderella. The animated feature was released in 1950 and quickly became a classic.

The story of Cinderella is inspiring. She is the perfect example of optimism. Despite living with a cruel stepmother and two envious stepsisters, her hopes and dreams never fade away.

Cinderella has gorgeous blue eyes, lovely pink lips and an hour-glass figure. She catches the eye of the prince in a ball where hundreds of eligible maidens are invited. This alone shows just how beautiful she is.


5. Rapunzel

I would never have thought of placing Rapunzel here, but after watching Disney’s Tangled, I was left in awe. Rapunzel deserves to be among the most beautiful Disney princesses not only because of her looks, but also her personality.

Stolen and locked inside a well-hidden tower, Rapunzel is raised with absolutely no knowledge of her royalty status. To her, Mother Gothel is her only parent. She knows very little about the outside world yet wakes up every morning joyous and melodic. She cleans, she paints, she plays hide and seek, she knits, she reads, she plays chess, she does ventriloquy, she bakes, she makes pottery and plays guitar.

Rapunzel is most certainly popular because of her long, beautiful hair. While the hair is clearly the highlight of her beauty, Tangled draws our attention to her stunning wide green eyes, her small lovely nose, her perfect heart-shaped face and last but not least her genuine smile.


4. Ariel

No way we’re leaving a mermaid off the list. Ariel is a naïve young mermaid whose curiosity nearly causes her own damnation. She’s obsessed with humans, so much so that she gathers a ton of man-made artefacts under the sea to learn about them.

Ariel’s naivety eventually leads her to making a deal with the sea witch to turn her human so she could pursue a prince she rescued from a capsizing ship. The deal requires that she does so without her voice, a part of the contract designed to ensure she fails.

However, Ariel is lovely all the same. Her facial expressions are out of this world. Even without her voice, you can see the excitement in her face as she explores the new world. Her red flowing hair and cute blue eyes adds to her beauty. She’s still so delightful while voiceless that the sea witch has to interfere and sabotage her so as to have her way.


3. Jasmine

Jasmine is extraordinarily beautiful. Raised as a princess from the time she was born, Jasmine enjoys all the good things in life. She is adorned with some of the most exquisite Jewelry in the kingdom: a gorgeous blue tiara, a pair of golden earrings along with a golden necklace to match.

Despite being of royal blood, she longs to see what lies beyond the palace. Eventually, she ends up wandering off by herself. Even while covering her turquoise blue harem pants and crop top, her beauty cannot be concealed. From her time outside the palace, we see just how kind and loving she is, like when she offers an apple to a starving young boy.


2. Elsa

Although Elsa is now technically a queen and not among the official Disney princesses, there’s absolutely no way we’re leaving her off this list. Among all the characters we’ve mentioned so far, Elsa is by far the most powerful. Born to King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, Elsa is gifted with an incredible power; the ability to form and manipulate both ice and snow.

In the first Frozen film, we see her struggle to control these powers. Sadly, she loses control in what is supposed to be the most important day of her life. This is where her story begins and leads to the eventual mastery of her powers.

You might think that a pale white-haired woman would look old, but not Elsa. Her blonde-white hair combined with her cute blue eyes make her appear almost angelic.


1. Pocahontas

I know this is a controversial pick for first place. But I’ll stand by the decision. Pocahontas is, I dare say, the most beautiful Disney Princess. Her long black hair, dark complexion, irresistible dark brown eyes and goddess-like figure makes her a wonder to behold. She’s a true depiction of natural beauty.

This bare-footed princess dons a low native dress complimented by a simple blue necklace that still manages to look amazing. You can see her undeniable confidence in the way she stands and runs.

Although she doesn’t end up with John Smith, the fact that she stepped in to stop his execution while his father was about crush his head shows just how loving and courageous she is. That action not only saved John Smith, but also the numerous natives and English men who would have died had the war proceeded.

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