8 Halloween Cartoon Collections That Are Must Haves

Updated on October 20, 2017
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Arthur is an avid television and movie fan with horror being his favored genre. If you can name it, he has probably seen it. Twice.

I love horror movies, but being a dad to small kids makes it hard to watch them whenever I want. I also not so secretly want my kids to grow up enjoying the art of the scary film too. So to compromise, and hopefully set the groundwork for an appreciation of the macabre later in life, I have introduced them to a lot of spooky cartoons and young adult shows. Halloween is the best time of year because not only is it socially acceptable for me to show my kids scary stuff, but companies put out spooky cartoon compilations this time of year. Being the lover of horror and enjoyer of cartoons that I am, I have put together a list of some of the best Halloween cartoon collections out there.

1. Cookie Jar Halloween Collection

I didn't find this one until my adulthood, but I'm glad I did because it is full of excellent forgotten cartoons from my childhood. Not only do I think it's cool, but my kids love it too. Not only is this one of the best Halloween Cartoon collections out there, in my opinion, but it is also one of the best values at around six dollars on Amazon. Episodes on this DVD include:

1. Busy World of Richard Scarry: The New Neighbors, The First Halloween Ever

2. .Archie s Weird Mysteries: Halloween of Horror

3. .The Littles: A Littles Halloween

4. Mona the Vampire: Spirit of the Woods, The Bogeyman Cometh

5. Ripley's Believe It or Not: The Vampire Kit

6. Sabrina The Animated Series: Nothin Says Lovin like Somethin from a Coven

7. Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?: Trick or Treat

8. Mummies Alive: Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra

9. Bump in the Night: Night of the Living Bread

10. Johnny Test: Johnny Holiday, Johnny Test Monster Starter

BONUS EPISODE: Hey Vern, It's Ernest - It's Holidays!

2. Cartoon Network: 9 Creepy Capers

The cartoons in this collection debuted after I was of acceptable cartoon watching age, but I picked it up a while ago because I got it for a reasonable price and I thought my kids would like it. The episodes turned out to not be too terrible, and I don't mind watching it with my kids, though some parents may find a few scenes risque. This collection includes episodes from:

1. The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Billy and Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween

2. Ed, Edd 'n Eddy: Dawn of the Eds

3. Courage the Cowardly Dog: The Demon in the Mattress, Courage Meets Bigfoot

4. Cow & Chicken: Cow with Four Eyes

5. I A.M. Weasel: I AM Vampire

6. Dexter's Laboratory: Picture Day

7. The Powerpuff Girls: Boogie Frights

8. Johnny Bravo: Bravo Dooby Doo

3. Grampa's Silly Scaries

Grampa's Silly Scaries looks like it was filmed in the back room of a public access channel. Someone thought that they could squeeze out a few bucks by using Grampa Munster as a marketing tool, to be honest, this collection would have been better off without him. If you can get past the incredibly cheesy segues featuring Grampa and an offscreen Igor what you will find is a fantastic collection of classic early cartoons including:

1. Popeye

2. Casper

3. Betty Boop

4. And Many More

4. BeetleJuice: A Halloween Spooktacular

If you are an '80s kid like me you may remember that in the early '90s they tried to make kid's TV shows out of every popular adult movie. This included Police Academy, Bill and Ted, and Back to the Future among others. One of the better ones was, surprisingly, Beetlejuice which lasted four seasons. This collective of episodes is some of the best of the best including their Halloween episodes. If you grew up in the early '90s this is an awesome reminder of the time that your kids can also get into.

5. Nickelodeon Out of the Vault Halloween Collection

This collection hits me right in the nostalgia with some of the best shows that Nickelodeon has ever had to offer. The Out of the Vault collection offers a lot of bang for your buck with multiple Halloween episodes of each show. I love going back to my childhood with shows like Rocko and Ahhh Real Monsters and my kids love it too. Episodes on this DVD include:

1. Aaahh Real Monsters: The Switching Hour, Monsters Are Real, and This is Your Brain on Ickis

2. The Angry Beavers: The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up, Damnesia, and The Pose Dam Adventure.

3. CatDog: Full Moon ,War of the CatDog, and CatDogula

4. Hey Arnold: The List, Haunted Train, and Arnold's Halloween Rock modern life episodes power trip

5. Rocko's Modern Life: Power Trip ,To Heck and Back , Sugar Frosted Frights, and Ed is Dead!

6. Witch's Night Out

Witch's Night Out is one of the Halloween cartoons that I grew up on thanks to the magic of the VHS tape. There is no way they could have known the magic they were making when they made this cartoon in 1978. The animation is something out of an acid trip and stars the voice talents of the amazing Gilda Radner along with a few a others. The movie by itself is only about twenty minutes long but the DVD makes up for it with a bunch of classic Halloween shorts. This DVD includes:

1. Witch's Night Out

2. Casper the Friendly Ghost: There's Good Boos To-Night ,The Friendly Ghost, Boo Moon

3. Felix The Cat: Skulls and Sculls

4. Hoppity Hooper: Ghost

5. Space Angel: The Ghost and Crystal Mace

6. Popeye the Sailor Man: Spooky Swabs

7. New 3 Stooges: Mummies Boys

8. Meany, Miny & Moe: House of Magic

7. Nicktoons Halloween: 6 Tales of Fright

This isn't the best collection ever being that it is only a few episodes, but the price is right and it is great nostalgia for early 90s kids. My sister was born in 1990 and these are all the cartoons that she grew up watching. Unlike a few of the other's on this list, I would say that this collection is great for all ages. This DVD includes:

1. SpongeBob SquarePants: Scaredy Pants

2. Rugrats: Curse of the Werewuff

3. Nickelodeon Rocket Power: It Came From Planet Merv, Netherworld Night

4. Hey Arnold!: Arnold's Halloween

5. The Fairly OddParents: Scary Godparents

8. Scholastic Storybook Treasures: The Halloween Stories Collection

If you have a youngster in the house, this one is an absolute must-have. Scholastic does a fantastic job of cultivating children's classics and animating them; this specific collection just happens to be Halloween themed. It is perfect for all ages and has an incredible fourteen spooky not scary stories with some famous voices. The price of this DVD on Amazon is decent too at or around seven dollars. The stories in this collection include:

1. Where the Wild Things Are

2. In the Night Kitchen

3. Alligators All Around

4. One Was Johnny

5. Chicken Soup with Rice

6. Pierre

7. A Very Brave Witch

8. By the Light of the Halloween Moon

9. A Dark, Dark Tale

10. Georgie

11. The Witch in the Cherry Tree

12. The Three-Legged Cat

13. The Three Robbers

14. Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain

It is surprisingly hard to find an excellent compilation of Halloween cartoons for kids. There are plenty out there, but most are one or two shows at best, probably because there is more money to be made that way. Though I wish this list could be longer, it should satisfy any immediate needs one may need for spooky kid's shows.


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