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10 Best Superhero Anime

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Joween is an IT Professional who loves playing computer games and watching anime. He loves sharing his knowledge of computers and anime.

Can you beat the strongest hero?

Can you beat the strongest hero?

Superhero Anime

Anime has quite a reputation for creating outrageous characters with different, and sometimes ridiculous, superpowers. For now, we will be listing the best modern anime series that feature a decent superhero vibe.

Please take note that this is my personal list, meaning you are not forced to agree with me. You can add opinions in the comments below. Another note is that this list is in no particular order.


1. One-Punch Man

Our first entry is One-Punch Man. Its story revolves around Saitama, AKA the Caped Baldy, and his disciple Genos, AKA the Demon Cyborg. Saitama started as a normal human being and became the strongest because of his secret training. Along with Genos, he chases troublemakers and large monsters with one goal in mind—to make money. The two work for the Hero Association, an organization founded to protect the public.

This series is probably the most popular one on this list. The anime has a strong dose of comedy to complement its insane fight scenes. The main character of Saitama may be a unique aspect. He is probably the strongest superhero that I know! He can crush any enemy with just one punch. Yes, he is that overpowered.


2. Punch Line

Flying into our second entry is Punch Line. Its story revolves around Yuuta Iridatsu, who dies in a series of strange events. He becomes a stray spirit, and his friends can't see him. The only being that can help him is a perverted and drunken cat spirit. With his help, he becomes a superhero that will save the world from destruction using his power only to be activated by seeing panties. Seriously.

The premise may be strange, but you will be rewarded for sticking with this anime. This is an easy series to rewatch, an indication of a good show.


3. Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased)

Our third entry is the fantasy thriller Erased.

The main character, 29-year-old manga artist Satoru Fujinuma, gains the power to go back in time. He goes back 18 years to when he was in elementary school to stop a killer who murdered his friend and framed him for the murder of his mother. The main character's power may not be as action-packed as other entries on the list, but the ability to change something in the past is rather interesting.

This anime is full of unexpected plot twists that will quench your thirst for mysteries. The narrative is flawlessly written and is very engrossing. You may need to prepare some tissues for the sadder moments. The soundtrack is splendid too.


4. Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda (World Conquest Zvezda Plot)

Let's go visit another ridiculous plot with this entry on the list. World Conquest Zvezda Plot is, quite frankly, not for everyone but I think it is worthy of making the list because of the superpowers featured. The plot of this anime is about taking over the world, a classic motivation for villains. However, the heroes are the ones doing it in this series.

Why would superheroes want to take over the world? The justification is to take power from a corrupt government that no one has the guts to fight.

As I've said, this anime may not be for everyone because of its young cast. But if you are young at heart and want to enjoy something funny and exciting, then this might be a good catch for you.


5. Charlotte

Charlotte is an anime where every superpower you can think of is present.

Mind control is the specialty of our young protagonist, Yuu Otosaka. He intends to use his power for an easygoing life but when he uses his ability to cheat on an exam, he gets the attention of the mysterious Nao Tomori. She is our heroine with the power to be invisible to a specific target. Nao forces Yuu to transfer to her school where she is the student council president.

In this series, superpowers are only present during adolescence. Nao leads a team of youths to tame other gifted individuals before they can use their powers for harm. This is another must-watch anime if you love seeing a variety of abilities!

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6. Aldnoah.Zero

Aldnoah is a massive energy source that was originally discovered on Mars. It was later claimed to be owned by the Vers Empire, a group of colonists on Mars that broke away from Earth. This has started a war for resources as the colonists invade Earth.

The narrative revolves around three characters; the intelligent Inaho, the loyal Slaine, and Princess Asseylum. Inaho fights for the Earth as he uses his intelligence and skill to destroy invading robots from the Vers Empire. Slaine, being loyal to the royal family of the Vers Empire, is determined to protect Asseylum from assassination attempts.

This anime unexpectedly caught my attention for its fighting scenes, well-balanced storyline, and amazing soundtrack.


7. Kill la Kill

Saving humanity from rogue clothes? Probably another idea we would have never thought of but Kill la Kill nailed it!

This anime revolves around Matoi Ryuuko, a transfer student at the Honnouji Academy. She was searching for her father's killer when she finds out about a strange uniform that can speak. Her only other clue to finding the murderer is the half-blade of a giant red scissor. As she sets out on her quest, she finds her long-lost sister and together they save the world from rogue life fibers—a key material for their super-powered clothes.

This award-winning anime has tons of action and delivers excitement in every episode!


8. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (Gate: Thus, the JSDF Fought There!)

Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) officer and otaku Youji Itami is a person who puts his hobbies before his work. He admits that he only works to support his hobbies. This makes him an inspiring fellow, for me at least.

Anyway, Youji plans to attend a doujin convention in Ginza, Tokyo when a fantastical army with dragons appears from a mysterious gate. They cause mayhem and death but are overpowered by the JDSF.

The military decides to go to the world where the army came from. They find out that they will have to restore peace there with the help of some locals and a demigod. This is one of the more unique series out there as modern military science fights medieval magic.


9. Ushio and Tora

Ushio and Tora revolves around Ushio, a stubborn kid who unexpectedly became the wielder of the legendary beast spear, and Tora, a ferocious monster who has been pierced and held by the spear for 500 years. Ushio has no choice but to release Tora to use the spear when a group of demonic creatures begins attacking.

They form a truce and let each other live. Tora always says that he will eat Ushio but never does it for unknown circumstances. Together they slay merciless demons that terrorize humanity.

This is a must-see anime for its excellent combination of comedy and action.


10. Yozakura Quartet

A town where humans and demons coexist has been a nightmare for a normal police force to handle. The main heroine, Yarizakura Hime, is the mayor of the city. She has a team of good demons to help her protect the city from evil demons. The superpowers seen here range from mind-reading and teleportation to materializing things from speech. This series has a ton of action and has a strong, engaging narrative. This series is definitely deserving to be on your watch list.

What's On Your List?

Do you agree on my list? Please write down your opinions, recommendation, or even violent reactions in the comments below.

Thank you for your time in reading this article. I hope you find this useful for your anime cravings!

© 2016 Joween


Nathan on January 13, 2020:

Concrete revolutio, Heroman, tiger&bunny, "my hero" academia, this boy left out these 4 acclaimed hero animes.

tienly on July 20, 2019:

umm add goku also because he beated jiren a guy from dragon ball Z jiren was very very very very powerful

someone on July 01, 2019:

who thinks my hero academia should be in here

I dunno, a commenter on November 11, 2018:

Oh man

That voting’s tough

yukina on September 12, 2018:

Where is bungou stray dogs anime .

This List Is Lacking on July 11, 2018:

What about the newer Boku no Hero Academia? I found this one very entertaining and a great quality anime. This one should defiantly be on this list.

This list is defiantly lacking and should be updated.

Toasty on June 15, 2018:

Sorry, but how are Charlotte or Erased superhero anime? Charlotte is good, but not a superhero anime. Sure, they had abilities, but they weren't superheros.

Erased is good, as well, however he is not a superhero, he just has an ability, which isn't controllable.

Where are the SuperHeroes? on April 17, 2018:

Where is Tiger & Bunny? Where is My Hero? This is just a list of Battle series, not "Super Heroes.

Anime on December 30, 2017:

Where is Boku no hero academia! That is the best superhero anime. I really recommend you watch it!

kompassion on September 18, 2017:

i love anime and its so cool and just in

hero on August 20, 2017:

Master ash from pokemon

Joween (author) from Davao City on June 28, 2017:

@RedSith & @Zalendier. I'm sorry that My Hero Academia wasn't listed. I watched and yes, its very promising. I'm excited for the 2nd Cour of the 2nd Season.

Zalendier on May 23, 2017:

Where is Boku No Hero???

RedSith on January 16, 2017:

My hero academia and samurai flamenco.....

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