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"Planetes": The Best Anime You Have Never Heard Of

There is one anime out there that everyone needs to watch. The thing is, most people haven't heard of "Planetes." This article sheds some light on this relatively unknown, but wonderful, anime.


5 Animations You Must Watch

Looking for a good animated movie? Here are five you won't regret watching.


Anime Review: "Grand Blue" (2018)

For studying at Izu University, Iori Kitahara, a 20 year old student comes to live at his uncle's diving shop Grand Blue. He joins the scuba diving club and makes new friends while learning to dive. The story revolves around Iori, his friends and their lives in and around Grand Blue.


Top 10 Anime With Normal Protagonists Facing Superhuman Odds

The article describes 10 anime where the heroes are weak, fleshy humans that face superhuman odds. Think of the "Resident Evil" franchise before Chris could punch boulders, but for anime.


18 Popular Tropes in Shoujo Anime

A Survey of 18 tropes from 40 shoujo works


Fantasia 2022: "Princesse Dragon" Review

A familiar story is made unique by its superb animation. Princesse Dragon is a French animated fairy tale loaded with beautiful visuals and exceptional characters. It's an ani


"The Deer King" (2022) Review: A Gorgeously Stale Animated Film

Even with its top notch animation and a behind the scenes crew that worked on a ton of Studio Ghibli films, The Deer King is an animated fantasy film that seems to have forgotten how to properly showcase the actual fantasy aspects of the genre.


Top 10 Stupid Fun Action Anime

The article highlights the top 10 stupid, fun action anime, meaning they're best enjoyed when your brain is off and you just want to see something awesome.


Top 9 Crouching Moron, Hidden Badasses of Anime

The article highlights the Top 9 anime characters fitting the crouching moron, hidden badass trope.


Disney/Pixar's "Lightyear": A Toy Story Origin Standing on Solid Ground

"Lightyear" is a 2022 Pixar spin-off origin film based on the Toy Story character, Buzz Lightyear. While the plot may be confusing and standard, die-hard fans will love the highly-detailed animation, adequate action and humor, and a likable cast that presents the untold beginning of Buzz Lightyear.


"Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe" (2022): Movie Review

The Dumbest Duo in the Universe is back in 2022 – literally.


Sailor Moon and Reproductive Health

The feminist and LBGTQ iconic character of Sailor Moon has done more positive work for reproductive health than most people realize.


The First 10 Aliens in "Ben 10"

The Omnitrix is said to hold approximately 1,000,912 alien species. However, only a few have been unlocked. This article will give you the first 10 aliens that Ben transformed into in the series "Ben 10."


"Lightyear" (2022) Review: A Visually Gorgeous Nod to Science Fiction

"Lightyear" is Pixar's latest offering featuring fantastic animation that's a throwback to classic sci-fi. The story plays it safe, but at least the film offers a simple and groundbreaking way to make sandwiches.


Top 30 Black Anime Characters

Discover the top 30 black anime characters from TV and movies.


"The Bob's Burgers Movie" (2022): A Review

The popular Fox cartoon makes its jump to the big screen.


Bad Romance: The Problematic Ships of "Sailor Moon"

The Moonlight Carries The Message Of Love, but is the love in "Sailor Moon" really appropriate?


What Child Psychology Says About Pixar's "Turning Red"

Pixar's 2022 animated movie "Turning Red" stars a teenage girl from Toronto who turns into a giant red panda and rebels against her traditional Chinese family. Some parents are concerned that the movie sexualizes young girls and encourages bad behavior.


"The Bob's Burgers Movie" (2022) Review: A Longer and More Polished Bob's Burgers Episode

"The Bob's Burgers Movie" is basically just an episode of "Bob's Burgers" stretched out for 102 minutes and with more impressive animation. It's fun for what it is, but it's worth questioning its lasting value.


Top 10 Teen Titans Episodes

These are the finest episodes of the most underrated show of the 2000’s.


"Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers" Review: Fun and Engaging for All Ages!

An animated, pop-culture-laced spectacular, "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers" is a fast-paced and laugh-inducing roller coaster ride full of cartoon characters, clever gags, imaginative action, and a touching story.


"Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers" (2022) Review: The Good and The Bad

A Disney+ original film (so they say) that is good in storyline and execution.


"Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers" (2022) Review: A Badly Drawn, Poorly Written, Mostly Animated Reboot

A Disney+ exclusive, "Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers" is basically a modern day, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." But, its storytelling crumbles under its constant need to throw random cameos in your face and the animation feels incredibly lazy.


Saving "G.I. Joe"

The Feels Good Movie Consultants are ready to save the "G.I. Joe" film franchise.


"Bubble" (2022) Review: The Good and The Bad

Released on Netflix, "Bubble" is about a massive explosion of gravity-defying bubbles that block Tokyo off from the rest of the globe. The movie is visually stunning, but the storytelling leaves something to be desired.


"Pompo: The Cinephile" (2022) Review: Tasting a Masterpiece

Masterfully animated and chock full of humor, "Pompo: The Cinephile" caters to lovers and makers of film, but also speaks to anyone who admires art or aspires to be an artist. It's creative, inspiring, and just an overall wonderful film.


Dolores and Bruno Had A Special Family Bond in Disney's "Encanto"

Disney's 2021 animated film, "Encanto," was an instant family favorite. In the movie, Bruno is perceived to be a villain because of his frightening powers. But, is he? His niece Dolores knows the truth.


Top 30 Funny Anime Characters

Discover the top funny anime characters and learn about their funny personalities.


"The Bad Guys" (2022) Review: A Visually Stylish Animated Caper

The animation in "The Bad Guys" is so smooth and sleek and different from other animated films. It's super fun to watch with adult movie references that surprisingly work in a supposed kids' film.


Top 5 Comedy Anime for People New to Anime

Action/adventure anime are well-known, but there are also many good comedy anime. In addition to being funny, these can be a gateway into other anime genres. Here are five good comedies for people new to anime that also help to introduce the breadth of anime genres.


3 Reasons Why Eren Yeager Is a Villain (And 3 Why He Is Not)

A question that has divided most "Attack on Titan" fans. Is Eren Yeager a hero or villain? We’ll defend and condemn Eren’s actions in a bid to find the most appropriate conclusion.


"Sonic the Hedgehog 2" Review (2022): The Master Emerald of Family Friendly Entertainment

Robotnik returns to get his revenge in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Meanwhile, Sonic just wants to eat chili dogs and wear the shoes of a competent hero.


The 9 Titans of "Attack on Titan"

Learn about the nine Titans in the "Attack on Titan" universe, from the memory manipulations of the Founding Titan to the speed and endurance of the Cart Titan.


Ranking the Elements of "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

Water, Earth, Fire, Air… long ago the four nations lived in harmony. Now, that harmony is interrupted as I rank them.


Anime Movie Review: "Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Vow in the Snow" (2017)

In an alternate universe to "Fate/Stay Night," Shirou and Kiritsugu Emiya discover a child named Sakatsuki and take her into their home to use her as the Holy Grail's vessel. But as Shirou grows more attached to her, he must confront his ideals. Is this movie worth your time and money?


30 Years of Cartoon Network: "Time Squad"

The CN retrospective continues with the underrated series "Time Squad" created by Dave Wasson. Though it ran for two seasons, the show had an interesting premise with some context, caricatured animation, and a variety of historical and non-historical characters with talented voice acting.


The Top 10 Sexiest Cartoon Characters

This article examines and ranks the 10 sexiest cartoon characters. It provides a brief history of each lady, followed by an overview of their personality and appearance.


Disney/Pixar's "Turning Red": Pixar's Puberty Tale

"Turning Red" is a 2022 Pixar animated comedy film directed by Domee Shi. Mixing Shi's childhood with a supernatural twist, Pixar presents an entertaining and emotional movie with cultural animation, solid laughs, relatable characters, and a visionary motif about growing up.


“Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie” (2021): The Good and The Bad

This film is based on Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0, a prequel that functioned as a "pilot" for the main Jujutsu Kaisen manga series. Before being distributed internationally this year, the film was exclusively released in Japan on December 24, 2021.


The Windmill/Nether Gundam is the Goofiest Mobile Suit

It’s not the silliest, but definitely the goofiest.


10 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses Ranked

Many of us owe a part of our childhood to Disney. They gave us some of the best animated movies out there. So today I decided to do an article based on their princesses. The following are some of the most beautiful Disney Princesses ever brought to our screens. Enjoy.


Why Light Yagami Was Smarter Than L and Vice Versa

Which of these geniuses was more genius-y?


Strange Things Changed in the Cloverway Dub of "Sailor Moon S" and "Supers"

While the DiC dub for Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R is infamous for its changes, the Cloverway dub for S and SuperS are also legendary.


"The Cuphead Show!" (2022) Review: You'll Sell Your Soul for Animation This Good

The epic, award winning video game is now a hit animation series. The Cuphead Show! is now streaming on Netflix. It features astounding animation, a crazy good soundtrack, and a ton of silly humor that will entertain the kid in all of us regardless of age.


30 Years of Cartoon Network: "Sheep in the Big City"

Continuing the CN lineup, "Sheep in the Big City" is an animated series created by Mo Willems. Despite lasting two seasons, it is a criminally underrated show known for its meta and fourth-wall-breaking humor, UPA-art style, and bizarrely funny characters.


7 Most Powerful "Ben 10" Aliens

Ben 10 has to be one of Cartoon Network's best franchises. This cartoon made most of our childhoods special and left us pondering the question, who is the most powerful alien? I've made a list of the most powerful aliens unlocked by Ben 10. Enjoy!


The Hidden Melancholy of Sesshōmaru's Mother

An analytical look at Sessomaru's mother.


"The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" (2022) Review: An Inept, Spleen-Powered Blemish of Animation

With poor animation, an unimaginative story, and groan-worthy humor, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is a horrid animated experience. If this is what Disney plans to do with the Ice Age franchise, then it probably should have remained extinct.


Ranking My Hero Academia’s Class 1-A From Least to Most Powerful

Which of our favorite aspiring heroes will rise to the top and which are future retail workers?


When Minnie Mouse Wore Pants

If you think Minnie Mouse's January 2022 pantsuit for Disneyland Paris is anything new, think again! This rodent has been rocking pants for decades.