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WA Christopher J.

Travel. Writing. Reading. Satire. Social Commentary.


The Philosophy: Do not Have, but do not Do only to have Done, nor not Have only to Have-not.


The Quest: The Eternal Road Trip

Starting City: Detroit, MI (1)

Current City: Omaha, NE (2)


The Story:

Birthed from the rot of America's wound.

Borne unto all that was ever good,

ever evil,

I am the living example of a human being.

Watch me self-destruct. 

     I've since left America's Open Hand, 

to witness her remaining 49 limbs go numb, 

cease function,

Ne'er again to know her pain,

her pleasure. 

     I am a living artifact,

America's dream personified. 


on my faithful horse Old Major,

the Swedish equine, 

a Volvo 740,

borne 195,000 miles ago, 

I ride. 

     We carry dead Addie in a USPS box,

     Labeled "Mom" in black felt-tipped.

     She sits quietly under my dirty clothes,

     until it's decided to open her up. 

          Watch us ride by,

               Addie, Major and I.


                    Man, we are great. 


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