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Mary Craig

Welcome to my profile page! I am Tillsontitan, really Mary from Tillson, and I love to read, write, and have fun. Having fun includes changing my profile picture fairly frequently. I chose the pen name Tillsontitan because I think in the little town of Tillson I am bigger than life! I can't believe I've been on Hub Pages for four years but I can believe I've met the very best people, made some great friends and read the most wonderful hubs!

While I've been reading and making friends, I Finally wrote my novel and a children's book!

I am thrilled that I now have over 900 followers and I am grateful for every single one of them. I have met people from all over the world and learned so much from them. Join us and don't be afraid to share the hubs you read, the more you share the more people you'll meet!

I'm happy to hear from anyone about my hubs and appreciate any information or constructive criticism you can give. Likewise, if I can help you in any way I am glad to do so!

Remember, it is just as important to read other hubs as it is to write your own. As a community we can encourage each other and keep ourselves going. I hope my contributions are as interesting, funny, and helpful as the ones I read on Hubpages!

If you haven't already joined hubpages do it now, it's free! Join today ~ It's Fast, Easy, & FREE!

I just had to add a bit about my accomplishments here. I won the Best Avatar for 2012! Being Cruella de Ville for two years (for Halloween) has finally paid off! Hide your puppies and thank you for the votes! Another Accolade; daily winner, November 17, 2012, in the Rigorous Review Contest for my hub "Photobooks: And Snapfish and Shutterfly!" I have also had the honor of having a Hub of the Day, my hub "How to Make Your Own Backyard Pond" received that honor! And, to keep this up-to-date, I am currently an Apprentice alum and I won the Best Avatar for 2013, as the Evil Queen from Snow White And again in 2015 for Mother Goose.

P.S. Some of my favorite hubbers include (and if you read any hubs by any of them you're in for a treat):

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My most read hub:
What Happens in Fifty Shades Freed

My least read hub:
Dracula the Movie: From the Writings of Bram Stoker

My favorite poem (to my grandson):
Ma Moon

I have also written a series about the Academy Awards starting with the year 1937.