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A recent college grad and now newly employed, I look to hubpages as a place of stress release and endless potential. As a 20 something year old, I may not have the life experience that some of our older hubbers offer, but I try to lend information about things that matter to me. The topics may not be for everyone, but to each their own taste.

I look at this experience as a way to express myself and convey my thoughts on topics that I normally would not have the canvas to do so. Sure I could write in a notebook, but who would read it? Here, other likeminded people and those with the same interests as me can share these ideas and feed off of one another. Topics that I enjoy writing about include but are not limited to history, travel, gaming news, and tech reviews. I don't imagine I'd ever make a living off of this, so I try to not think about the money at all. I worry it would show in my work and I would feel like a marketing device instead of a writer.