My name is Sami. I am almost finished with the Bachelor's of Arts degree in Psychology. Planning on going to law school, I hope to become an advocate for mental health. 

At my core, I'm just a simple girl from Kansas. I'm a quirky girl yet I am very comfortable in my own skin. I love and cherish the simple things in life. I enjoy long drives, road trips, and Netflix binging. I love writing poetry and journaling for expression, painting abstracts and landscapes, listening to country music, and cannot resist celebrity gossip, fashion do's and dont's, and gushing over my favorite television romances. Oh, and I love my dog.

I know this description seems to be a bit jumbled rather than consistant, but what can I say? I'm just the kind of person that has a lot of ideas, and enjoys experiencing a little bit of everything. Besides.... what exactly do you put in a section simply titled "bio"?

Oh well. In sum, stay real and stay weird.