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I run a bunch of blogs and not quite a bunch of Hubpages.
Okay, the Hub Pages are climbing, but I do maybe one a week or when the inspiration strikes me.

I stay at home so I have a lot of time for Blogs, Hubpages etc, and we do animal rescues as well.
We have an Alaskan Husky, a Chihuahua that thinks she owns the house and a Corgi - Lab mix.
We've rescued and placed several Pits as well.
And assorted cats that come in and out.

I like wrestling (I've watched it since I was a little kid), fast cars (I've owned a few), music ( a wide range), comics (stopped collecting but still keep up), sci-fi, Cult Movies, and TV.
Oh, and I studied martial arts for about 14 years.
Yeah, I can kill you 57 different ways with just one hand...LOL

I got here through Ryan Hupfer.
Ryan was kind enough to pop over to one of my blogs and leave a comment inviting me to Hub Pages.

I don't know where Hub Pages gets their "Hot" and "Best" Hubs info from, but here are my "Hot" and "Best" Hubs for September according to actual visitors...

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