Hello everyone,

Welcome to my profile page. I am a 26 year old gal from United Arab Emirates. Basically I am from Gujarat, India. I am a fulltime worker (home maker). I had never thought of writing articles,  before. But after joining hub pages and coming across such great writers, I have now got addicted to write for hub pages. I like to write about different  recipes, SEO related articles   and various topics of Islam.


My education:

I have done Diploma in pharmacy from Gujarat, India. Then I went to Australia and completed diploma in health science.  I then got enrolled into Bachelor of nursing, but unfortunately could not complete that degree. I came back to India and did a SEO course. Then I worked for 1 year as SEO person.


My hobbies:

My hobbies include reading books, trying various recipes, playing video games and surfing on net.


My faith:

I follow Islam, and I am quite satisfied and happy with my religion. I love to read Quran and books on Prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h.)


If you want to know more about me then refer my Blogs  (mentioned below)    which has got various articles (written by me ) on different topics.

Thanks for visiting my profile, I really appreciate it J