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I am a lover of movies and television. I do not consider myself a "critic" because that word carries such a negative connotation; like I will pick every movie or show apart and leave you with the tattered pieces. I am not trained in the arts of theater, movie or television production. I am just a simple person who enjoys sitting down to a good film.

When I was younger I enjoyed horror and thriller movies, but those were quickly replaced with family-friendly animation as I entered parenthood. Now that my children are older, I'm finding my way back to the dark side of film and television, and I'd like to take you along with me.

I'll do my best not to give spoilers since most people look for reviews prior to watching a film rather than after, but I'll apologize in advance just in case something does slip through the crack.

My rating system is as follows: Buy/Theater/Rent/Netflix
This is to say, would I be willing to spend upwards of $35 to own this film, $10 to see it in a theater, $3 rental fee from Redbox, or would I rather wait for it to come out on Netflix (or another streaming service)?

As with most things in life, my reviews are subjective. The views expressed within any of my reviews are simply my own personal opinion and I don't expect anyone to agree with any of them.