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Hello and welcome to Rafini’s HubPages. A little about me:

I signed up for Hubpages within the first few months after quitting a job I loved, and while I was a returning adult student searching not only for myself but also for the trail home. Today I can happily say I’ve found my way, and am thankful to everyone I’ve met along both my live and virtual travels, whether near or far.

My journey began with knowing I wanted to be a published author, and Hubpages offered me the chance to write what I wanted, when I wanted, and to get paid for doing it. I jumped at the chance given, then had to take a break to focus my energies on my studies. Five years later I graduated from UW Madison with a BA in Creative Writing and a drive to succeed in whatever I do.

Currently I am recreating my online presence, and redefining my online persona to begin fusing my creative self with my professional self. For this interesting leg of my travels I intend to focus on my blog, Rafini's Voice, and setting up my freelance editing business. I expect a few small bumps along the way, but also expect to enjoy the experience. Come along and join my journey, I’d love the company.