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Naomi Starlight

Good work is made not for money or because of any external reward or validation, but because the voices told you to do it. Internal drive. I like looking for work that reflects the strong passion and internal drive of any creator, whether it be in music, art, or written storytelling. That's why I critique anime, games, movies, books, and more, getting to deeper levels of analysis and thought than many other critics on the web.

I'm also interested in anything that represents a change or a break from tradition in storytelling. That usually means parody, trope subversions, and deconstructions. But basically, I'm looking for, and primarily interested in, anything that's attempting to change the game of storytelling.

Beyond that, I also enjoy engaging with stories that pose philosophical, intellectual, or moral challenges to the audience.

So my articles are about finding the good I can find and sharing it. Simple.

Also, contact me on Linkedin (link below) if you'd like me to work for you as an article proofreader or editor.

I'm also working on science fiction and fantasy novel writing right now, but I do not have set, confirmed dates for when anything will be published yet. But stay posted. Follow me on HubPages so you'll get an email when I write something new!