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Full Name: Patrick Glenn Riley
DOB: 08-09-1984
SSN: I'm not telling.

About me:

I love movies. I love writing movies, and I love writing about them. I have written film reviews for my school paper as well as a few online blog sites. I am in the process of developing and writing a number of screenplay ideas I have, and I hope to sell them soon. I am a Christian. I have Asperger's Syndrome. I love life. I love my family. What else is there to know? :D

Rating System:

Thumbs Up:

**** = The Best
*** 1/2 = Very Good
*** = Good

Thumbs Down:

** 1/2 = It's Okay; Wait for DVD
** = Mediocre; Not a good film
* 1/2 = Poor; A bad film
* = Very Poor; A very bad film
1/2 * = Hideous, hardly anything redeemable in it
no stars = The Worst of the Worst.