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Mohammad Saif

Don’t be too quick to judge; what stands in front of you is an expansion of space and time. Mohammad Saif loves to make quotes; afterall everybody needs fuel to preserve their vanity. His great passion lies in the intricate art of procrastination with a few bumps of innovative ideas along the way. Saifu, as many people like to call him, is waiting for a break, an opportunity to show the world that he isn’t just another ordinary Pakistani who brags about how much he spent on his wedding day.

It’s hard to believe but the man who mistook lizard eggs for mentos is 1 year shy off graduating with a Chemical Engineering degree. His spare time though scarred by an addiction to Buzzfeed, is most of the times spent either planning for the future, learning new software such as Vegas pro and trying out new activities. He likes to paint too, committing himself to one arts and craft per week. Mohammad Saif believes that education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world and for that purpose he established Meraki Tuition Centre with his Mom (Who is sick at the moment, Pray for her). He aims to take his establishment to new heights; his end game being an integrative platform that provides resources to students around the globe.

For him, his achievements at the moment are just the tip of the iceberg. With an innovative mindset, proven organizational skills and a thorough understanding of how to please the ladies (Predominantly Grandmas), Saifu believes he can make it big someday. Talking about his skills, he is adept at Article writing, Photoshop, Cataloging and gossiping about who wore prada better. In short Mohammad Saif is a gold mine for those who seek coal.