What to say, what to say? I'm a 31 year old guy that loves lots of random, interesting things. Currently living in Gaithersburg, MD and working as a Catholic Youth Minister!


DJ CULTURE: dance, electro house, progressive house, indie dance, chicago house, djing. PHOTOGRAPHY: film slr, editing, photojournalism, daily cell phone pics. DOCUMENTARIES: i'm all about random documentaries on random subcultures/submovements/subtopics. INTERIOR DESIGN: industrial, funky, creative lighting, and new re-use/altered application of anything old. BODY IMAGE: tattoos, fashion, weight gain/weight loss/fitness. 

I'm currently learning Spanish, love spending as much time with my wonderful girlfriend and our dog Tessie, hunting for new music, and sifting my way through the in's-and-out's of the digital world of djing as I try to figure out midi mapping, tsi's, samples, traktor, track analyzation, and more.