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Justine Clayre Guiao

JC has a bachelor's degree in psychology and planning to take a master's degree in clinical psychology.

Aside from her career path, writing has always been her passion. As a kid, she often writes poems to be presented at school. In high school, she is the associate editor of their school paper until her graduation. She has also joined and won several writing competitions throughout her academic life. In addition, she has also been writing short stories and flash fictions online in both English and Filipino.

As a natural explorer of knowledge and facts, she has a great interest in science, social sciences, entertainment - movies and T. V Series, and in various local and global social issues which are reflected in most of her writings. She is also fond on writing about life and relationships which are mostly based on her observations or personal experiences.

On the side, she is a fur-mom of two Aspins (Philippine dogs) and a learning portrait artist.