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My name is James Martin and I'm a Detroit, Michigan resident.  I've spent much of my life in the United Kingdom, before moving to the states.  I am an aspiring film maker and author and have a variety of interests that I like to include in my work.

My fields of study have been Business Administration and Exercise Science.  I plan to attend film school but am currently looking to advance through the Marketing profession.  I have also been known to do some bartending on the side and can make some mean cocktails which I may share with hubpages readers in various articles.

I am a MASSIVE movie buff and I write reviews and news regarding all things film-related.  I cover classics, current blockbusters, indie films and foreign films of all kinds.  If there is anything you want to know about movies I am always happy to discuss it.

Due to my exercise science background I have some knowledge regarding physiology, fitness and health and therefore I would love to share some of this with readers who are interested or would like to get in better shape.

I will also be writing a lot of sports related articles, mainly Basketball.  I played in college and love to cover all things related to college sports.

I look forward to adding to the hubpages community, and also reading articles from all of you!

Please check out my movie website