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James Ang

A Malaysian by national affiliation, an Australian by geographical location, a Christian by theological conviction, a doctor by professional occupation, a traveller for the sake of recreation, and an avid fan who pursues Japanese anime as an avocation. That basically sums me up.

Pleased to meet you. I enjoy writing as a pastime, and I have written on various topics for magazines and websites since my high school days. I was an active contributor for my school magazine, and I also participated in several creative writing competitions back in school. Although I am no longer able to write as much as I used to before due to my current academic and vocational commitments, I still enjoy writing as and when I can find the time to do so.

More recently, I find myself having a revived interest to write anime analyses and reviews as part of my anime hobby. If you're familiar with anime reviews, you'll indeed find the style of my articles rather different from your typical anime reviews. More than just reviewing the quality and worth of animes, I enjoy doing literary and thematic analyses of anime stories. As such, be prepared for more 'cerebral' reviews if you were to follow me on Hubpages!

At any rate, feel free to explore the world of anime and all that it has to offer from a literary perspective with my articles. Thank you for viewing!