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There's a world of interesting things out there.From the movies I watch, music I listen to, books I read, to all the things that I find interesting, are worth sharing to others.A good movie. A cool song. An inspring book. And if as a result, other people find enjoyment in them, be influenced by them, or even be changed by them, then I must've done something good.

The first movie I ever saw was Ridley Scott's Alien, and that probably instilled a preference for horror and sci-fi. In books, its the King of horror. This genre, to me, is the most entertaining because there's nothing like the thrill of being scared.

I was introduced to classic movies by way of a box of yard sale video cassettes that was brought in my house during my teen years. In it, I recall, was The Adventures of Robin Hood and The African Queen, among others. I immediately graduated from 80s flicks and travelled back in time and never looked forward for some time. I got stuck in the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Music. The thing is, I can listen to almost any kind. Even country. Bought myself a Hank Williams cassette once because I thought yodelling was just cool. Cash is the man. I have my phases, as you probably have yours. New Wave, Punk, Metal, Grunge, Indie. In that order, I think. But, ask me what's the single most beautiful music ever, and I'd say Jules Massenet's Meditation in Thais. I float with that music.

Way back in college, I stepped inside our newly built library because I have idle hours to spend between classes. I was looking for Poe because I was trying to memorize The Raven, I liked to say it out loud to myself. I stumbled upon a poem that literally blew me away, America by Allen Ginsberg. F-You and Your Atom Bomb, he said. You get hooked immediately on Beat. There's nothing much to say.