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E. S. Young

E. S. Young may or may not be a man (but mostly not) with a  strong interest in making a name for herself while maintaining her anonymity, and a passion for conducting in-depth analyses on various subjects without sounding like she's merely asserting her opinions.  The latter is largely due to the fact that she is an English major (currently in her last semester).  Her main focus is Romantic and Victorian literature, but occasionally she dabbles in writings from the Restoration Era and, at times, even glances at more contemporary works.  Really, though, she's more of a history buff.

Her minor is Women's Studies, ergo if her essays tend to be biased toward feminist issues, don't be surprised.  (Possibly) controversially, she is also a fashion enthusiast, so there may be style-related quip or reference, or possibly even a entire article.  That said, also expect the odd musing on sex crimes, serial killing, or any number of things pertaining to the criminal justice system.  One would be surprised at how handy a few CJ classes can be when one is studying history and feminism.

Lastly, please note that, however many lengthy and meticulous psychoanalytical articles she may post, E. S. Young is not a psychologist or anything similar.  Remember this, because more often than not, she won't.

(Also, she really likes to use parentheses.)