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Eric Tuchelske

I'm just another "hackwriter" with years of experience writing for both online and print publications. I've written many screenplays and have also been in a few movies.

Most of what you'll read here is what I call "Video Rewind" reviews of favorite (and not so favorite) movies which are at least 10 years or older and they all have a common theme to them.

While I do a lot of book reviews as well, I've also started another column called "Retro Reading" in which I've probably read the book at some time in my life and have recently reread it.

I just started a new column, "Disaster Porn Saturday Night" because who doesn't like disaster movies, when the cast is good looking and can't act? A few years ago, I started a group on Facebook with the same name, so, if you love disaster movies, come on over and sign up.

I hope you'll become a fan and comment on what I've written or, maybe I've just made your day with a celebrity interview or feature story. Feel free to contact me as well!