I hold an BS degree in Business Administration and a Master's in theology. I work in records management for a mental health clinic and spend my off hours pursuing numerous "hobbies" as I call them (reading, researching and writing). I am an avid history buff with a particular interest in colonial America. I'm also I geography buff, love to travel and learn about new things, exciting places, historical places and beautiful scenery. I can easily be spellbound by a road atlas or map, because I see them as showing me multitudes of places I want to visit. I also have a special place in my heart for old movies, the movies of the classic era in Hollywood - mostly between 1930 and 1960. I volunteer as a tour guide at an historic mill and as a Bible Study teacher for kids programs through my church. I find writing to be an incredibly freeing thing. I began writing some poems many years ago to vent about work conditions. Certain writing assignments in school gave me opportunities to put all sorts of thoughts paper to share with others, whoever would be interested. From there I worked on short stories, small novels, kids books and young adult fiction. I'm just starting out with publishing items online and hope to have books in print by next year.