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Christoph Reilly

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I call my ivy-draped house Idlewild, an Irish-like cottage on Dead Creek. Like the creek, my thoughts and philosophies have more tangents than a tangerine, so I put 'em on paper. Actor, Writer, Producer, Singer, Musician, Songwriter, a man of many hats but none of them fit just right. I'd tell you what I'll be writing about but I don't know myself. I hope it's sometimes informative, often funny, and always interesting. No theme here and no premise. Just Random Ramblings From Idlewild. Enjoy.

I also write on Suite 101 and the blog The Crusty Curmudgeon. In addition, I am a contributing writer to Copia Magazine online.

This Gun For Hire

Check out my writers page at my website, Reilly Creative.