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For quite awhile now, I've been diligently studying ways to make a serious go at earning an online income.  The learning curve has been steep, the process has been grueling and taxing, and the overall experience has been frequently unsettling, but with a little perserverance I believe I'll come out the other side with a completely renewed lease on life. As it turns out, passive income doesn't really mean passive, at least not at first.

I've spent a little more money on fruitless avenues than I would care to admit, but through trial and error, and a lot of free Google searches, I've managed to narrow the scope down to just a few legit tutors who really know what the heck they're talking about.  Now, this isn't just my opinion.  The people I now choose as my mentors have earned their followings by 'walking the walk' by putting into practice exactly what it is they are preaching, often right in front of those who are looking to them for guidance.

I've found it both simple and rewarding publishing and earning money on Hubpages I haven't become an overnight rags to riches success story, but I'm seeing a steady increase in my Adsense profits.

I'm now excited about the process, whereas before there was much trepidation as I learned to crawl before I could ever possibly learn to walk or run.  This is an ongoing, ever-evolving process, but every day it becomes a bit more rewarding.  The hard work is starting to pay off...

So, I'm here for two reasons; Firstly, I need to supplement my meager income in the physical world with my online ventures and; Secondly, I really do enjoy writing. I was an English Lit. major at Adrian College in Michigan and later at UNLV. I never did finish with a degree, but that speaks more to my love of taking as many electives as I possibly could than anything else.

If I can put these two aspects of my life together, then everything else will come together.

Now, I don't spend all my time chasing the almighty buck when I'm online. I'm a Netflix account holder and overall film afficianado who can be found reviewing flicks at 'The Four Word Film Review.'

I also have been actively involved in any and all fantasy sports since 1997. ESPN is the industry standard, and I spend a significant amount of time complementing my love of sports with fantasy teams, in every sport from Football to bass fishing. If there were badminton teams available, I'd be the first to sign up...