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  • Getting its release in the heart of summer during a global pandemic certainly doesn’t hurt director Jeffrey A. Brown’s debut feature The Beach House from feeling particularly timely and relevant. And though there are certainly a handful of decent scares and a solid, pervading air of uneasiness...

    "The Beach House" Movie Review

    by Collin Parker0

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John Plocar

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  • A lot of anime has stock bully characters, which are often cliche and not that interesting. But these anime really explore, in depth, what it feels like to have a difficult time socially adjusting, to be an outcast, and/or to be bullied.

    10 Anime to Watch for Emotional Healing From Bullying

    10 Anime to Watch for Emotional Healing From Bullying

    by Rachael Lefler12

  • A must-read, complete list of the cutest, most popular, and talented male teen idols from the 1970s, loaded with biographical facts, trivia, photos, and video.

    1970s Male Teen Idols

    1970s Male Teen Idols

    by Glory Miller10

  • When seeing Tom Cruise's look alike daughter, Suri, on the cover of the supermarkets tabloids, one can help but wonder why this dad abandoned his child for Scientology? How is the religion's pull so strong that Cruise ignored the primal instinct to parent and disconnected from his daughter?

    Setting the Record Straight on Tom Cruise and Scientology

    Setting the Record Straight on Tom Cruise and Scientology

    by McKenna Meyers4

  • An overview of the very best films in the acting career of the famed "Lavender Blonde," Kim Novak.

    Top Ten Kim Novak Films

    Top Ten Kim Novak Films

    by Lindsay Blenkarn1

  • For those not among the deep-dive Disney faithful, the name Howard Ashman may only spark the slightest hint of recognition, but if you were told he’s the man who wrote the lyrics to all the songs in The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, you may well light up like a Christmas tree...

    "Howard" Movie Review

    by Collin Parker0


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